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Blogmas #7 | Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

I thought I'd do a bit of a #throwbackthursday today and finally post aboutat the V&A museum in London that I went to a little while back with my friend Amanda.  I'd kindly been given a ticket to the exhibition as a little thank you for something but I really wanted to go anyway. I'm not a massive fan of the brand as it is today but there's little trace of it here and mercifully not in sight! However Cristóbel Balenciaga was one of the most innovative designers of the last century and was quite a private person so even the smallest glimpse into his design process and life was always going to be rather thrilling for anyone interested in fashion, design or history.

Blogmas #2 & #3: uni week #10

Way too many hashtags in that title. What a joke I am, I failed at Blogmas on day two - this is surely a new record for me? But in my defence I had the worst migraine yesterday. Sometimes I feel like whenever I say I'm going to do something, especially blogging related, my body is like 'Nope!' I definitely jinx myself haha. But anyway, it's been a while since I've done a uni update so here's the latest although not much has gone on.

The World Of Anna Sui | Part Two

For my second installment of The World Of Anna Sui I think I'm gonna just get stuck in with the photos - it's very picture heavy but I hope you enjoy all the little details and thought that goes into each look as much as I did.

The upper gallery is based around Anna's collaborations such as those with James Coviello and François Nars. You can see Coviello's horse which was modelled for the A/W 1998 show.

The World Of Anna Sui | Part One

Last time I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London it was to visit - unfortunately I missed  but I'm back now helping out with  which is super fun (and the first retrospective of an American designer in a British museum.) It's also quite nostalgic for me personally as Secret Wish was my first ever perfume! I kept that fairy topped bottle for years. 

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The Happy List #23

You guysssss! How are you? I'm starting to miss this little space on the internet of mine (maybe a break was all we needed after six years?) so I felt like having a natter with you today. It would help if I had a different blog name as it's fair to say that over the past year I've outgrown this one - next week is my one year anniversary since I got my new lungs, eeep! But yeah, I've been struggling for a couple of months to think of something new so hopefully some inspiration will hit me at some point. Anyway this week has been excellent so here's a little update on stuff that's been going on.

1920s JAZZ AGE at the Fashion and Textile Museum

1920s JAZZ AGE at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Back in Year 6 I got to play Blousey Brown in our school production of Bugsy Malone. I don't think I was very good but MAN did I love my drop waist dress! I got it from MK One (tell me, was it Mark One or M - K One?) That little play sparked a passion in me for the 1920s and it has stayed with me ever since. The decadence! The parties! The literature! And most of all...the fashion. From the gangster molls in Boardwark Empire to the upper class ladies in Downton Abbey, I'm obsessed with any films or TV series set in the era. Sandwiched between two of the most horrific events of the 20th century, it's an interesting time period. People had lost their innocence after WWI and this new attitude emerged where women were gaining more rights and this was reflected in the fashion. The twenties are remembered for the glittering flapper dresses but it was definitely a moment for accessories too. Handbags were a must for the modern woman carrying her things around as she went around town with her newfound freedom and as hemlines got higher this meant shoes were on display more and therefore needed to be prettier - and you know how I love me a pretty shoe! (Unfortunately my flippin' camera died before I could get any pics of them which was my own flippin' fault!)  So I headed down to the before it moved on. Read after the jump for more!

Blogmas Day #20 | A Little London Outing Part I

So last week on Monday I decided to take myself off on a bit of a touristy day trip in London. It's something I used to do a lot pre-transplant but as I got more unwell I wasn't able to do it any more so it was a pretty big deal to go! As much as I love my friends and family I really do value time spent alone (fellow introverts hollaaaa) and it was probably the perfect day. London, museums and maybe a little shopping too...

v&a museum

First up was the V&A museum. Lived in London all my life and had never been, totally mad considering my love of history and fashion! Plus it's free, apart from a few special exhibitions. I paid to see (top pun skillz guys) and , they were both well worth the money IMO.

For me underwear is just, well, underwear. I think I take it totally for granted that it's so easily accessible to us gals in the UK at all price points, like I just wear what I want, what I think is pretty and more importantly, what is comfy - the corsets of the past were just like literal torture devices (although they had Kim K style waist trainers that look equally insane, I think I am less bothered about a tiny waist as I am about being able to, y'know, breathe. Each to their own, ey?) I thought the exhibition was something a bit different as it's something you wear under clothes so as such has often been hidden from history so it was interesting to learn more about it. It was eye opening seeing how underwear can give the wearer a completely different silhouette and while the transformative aspect of it can be fun in fashion, I ain't gonna be putting on Spanx or waist trainers for no one! I did however love some of the more modern designs, like a dreamy set by Stella McCartney and they also had the Liza Bruce sheer cami dress that Kate Moss wore which was really cool to see. There were no photos allowed but here is a sneaky peek:


This is on until March 2017 but if you manage to get there this week tickets are half price!

