Style Diary #12

I've tried to get out of my denim rut lately and I've not done too badly. I don't know if you can tell but , if I could I'd be buying loads more but the two pieces I have shall have to do. Just as well really because as cute as it is I think it's a bit of a fairweather trend - here's how I've been styling it for now anyway! Please excuse all the washing, things take about three days to dry in this house.


Coat Jumper Next () Jeans Shoes

I bought this jacket just before I started uni the first time round 6(!) years ago and it's serving me just as well now. It was pricey but a worthy investment as I've worn it countless times in the worst of weathers and it's still in excellent condition. Plus it'll always look kinda cool or as cool as waterproof jackets can be anyway...


Jacket Jumper Matalan () Cords Boots & Other Stories () Scarf Primark

Definitely out of my comfort zone with this one! Both the trousers and boots, especially worn together, are quite Marmite items but personally I love them both (in fact the boots will be getting their own post soon.) I'm obsessed with the trousers, the colour is perfect and they're the comfiest things in the world. 


Coat Marks & Spencer () Jumper Mango () Skirt Primark Boots & Other Stories 

Throughout summer I lived in my Primark denim skirts so when I saw a cord update for winter I had to buy one (even if it does attract all the dust!) Can you tell I was bit inspired on Tuesday and Wednesday by


Coat Marks & Spencer () Jumper  JeansShoes

Pretty much a case of same shit, different day with this outfit haha but sometimes you just wanna wear those trusty tried and tested pieces. 


Coat M&S () Jumper Jeans Shoes

Oops, so this outfit is basically the same as the day before. But if it ain't broke don't fix it etc etc. 


Coat M&S () Jumper  Jeans Boots Topshop ()

So we've skipped a day as Saturday was spent in 'loungewear' shall we say, you know I was ill because I actually went outside to the shops in it which I've never done before in my life and hope to never do so again. But things were back to normal on Sunday, this jumper is one of my favourite buys ever and I wish I'd picked it up in dark grey too! Seriously it's so warm and snuggly and is a brilliant fit. It was £35 which is cheap for & Other Stories and also decent knitwear in general so snap one up while you can!

So that's everything I wore last week! Please do tell me if you think the cords look ridiculous because

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