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Weekend Reading List #8

It's been a while since I've dedicated a post sharing the love on here - whether that's other blog posts by some absolute babes, instagram accounts I've been loving or just random links from t'internet. So here's a list of links I think you'll love just as much as me!

I owned guinea pigs as a kid and 10 year old me would have been all over fact 24 year old me is too. Also,

Dunkirk is one of the best films I've ever seen despite it leaving me an emotional wreck and sums up all the feels.

I am obsessed with Her videos are short and snappy and full of Parisian charm, every look is so wearable and almost effortless. Perfect if, like me, you're a bit of a French beg.

Hands up who else wants to live in Catherine's house? I love seeing snippets of her beautiful home and (there's no way I'd be able to keep it that neat though haha I'd have it covered in rubbish in no time!)

I accidentally stumbled across  and OH WOW. I can't believe these places actually exist! Perfect for fans of Wes, fans of interiors/exteriors or just fans of beautiful photos.

I love Leah's blog for her humour and honesty and her latest post  is no exception. I'm sure many of us can relate!

and so do I - what an absolute beaut. I'm so loving Katy's new appreciation for Green Day too, they're one of my all time favourite bands so the more Billie Joe's face pops up on the insta the better! Any more Green Day fans in the house?

I mentioned that I went to Tonight, Josephine with some pals recently and just thought I'd send you in the direction of It's probably the most instagrammed bar in London right now so you've probably seen it already haha but if not do go check it out as it's just so fab and happy!

Chloe is one of my favourite bloggers as she's always so honest and YES to her chatting more about contraception and sexual health on her blog. is a really interesting read, we know we're luckier than most women in the world when it comes to access to contraception but this doesn't mean that the system is perfect.

Amy's post on really struck a chord with me. As a kid up until university I was so shy and still can be sometimes. I'm not as quiet now and will chat to anyone but I'm still very introverted and I'll never be the loudest person in the room, which is absolutely fine. I'm also reading Quiet by Susan Cain and it's a fab read for fellow introverts!

Have you read anything interesting this week? I'd love some links, especially some new blog reads! 

Weekend Reading List #7

Hey, hey! So once again I've been a lousy blogger when it comes to commenting (I promise I will get back to you soon!) but I'm keeping up with this little round up of the best posts I've read on t'internet this week.

* Laila has stated and I feel quite inclined to agree with much of what she says, not about anyone else's style (and especially not Laila's as she has such an interesting and quirky look) but rather my own. I used to experiment a lot more but I suppose when I was ill I dressed more for ease and comfort as it was a bloody miracle if I got out of jimjams. Here's to experimenting more with fashion!

* I wanted to mention because I think she rocks! If you fancy watching something a bit different, Emma's ya girl (I've particularly been enjoying her travel vlogs!)

* Holly has written about, something I think a lot of us can relate to right now. I for one am looking forward to reading future posts on film and green fashion (as much as I love Summer and Holly's fashion posts now!) 

* Bianca writes one of my favourite blogs - she's just so honest and very 'human' if you get what I mean. Her latest, , is very inspiring - we all fear failure don't we? But it's something we can definitely learn from.

* I've been reading Lydia's blog for yonks and I loved her latest post on . She is right that the power to change how we feel about blogging comes from within us and in the current blogging climate it's more important than ever to support each other and just, well, be nice

* When oh when is Jennie going to publish a book? It needs to happen, no? We're so lucky to have her lovely blog in the meantime. had me in tears and I'm not ashamed to say that. Just go read for yourself and be inspired.

*  Helen always looks incredible and this is an outfit I want to copy ASAP. Need that Mulberry pls.

* I love Michelle's blog, it always makes me giggle and is no exception. I've not done anything official but I've been going for runs in the park lately in a bid to get fit and I could relate so much to this!

* Amy has the best style and I'm now after to wear with my silver boots (although I won't look half as cool as her!)

* (and doesn't she have the best name ever?) I'm so happy for her, although I of course will miss her posts whilst she's AWOL haha!

Weekend Reading List #6

Another week, another round of fabulous blog posts for you to browse! Hope you enjoy.

* I cannot wait to get inked again and Mia's round up of has got me wanting to book myself in ASAP! The only trouble I have is choosing which design to go for.

* - she is a sequin dream!

* and I found her reasons very interesting - I think it's actually a very liberating thing to do!

* One thing I've never quite mastered are white jeans but provides the perfect dose of inspiration! 

* Lizzy has also done and is looking incredible (as always!) so now I'm really feeling like I need to get myself a pair! 

