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Life: Ireland

Hello! How have ya been? I got back from Donegal, Ireland yesterday and I'm missing it already. I miss how chill it is. I miss the beaches (way more beautiful than those tropical ones plus they're nearly always empty so you kind of get your own private beach!) I miss the cows. I miss the GREEN. I miss the not understanding a bloody word anyone says. I miss eating every half hour. I miss smiling at total randomers on the street. Most of all I miss my grandparents (who were very happily surprised to see me, luckily I didn't give them a nasty shock.) Tell you what I don't miss though. THE MIDGES. Eaten alive I was. I even got bitten on the antihelix on my ear (totally Googled that) and there ain't even anything tasty there to bite. If I was a midge I would go for something juicy like my thighs, but NO some dumb one bit my ear and now it's almost double the size of my other one. Awkward times.

I waaaay overpacked and of course only wore basically the same thing every day:

Oh, and this happened at the airport...

More on that tomorrow! Can anyone guess what I bought? First things first though, back to work for me today. Wish me luck avoiding the Zara sale...I have a Zara to my left, a Zara to my right and a Zara right in front of me where I work so it is gonna take a HELLA lot of willpower. 

Niamh Nelson xxx
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