Style Diary #15

Totally flopped at Blogmas but I decided that I really actually had to get down to some work. One assignment down, three more to go until Friday lololol. To be fair I have until after Christmas but I want to just enjoy my time at home without worrying about work too much. But I do have a Style Diary for ya, sorry the pics are so rank but hopefully you get the general gist of what I've been wearing lately (mainly the same jeans and coat every darn day...)


Cardigan GAP () Top Jeans (customised by me) Necklace  Shoes

I bought this necklace from one of my favourite little shops in North Laine, they sell super cute lifestyle things and they have some beautiful jewellery too. I wasn't supposed to buying for myself but I loved it too much to leave it behind. Also, it was only a tenner!


Jacket Zara via Depop () Necklace Jeans  (customised by me) Boots

This jacket is still my favourite thing ever, ever although the one I've linked is a goodie too. Monsoon are also doing but I want it. I'm extra pleased about the boots, I saw them a couple of months ago and fell in love but they were £70 so I had to try and forget about them. Which is good, because now they're £30 and I feel like that was a Christmas pressy from God to me so now I have the lil pixie boots of my dreams. I'll do a post on them some time so you can see them in all their glory or, y'know, I've linked them here also.


Coat Zara () Jumper  Necklace  Jeans  (customised by me) Boots Topshop via Depop

Definitely feeling v festive in this jumper! No tacky Christmas knits for me thanks. but after a few wears I can confirm they're extremely comfy considering how stiff they are and they cope totally fine with the hills of Brighton. 


Beret M&S () Coat Zara () Denim Jacket Primark () Jeans  (customised by me) Boots & Other Stories ()

My favourite outfit of the week probably because it was the warmest/comfiest. Winning combo there! Apologies about the state of mirror, I'd like to tell you I've dusted it since but that would be a lie.


Coat Zara () Jumper  Jeans  (customised by me) Boots & Other Stories ()

I think navy blue is the colour of my soul. Isn't it the best though?


Coat Zara () Jeans   Boots & Other Stories () Scarf My mama's

Wowzers, not wearing my GAP jean for the first time this week. But I was proud of them because I cut off the ends of them without totally fooking them up. Hardly groundbreaking or difficult but listen I'm not good at stuff like ok. 

I know there's been a lot of repeated stuff this week but I've basically been going for the warmest clothes! Also there is a lot to be said for having a limited wardrobe, I'm finding I'm a lot happier and more comfortable in my outfits and having more of a solid personal style rather than a mishmash. 

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