* It's been a little while since I had a splurge on ASOS and (I LOVE all of the pink things!) 

* is perfect if, like me, you love that fuller pout look but don't want to commit to anything a bit more permanent. 

* is something that I think we can ALL relate to. I think the important thing to remember is that blogging is supposed to be FUN!

* Of course Amy's house is JUST as cool as she is - for some serious interior inspo (and be as surprised as I was about where a lot of the decor is from!)

* Finally, - perfect for this weird, can't-make-up-it's-mind-weather. 

Anything catch your eye here? As always, I'd love to know your favourite posts of the week!

Weekend Reading List #5

Again, I've had a bit of a busy week so haven't been blogging much of my own stuff but I've still been catching up on everyone's lovely blogs! Here's some of my favourite posts of the week.

* Ciara's post on really struck a chord with me - 'growing up' isn't a race, we have to get there in our own time and it's so up and down! 

* is so important - we need to keep talking about it to raise awareness for people who maybe don't understand it and also for others who are going through it so they know they're not alone. I'm so proud of Sam's mental illness posts, she has taught me so much!

* I've only just discovered The Moptop (I know, I know - where have I been? ) and I'm seriously crushing on Tonya's style. What a babe! are so simple and pretty and I want to recreate. 

*  I love Lydia's channel and was an interesting one! It was different to her usual but I think she's included some fab tips that we can all take on board. 

* I'm SO happy Annabel is back blogging! Her photography is beautiful and she is the resident mascara expert so if you're in need of a new one

* OK so I love everything Lizzy posts butis a good 'un. Not only is the fashion great I love the way the whole post has been presented - very unique and nice to look at!

* We've all seen Beauty Pie reviews floating around the blogosphere and I've been so intrigued by them - however the slight mystery surrounding the products has put me off a bit! But which is super helpful. I'll definitely be making a purchase next time I feel like treating myself to some make up, plus it's all cruelty free too I believe. 

* Another post of Corinne's has made it onto the list this week but I think you'll love. I don't know about you but I find it all mega confusing!

* You know I love a good Breton stripe so I was all over

* Sade's photography is beautiful and she has such a way with words too - she's one of my favourite bloggers for sure! is a post I related to so much it was almost scary haha. It's funny because people say I'm really easy to talk to and while I may overshare on here in real life I've been told I can be a somewhat a closed book and this is something I would like to change.  

Have you read anything good this week? I'd love to read some new blogs!

Weekend Reading List #4

So I have more lovely posts for you to peruse! Hope you enjoy and find some fab new reads while you're browsing - let me know your faves!

* I love a good shelfie (who doesn't?) and are super cute and a little bit different! Her blog is a very recent find for me and I think it's just lovely. 

* Hannah's post on is spot on - sorry cat lovers, but you're just wrong. Dogs rule. 

* Lucy does these really great hair tutorials that are often based on history or characters from literature which are right up my street me being the geek that I am! Her most recent are l and now I'm totally regretting cutting my hair so short. 

* Truelane is another new blog find this week and I adore Chelsea's style! has shot straight to the top of my wishlist. I don't follow many American bloggers to be honest but I would like to so if you have any recs please send them my way!

* Another inspiring post by Lucy sharing This is why her blog is one of my favourites, not only is her style obviously incredible she has this wonderful way of writing that means I feel like I've learnt a thing or two about life without feeling like I've been preached at. Read and be inspired! 

* and I am SO down for it's revival (although did it really ever go away?)

* Ok so I know life can be a bit shit sometimes but I do love me a happy, positive post and if you do too you should check out Corinne's ''.

* I'm sure you all read Becky's beautiful blog, I love all of her posts but I thought '' was especially cute and pretty!

* Natalie is BACK and I am so pleased. , which I now need to get my hands on ASAP as I loved Pretty Honest and practically devour Sali's columns for The Guardian. 

* just speaks to me - I cannot stop buying them so it's good to know someone gets my addiction ;-)

Read any good posts this week? Do let me know and share the blogger love <3

Weekend Reading List #3

Ok so I've been a sucky blogger again this week but to be fair I'm in hospital soooo. But even that's not much of an excuse since I have my laptop but I don't have any photos as the blue speckled floor and MDF furniture is not exactly my blog aesthetic darlings. However I've still been reading all that you've had to say so my weekly round up of wonderful blog posts shall commence!

I love an interiors decoration post and on her blog! Go forth and be inspired, it's the office of dreams. 

