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What I Wore #2

So it appears I have a kind of summer uniform thing going on but hey, if it ain't broke and all that. Although I probably do need to stop stockpiling summer dresses, as cute as they are and as wonderful as this weather is of late I'm sure that in a blink of an eye we'll all be back in our woolies!


Dress Kate Moss x Topshop via Bag Charity Shop Shoes My mama's

An entirely thrifted outfit that's a reminder to self to check out the charity shops more (and my ma's closet!)


Jacket Primark Dress Mango (last year's, ) Bag Charity Shop Shoes

One of my all-time favourite dresses, I'm glad it looks just as cool dressed down with trainers as it does dolled up with heels because otherwise I'd never get the chance to wear it!


Dress Topshop () Bag South Beach ) Shoes

As you can clearly see this dress has shrunk a little in the wash, which is what I deserve for buying such a cheeky Reformation knock off. Either that or I'm in denial about how much ice cream I've been eating lately. But ice cream>fashion always.


Tee Shorts Topshop (old, ) Bag Shoes Topshop (old, )

Something super casj for a dog walk because my hangover wasn't Freddy's problem. 


Dress New Look (old, ) Belt ASOS (old, ) Shoes Superga via Depop Bag South Beach ()

All year round I complain about having no boobs but when the mini heatwave arrives I feel #blessed because bras are not made for this weather. Not that any of us need to wear one at all, it's just I don't have to worry about them escaping out of anything if I don't. 


Dress Primark () Bag South Beach () Shoes Superga via Depop

Just the day before I'd declared that I wasn't going to buy anymore summer dresses but I fell in love with this when I saw it and I won't let anyone, especially myself, get in the way of true love. 


Playsuit Bag Charity Shop Shoes My mama's

I'm still fully obsessed with this playsuit although I'll tell you it's definitely not the one for a festival/gig or anything else that requires you to pee in a hurry. The denim and pockets may be super practical but the buttons certainly aren't.

So I've been sticking to a pretty simple formula lately! I live for summer dressing though, I get so bored of coats and boots when it's cold. What about you? 

What I Wore #1

So I stopped doing these style diary things for a bit because I felt they looked a bit naff! That old comparison bug kicked in for a little while, but I personally love seeing lookbooks and weekly outfit vlogs by the likes of the gorgeous , and . These blog posts aren't half as good or profesh as those but I like to think the blogging world is big enough to fit me and my mirror #ootd's in there somewhere haha!


Film Club | McQueen

I watch a lot of films and documentaries but I don't really talk about them much on here - however, I feel differently about McQueen, partly because of still seeing people say 'But wasn't Alexander McQueen a misognist?' (yawn, yawn) and mostly because I just love him.

The documentary is a celebration of his genius but it's also a grim reminder of the pitfalls of fame and the pressure of the fashion world, set to the backdrop of a beautiful score - a mix of interviews, home video footage and news reports it's composition isn't too dissimilar to Amy. I'm a huge fan but I feel I left with a greater understanding of him, so I think maybe it's a good watch for people who perhaps don't like him quite as much. I think they'll certainly see that he wasn't a misognist at all in any case! And you realise how extraordinary his life was, at about my age he was in charge of Givenchy and also running his own label - can you imagine the pressure? It also has really interesting interviews with people like family members and fashion insiders we don't neccessarily hear from often, so it feels even more intimate than you might expect. Fashion loves a myth but it was really interesting to see a more 'human' take - it was really moving and I certainly wasn't the only person who left the cinema crying. It made me even sadder we will never get to see what else he could have done. 

I was quite young when I found out who McQueen was and by then he was doing what would be his final collections, but he still had a profound impact on me. Growing up, I felt like my love of fashion and all the joys of CF (multiple surgeries, various scars, being attached to bits of plastic at all times, relying on tubes, plus metal rods in my back from scoliosis just to name a few) didn't sit that comfortably together. Add that with all the normal insecurities of a teenage girl and well, let's just say I never felt very 'pretty' or conventional. 

I remember being about 13 and watching Fashion TV and they showed a clip of McQueen's 2001 'Voss' show and I just remember thinking 'What the fook is all of this?' So I YouTubed it and spent the next few hours glued to the computer watching past collections, falling completely in love. I used to love Chanel, Dior, Valentino, which were often quite traditionally feminine. But here was a designer finding beauty in the 'grotesque' as it were, suggesting that these things weren't actually 'ugly'. 

