January Goals

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I know I've just done my but here are some more specific aims for January. , the only one I didn't do was make some cards but that's because I didn't have much spare time last month as I spent lots of quality time with family and friends. Plus there's no rush in setting up my Etsy again, I want it all to be perfect before I relaunch it which I think might take a little while. But there are a few mini things I'd like to do in January!

1. Play around with photography more. 

You know every day I'm realising there is yet another thing I can do post transplant that I either couldn't or found quite challenging to do before. One of these is photography! I really didn't fully realise how easily things would tire me out before, even getting down on the floor to organise a flatlay was difficult with crappy lungs never mind tidying up the aftermath! I'm not the most talented or creative but I enjoy it anyway so I'd definitely like to take more photos.

2. Blog daily. 

I loved doing Blogmas so if it's possible I'd like to carry on posting almost daily if I can! I think if I can have posts ready in advance and be a bit more organised it's doable but at the same time I don't want to post just for the sake of it so if I've nothing to say I'm not gonna force it.

3. Empties challenge. 

and January's one is to use up as many products as I can! Not only am I going to apply this to make up, skincare and bodycare but also books and craft projects as I have so many just sitting there unread and unmade.

4. Comment on 10 blogs a day.

I think that this year whilst I became more active on and I've been really crap at commenting on blogs because I mainly read them on my phone. It's something I'd like to get back to doing because I don't know about you but I love receiving comments on my posts! Engagement > page views every time.

5. Stay organised. 

I was doing well at being a bit less scatty but it all went to pot over the Christmas period so I need to sort out my life again! Time to put my million and one notebooks to good use rather than just using them as photography props ;-)

What are your January goals? 

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