Michelle's blog is one of my favourites - not only does her writing get you thinking I always have a good old giggle too! Plus I always respect a fellow crazy dog lady, she is my people. In January it's all too tempting to want to stay curled up indoors with Netflix but (even though my local park has nothing on Dartmoor!) 

and it's got me feeling ALL the nostalgic feels. I'll be sticking to my trusty black high tops though as this girl is too messy for anything that white. What colour did you/do you have? I think my first pair were pink and I wrote 'Billie-Joe Armstrong' all over them - the shame! But I'll have to dig them out again because guess who's going to see him play in July, woop woop!

Yep it's Helen again but you know I love her blog! And is fab because I really want to try and help support small businesses more this year - any recs would be highly appreciated! 

I have a real thing for navy nails and I'm totally lusting over! A little bit different but still very chic and will go with everything. Now to get my own nails in such perfect condition...

! If you fancy a read about cystic fibrosis, amongst other things, then I really recommend Lucy's blog as not only is she a fab writer she's such a sweetheart too!

and I am supremely jealous. Better start saving for the next ten years...I mean, do I really need to save up for a home of my own?

I'm not much of  a cook or a foodie for that matter but I'm always bookmarking Kirsty's tasty looking recipes. is super simple to make without compromising on yumminess!

Katy has put together a fab little post on. Perfect, if like me, you are a total novice as she's really broken it down into simple jargon even a moron like me can understand. Time to get practicing! 

I adore Jasmin's Wonderful Wednesday posts, they're the perfect pick me ups for hump days! She may have not been feeling the brightest this week but I love that Jasmin still looked back on the positives and . 

Read anything good this week? I'd love some links of your favourite posts this week (be it your own or another blogger's!) Happy Saturday!

Weekend Reading List #2

I've suffered from a major case of blogger's block this week but while the words haven't come so easily to myself here are some recent blog reads that I've loved!

* - so helpful if, like myself, you don't have a photographer to do your blog pics.

* Hands up who else loves Hannah's blog? She has shared '' and to be honest at the age of 23 I found most of them to be still so relevant. 

* Corinne has loads of super handy blog tips but she has put together t so you can find them all in one place.

* Shelia has the best style, she has that whole effortless, grungy cool thing down to a tee. is now at the top of my wishlist!

* I adore Katy's blog and her recent post '' really struck a chord with me. We're all guilty of trying to fit and please others at times but this has inspired me to stay true to myself (which we all know isn't the easiest thing to do as bloggers!)

* I love Holly and Summer's blog, I always love to see what they're wearing! combines a gorgeous outfit post in one of my favourite ever places, plus Summer has written a quite touching piece on museums. 

* Beautylymin is one of my favourite beauty blogs and has only confirmed that I need to get some CT in my life.

* I love reading Sartreuse and some of my favourite posts are the Five Piece French Wardrobe ones. , I wish I had that level of discipline! While I don't think I'd be able to adopt the lifestyle myself, it's definitely something that I can take inspiration from and try to make more conscious decisions while shopping.

* Sophie's blog is another fave, her photos are stunning and she writes so beautifully! Her recent post '' really resonated with me, as I often get told I'm snobby because of my taste in things. But it's just how I was brought up, there's nothing wrong with liking the finer things in life! I don't care if someone wants to shop at Primark so why should others care that I don't? You do you and all that.

* I would love to raid Rachael's wardrobe, she has those Alexa Chung vibes and the best hair! I'm obsessed with all of her outfits and I'm really coveting Make sure you too for some major style inspiration!

So those are this week's favourites, I hope you discover something new and inspiring! As always, link me to a post you loved recently :)

Weekend Reading List #1

sick chick chic

One thing I'm super keen to do is share the love more so here's a list of posts I've read this week that I think you'll enjoy too!

* and it's an incredibly inspiring post! She should be so proud of herself.

* I think we can all agree that getting ready is the best part of a night out and

* If, like me, you've decided to take up exercise for the new year

* Perfection certainly is overrated.

*  and I'm so very inclined to agree! You guys rock!

* Saying that, as the blogging world has gotten bigger it sometimes feels harder to form friendships with other bloggers, . I too feel like an outsider looking in from time to time!

*I'll never be a 'super blogger' but I still found very useful! It's all down to earth advice with little changes that I think anyone is capable of doing if they feel like it.

* I adore Jennie's blog, she's just the most wonderful, honest writer and I couldn't recommend Sailboat enough. is something I couldn't agree more with, as we all know they're really the big moments in life. 

 I would love to know the best post you've read this week, please leave the links so I can check them out :)

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