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A Blogging Backlash?

Recently I've been feeling quite disconnected with the blogging world and I know I'm not the only one. I've seen countless tweets saying the same thing and so many 'final' blog posts stating they just don't feel the same anymore.

I think that blogging has got so huge that the bubble was always going to burst for some of us - this backlash is kind of inevitable. The blogging world is bigger than ever with it's changing landscape and new blogs popping up all the time - it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to keep up. We all know we shouldn't do it but we do compare ourselves to others sometimes - it's an annoying part of being human! Especially when it comes to social media, there's always someone who you feel has better content, better photos, better outfits etc. But to me blogging is like film or music or art - it's all subjective so just because a blog is someone's cup of tea not everyone likes tea (or something like that, you get what I'm trying to say!)

But I don't think we can blame all the changes on the blogging world - we're to blame as well. I know for me personally I've written this particular blog for about five years and it's the longest I've ever stuck at anything so it's no surprise I've been feeling less enthused about it than I used to. I can't complain about less engagement when I know that I myself have been commenting less on blogs. I don't have as much time as I used to and I think this is true for a lot of people - most of us started blogging when we were at uni with a lot of spare time but after a few years I suppose we've grown up a bit and are just busier people. It's just life! We're also reading a lot of blogs via mobile now, which makes it harder to comment and also I think we interact a lot more on twitter. A lot of my favourite bloggers are now solely blogging on instagram (something that I think will rise with the multiple photo feature.) Blogging and ourselves have changed and change is always inevitable over time.

But I have a choice - I can be moany about it and give up a hobby that I really enjoy or I can just carry on doing my own thing. I know what I'd rather do! So this year I stopped checking Google Analytics, stopped scheduling tweets and just posted whatever I've felt like whenever I've felt like and it's quite liberating. It's feeling fresh again and like it belongs to me - one thing I loved about blogging in the beginning was having a space of my own on the internet and it feels good to reclaim it again. It's so brilliant to have ambition but if we're to be realistic for the majority of us this is going to be a hobby - so why not just enjoy it? Take the pressure off, write about what you love and even make some friends and I think it's just the funnest thing ever. I'm enjoying just like I used to. So here's to blogging old skool styley this year!

What are your feelings about blogging right now? I'd love to know your views on this!

OUTFIT | Photobomb!

whistles edie top, uniqlo ultra stretch jeans, isabel marant dicker boots taupe
Jumper: Whistles Jeans: Uniqlo Boots: Isabel Marant

I promise I wasn't as grumpy as I looked! Just overly tired. LOOK, it's Fwed-Fwed! Been ages since he photobombed my pics and ages since he actually appeared on the blog so for any new people who've been reading this lately (hihi!) here is my lil' dawg.

I promise I won't always take my photos like this, it's just my room isn't 100% done yet...once it is I think it should be easier to change things up a little! I also want to get a better camera because I broke my little one I had (I have broken many, I am an enemy to cameras) but I wonder if they've broken because they were kinda cheapy? Desperately trying to avoid the blame here haha! The photos they took weren't all that great anyways, they were quite grainy and the battery never seemed to last two minutes! I don't want it primarily for this blog (I'm not that profesh!) but for every day life a.k.a taking a 100 photos of Freddy a day because I'm a crazy dog lady. After doing my research (ha!) I'm thinking of getting this but if anyone has any recommendations then please do tell! Just bear in mind I'm not keen on spending like a grand haha. Anyway, I'm not happy posting crappy photos on here but my main reason for having a blog is to ramble and we all know a blog post is a little bit poop without photos. So I hope you don't mind bearing with me for a little while!

Niamh Nelson x

OUTFIT: Match Day

zara red and white striped shirt, uniqlo trench coat
Trench: Uniqlo Shirt: Zara Jeans: Zara Shoes: Mango

This is what I wore when I went to Millwall the other weekend, looking back now my colours were not appropriate at all haha. I don't really like this outfit now, can't put my finger on the reason but it just ain't working. 

I was still ill yesterday but it wasn't so bad because I made a sofa bed and watched as much Monkey Business and Dog Whisperer as I liked since I was home alone. Cesar Millan makes me feel bad because I basically do all the things he tells you not to do which is why I am not leader of the pack so Freddy runs rings around me. I can kind of deal with that but Cesar Millan says a dog without a leader is an unhappy dog. I don't want Freddydog to be unhappy! But he's a bit more respectful to my parents so I guess he has the best of both worlds? And he don't seem miserable to me. As I'm typing he's looking at me wagging his tail, tryna be cute because he wants to get on my bed but I'm refusing because he's a stinkbomb. However I give it til the end of this post til he's up here.

Ooh, before I go I must tell you that tickets for CATWALK4CHANGE are now on sale...they have been for a while but me being useless forgot to mention it on here. Slap on the wrist for me! If you fancy it, you can grab your tickets here (remember it's also raising funds for charidee! Would love to see some of you there!)

Niamh Nelson x

OUTFIT: Tomboy

Tee: Uniqlo
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Etsy

Totes feeling a little boyish in this outfit. My £4 jeans! Really nice, but see what I mean about the rip sitting just a tad too high over the knee?

Seriously haven't been happy with this blog for a while now, looks and content wise. I'm not sure what I don't like about it but all I know is that it's driving me mad! I think that Jojo has lost her mojo (that's cringe, I'm so sorry.) I've been feeling a lot like that with life in general lately, I'm not a 100% sure why but I think it's because of all that CF stuff I mentioned, but didn't really explain, a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes it can really throw you, it can be quite hard to explain really, the best way to describe it is that feeling of being unsettled. I don't often think about the scary side of CF but occasionally it just won't stay out of your brain and I think the only thing to do is let yourself feel those things for a little while to get it out because it's ok to feel sad sometimes. I think it's the right thing to do because I'm starting to feel myself again. I can't spend my whole life worrying about the future, that's no way to enjoy the present now, is it? Anyway back to the blog. Basically, if I stumbled across this blog I wouldn't want to read it and that's not good. I was really considering starting all over again but that's just lonnnnng and this here blog holds a lot of memories. So I just played around with the layout and I'm a lot happier with it. Now I have these big ol' mirrors in my new room (eeeee!) I may start taking photos like this sometimes, or just having a play around so I don't bore myself! All in all, I think because I just changed rooms I'm all about fresh starts right now, ya know that feeling?

I think I'd maybe like to do some lifestyley posts because I get up to some cool things occasionally and it'd be nice to share if you'd be interested? I'll definitely be blogging about my room as soon as it's finished anyway! It's bloody gorgeous.

Niamh Nelson x


Hi! Today I just wanna tell you about an event that Edita of Pret-A-Reporter  has very kindly asked me to be involved with:

CATWALK4CHANGE! Edita has teamed up with Models of Diversity to put on a fashion show with a'll be bloggers (including me, eep!) walking down the catwalk, the main aim being to say that there is beauty in all of us, regardless of race, size, age and ability....a message that the fashion industry and the media in general doesn't always necessarily promote. One of my favourite things about the blogging world is how diverse the range of bloggers are and it'd be great to help encourage a bit more of that in the fashion world. As well as this, all proceeds from the event will be going to two amazing charities, MIND and Macmillan. Very worthy causes right? The event takes place on the 6th September, with tickets being available for sale from the 1st of July. Exciting stuff! Would love to see you there! 

Niamh Nelson xxx
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