Next up was the Revolution exhibition and I have something somewhat controversial to say - I'm not really that wild about the 60's. I mean I get the fascination and it must have been so exciting but if I had the choice I'd go back to the 1920's for a day or so! Saying that, Revolution was cool, you got headphones with interviews and an awesome soundtrack as you explored the stuff on display. Most of it was too funky looking for my taste but I could see many things that would still be relevant now and I think the whole feel of the movement is very relatable today. I feel young people now are beginning to take off what they began if you get what I mean, although it's a real shame that 40 years later we are still faced with these same problems. However I do feel that social media is a huge game changer, we now have more access to events in the world than ever before and I think this is something that will lead to change for the better, as much as people like to slag it off.  Again, no photography was allowed but it's on until February 2017 and is very much worth a visit.

After that I explored the rest of the museum, there's so much to see but I have a feeling you may just be interested in the fashun, I took looooads of photos but here's the stuff that really caught my eye. The shoes, although completely impractical, were divine!

v&a victorian clothes
Well hai Mr Darcey!

v&a museum shoe
v&a museum
meadham kirchoff shoes v&a
v&a museum vivenne westwood
v&a museum
v&a museum chanel
Dream Chanel outfit 👏

v&a museum

What was interesting to me was that amongst these gorgeous vintage pieces by the likes of Elsa Schiaparelli and Dior there were also a few modern bits from places like Topshop dotted around, which got me thinking about my own wardrobe - I wonder if I own anything that will one day be considered as iconic as they are? The only thing I can think of is (it's almost somewhat a National Treasure in Britain) and Maybe my Barbour jacket as I can't really think of anything I own that's more British but other than that, I'm not too sure. Most of my closet is filled with fast fashion from the high street which is so readily available easily to the majority of us now (damn you ASOS app!) and while physically they may not stand the test of time some things will be etched in my brain forever. For example, or . or . They may not be worthy of a place in a museum but I guess you could say they'll always have a place in my heart!

But if this visit confirmed anything it's that fashion is reflective of the times, which is why I think it holds more importance than people think (although saying that I don't think a love of fashion ever needs to be justified - you can just enjoy something for the sheer pleasure of it!) An interest in fashion and history usually goes hand in hand but even if you're not keen on either of the two this is still a must place visit if you're in London. But if you're still failed to be impressed then you can always pop into the Natural History Museum next door to see the dinos ;-)

Have you ever been to the V&A? What modern classics do you think deserve a place in history? I would put Levis, Stan Smiths and Converse at the top of the list. In fact, I would so love to run a shoe museum, I'd be in actual heaven!

Port Lympne Animal Reserve

Hello! Last week I went toin Kent, the weather was horrendous so most of the animals were hiding under shelter (probably laughing at all us humans standing in the rain!) but I managed to get some photos though not much. You can coo over the bubba giraffe at least! 

Port Lympne Animal Reserve giraffes

Postcards From Hastings

On Monday we went to Hastings, but because we had Freddydog with us we didn't really explore much of the area and mainly stayed in this little part called St Leonards so I don't have many pics to show you! However I do have photos of a very happy doggy on the beach and well, what better way to end the week?

pastel houses hastings

A Visit To The Tower Of London | Part 2

Hey! So as promised here's part two of my Tower of London post, if you haven't seen the first one

White Tower

White Tower Tower of London

A Visit To The Tower Of London | Part 1

Hey! So last week I went to the and it was pretty much one of my happiest days ever. I love history, especially anything to do with monarchs, the Tudors and Britain and I was with my mum, aunt and cousins - so I was at one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people! It was a really tough day physically, obviously where the place is so old it has loads of winding staircases and a lot of it is all uphill so the next day I definitely paid for it! Good physio though, plus my family are the best ever and looked after me so well. I thought I'd share a few pics and facts with you in case you fancy geeking out with me ;-) Be warned, it's verrry picture heavy (even though I was a total fail and didn't get any photos of the ravens or the beefeaters) so I've divided it up into two parts. Here's Part 1!

the tower of london

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