To me it wasn't about glamourising things like hospital stays and IVs and decaying lungs but more about acceptance - I couldn't change the fact I had to be attached to tubes but what I could do was to try and see them in a different light. It comes down to that whole thing of not being able to control your circumstances but being able to control how you feel about them. In time, although I didn't and don't enjoy all the medical treatment I have to have I can see them as at least being interesting and I can appreciate how fascinating it all is when I think about how something may work. 

Of course it's not solely down to McQueen that my feelings changed but his attitude towards the mundane, about emotions - it all resonates. I really admire how confrontational he and his work was, so unequivocally him. I now don't water down or hide aspects of myself, particularly when it comes to my health. I can be annoyed at the situations CF has put me in, but equally I can look at my scars and think that actually, they're 'fuckin' wicked!' 

Shoes for the Super-Rich: The Most Expensive Shoes

Non expensive shoes for my non super rich self. 

I have something a little different today - if you don't know, I'm studying a degree in fashion history and once upon a time this blog was called Niamh Nelson Loves Shoes (LOL). So I found this article super interesting as it combines two of my great loves! As a student I'll have to stick to my high street shoes for now but one can dream...although these will always be out of my budget. 

Ninety Nine Red Balloons

Denim Gap ()
Shoes Topshop ()
Bag South Beach ()

Panic bells it's red alert.

Or just two balloon sleeves that I'm obsessing over, as well as all things square neck. This top was less than a tenner and I love it, I felt vaguely like one of those Reformation babes when I wore it. Until I ate that is, as you can see I can barely squeeze into this so I had no business taking this out for dinner. I ate vegan too in the hope that wouldn't happen but it turns out vegan pasta is equally as carby as regular pasta. Maybe it is regular pasta, I don't know. Either way I scoffed the whole bowl and afterwards felt less like an instagram honey and more like I'd eaten all the honey like Winnie the Pooh in his little red crop top. 

Nevermind, because he's cute too. That was the least of my worries anyway because we went for drinks afterwards and guess who got too drunk and ended up calling a pro-lifer on twitter a fucking moron? But I'd say it again, I've always been pro-choice and always will be. To vote no or say 'let's agree to disagree' means you have the privilege to say so. The outcome of the referendum means you're either going to be feeling smug or pissed off, either way you can continue living your life as normal whereas a no outcome is catastrophic for so many women. People are ignoring the economic, personal and/or health circumstances someone might have, but also a woman shouldn't be forced to go through with a pregnancy that she doesn't want to have for any reason - it is barbaric to put anyone through that. Abortions have and always will happen, a vote won't change that. What it will do is ensure they are done safely and I struggle to see why anyone wouldn't want that. Let's hope Ireland makes the right decision today. 

The Perfect Summer Top

Jeans GAP ()
Bag South Beach ()
Shoes My mama's

Other than the fact it keeps falling down.

It's true, it does. In the course of five hours I flashed a date, everyone at London Bridge and a tour group at Southwark Cathedral. By even my standards this was a lot of embarrassment to endure in such a short amount of time. To make it worse yesterday was really windy so the bib bit at the front kept flapping in my face. However, when I was sitting still it did not do either of those things and looked very pretty indeed, which is why I have made the bold claim of declaring it The Perfect Summer Top* (*when moving in any way is not required.) At least one good thing I always feel like my shoulders are rather broad but they cannot keep this on which makes them feel smaller, so silver linings and all that hey?

A Corduroy Comeback


A one true pairing.

So you know how some colour and textile combos are just so delicious? Blue velvet, red suede, green silk...dreamy!, I don't know why I have such a thing for it but it has my heart. Maybe it's because the colour softens what is quite a utilitarian material and in turn the cord toughens up the sugary connotations we might associate with pink. You know I'm all about that boy meets girl look! Or perhaps it's more simple than that and just takes me back to my childhood, although the 2018 comeback is a wee bit cooler - especially when they come in the form of this Weekday jacket.

 I was lucky enough to win an ASOS voucher from () and although I'd intended on buying some jeans with it (as if I need any more pairs) I saw this on the New In page and Fell. In. Love. I'd not bought from Weekday before but I will 100% be buying from the brand again - it's such great quality, I love the slightly structured shape which smartens up what could be a very casual piece. I mean look at the collar - I die. The length stops at a flattering point on the hips so it gives you a bit of shape but looks equally cool when layered over a longer top. The sleeves are the exact right length, I was *blessed* with rather lanky limbs so to find something that's not too short is a Holy Grail for me. Also it's perfect for the so-called spring we are apparently in as the colour is very season-appropriate but it also keeps you cosy when there's a pesky chill in the air. It's been my go-to this week, here are the ways I've worn it which all look pretty similar I know but hopefully you'll get an idea of how it takes an outfit from zero to hero. Plus I don't know about you but I'm far more interested in seeing 'real-life' outfits, so this includes what I actually wore to a club in the last look. So it's currently covered in gin, but no matter as despite it's cutesy shade this jacket is made of tough stuff. Anyway I don't believe in being precious with clothes. Things shouldn't be 'saved for best' because it's way more fun to have a piece that has stories and memories attached to them! Saying that, I can't believe I went on a night out dressed as a little boy - my 18 year old self would have been mortified. 

