Blogmas #5: Current Night Time Skincare Routine

I have a confession to make. Over the years I've been super lazy when it comes to a skincare routine. I never had any issues with blemishes so never really felt the need to put much effort in. However the lack of attention started to catch up with me and I found my skin was feeling really dehydrated, I was starting to get annoying mini breakouts and was looking a bit meh in general. It's taken some playing around with but I think I've found some products that seem to be working for now - best of all they're cruelty-free and budget friendly!

I always double cleanse if I've been wearing make up, I used to use the  which I really liked but unfortunately it's a brand that tests on our animal friends. So I've switched to  and I find it's really good at removing stubborn mascara without irritating my eyes, plus the pump on this is much more practical compared to the Superfacialist one! Then I'll cleanse again with, which I also use in the morning. This has been an absolute gamechanger and for me well worth the hype. If I don't use it I notice such a difference in the way my skin feels, it always leaves it super soft and I even used it when I was recovering in ICU after transplant. I couldn't communicate and I barely knew who I was I was so out of it but I remember being like 'I need my Liz Earle!' hahaha so if that's not a sign of a good product I don't know what is ;-) Then on lazy days, because lazy days happen, I use  which is a total bargain and is the only micellar water I've found that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry afterwards. I'll definitely be repurchasing all of these!

It's totally normal to get the odd blemish here and there (even though instagram tells us otherwise!) but around my nose and chin it can get a bit out of control if I don't make a bit of effort to keep it at bay so I've been using  because I'd read good things about them and they do not disappoint. I love a good scrubby exfoliator but wanted to switch to a liquid one now that microbeads are banned (and rightly so!) The thought of any kind of acid used to frighten me but these are pretty mild and don't leave my skin feeling uncomfortable after. Depending on how my skin feels that day I'll use this once or twice daily, but I apply an SPF after if used in the morning to be safe. I will 100% buy them again! 

I'm quite skeptical about eye creams and only really use one as under my eyes gets really dry so concealer doesn't sit properly. I picked up  with the acid pads as there was some kind of deal, I don't know if it brightens the area but it's certainly very moisturising! I've noticed concealer applies a lot nicer when I use this so I apply it twice a day.

When it comes to serums I again just go for a Superdrug one, at the moment it's the  which costs a teeny tiny £2.99 and It's very basic but if that's all you need right now then do pick one up, although if winter has really ruined your skin as I find it to be a little more hydrating. Finally, I use a skin which I bought on a whim at the airport - it's a good thing I fly so rarely because the amount I spend in Duty-Free is ridic! It's quite thick so it's nice for winter and the scent is quite pleasant but I'm not wowed enough by it to repurchase.

What are your favourite cruelty-free skincare brands? I've been so impressed with Superdrug lately, I feel like I hardly even go into Boots any more!

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