Outfit #1 | Sunglasses
Outfit #2 | Sunglasses   Top
Outfit #3 | Top Jeans Shoes

My Birthday Suit



Following Suit.

An actual suit I got for my birthday, you are probably relieved to see. but when it comes to dressing for a special occasion I prefer to suit up (in this case my lovely sister in law to be's hen do!) Not only do they cover any last minute outfit dilemmas they also hide any fake tan disasters, of which I have had many. Plus when they come in the form of this delicious gingham print they are tastier than any picnic. The fact it was in the sale only sweetened the deal, although for some reason it's full price online - a worthy investment though, as it's seasonless, timeless and makes you feel like an absolute boss. , if monochrome's not your thing. 

Are you a fan of a suit too?

Florals, For Spring?

Dress One Topshop via depop  
Dress Two Kate Moss x Topshop via
Shoes Zara via my mama


I'm sorry, I know that phrase has become as cliche as, well, florals for spring but I cannot resist a Devil Wears Prada quote. These photos are bringing an element of sadness to my life right now as I'm currently sitting here wrapped up in a blanket as it's so frickin' cold and my house seems to have decided that as it's technically spring we have no need for heating. It's correct, but this is England.

So perhaps the timing of this post is a little off re weather and it maybe is re subject matter too as I'd like to chat a little bit about sustainable fashion as last week was , but I suppose we should be talking about sustainable fashion all the time! I'll admit I'm a huge high street fan, as is evident on this blog, but being in Brighton has definitely made me more aware of the choices I make. I also recently visited recently which was food for thought (post coming soon!) I use as little plastic as I can, I rarely eat meat and I buy cruelty free products but for some reason I'm struggling to rein in the high street habit. Terrible, I know. But over the past year I've gotten much more into buying second hand items () which is why I'm showing you these two dresses today which were both thrifted. In general I think buying winter clothes second hand is more of a struggle as I'm quite fussy with things like knitwear, however most of my summer dresses have been preloved and are in excellent condition as I feel like people are quicker to discard summer clothing. I mean I don't know about you but I invest a lot less money in my summer wardrobe as the clothes are cheaper than winter coats and boots! I know I cannot preach about being sustainable but my point is, next time you're looking for sunny weather gear it's well worth checking out Depop/Ebay and the like as there are some real bargainous gems to be found!

What are your favourite thrifted finds? , I'm often adding new bits to raise money for

Embracing Change


'It's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.'

Well it's not quite April 25th yet but we have been blessed with a hint of Spring and I for one am happy to put my heavier coats into retirement, however brief this might be. I've built up a little collection of jackets (I can't say 'sh*cket' I'm sorry) so they came out to play last week finally, without having to be hidden under at least two more layers. I'm also embracing a wide leg rather than skinny - wild, I know.

So onto outfit numero uno above - these jeans are new from H&M as I had a discount code for my birthday. I ordered an 8 which is a size bigger than I'd usually get and when they arrived I was a bit worried as they looked teeny tiny. They do offer a bit of stretch so I can squeeze into them but if you can I'd order a few sizes to try as we all know how batshit H&M sizing is. It's not you, it's most definitely them.

The White Cropped Wide Leg Trouser

Denim Jacket
Pink Jacket
Black Loafers (via my mama's closet)
Suede Loafers Zara (from my mama's closet again, hehe luff you mama!)

These should be a recipe for disaster but so far so good barring a lipstick in the pocket incident. In fact I would call them a 'roaring success.' Again, because they're H&M, they're quite the struggle to get on - they make even me feel like I have a butt (much to my honest delight!) when I'm getting them on but they're worth the time and effort. The denim jacket was bought on the same day as clearly someone forgot what a budget is but as you may tell I have a real thing for these worker-styley jackets - I mean look at the pockets! The collar! I very much fancy it as a shirt also, so it's practically a 2 in 1 piece. The pink jacket is another new in item from H&M, tortoiseshell buttons are another current obsession so obviously I snapped it up as I can't resist this colour either

What new trends are you trying for Spring? 

14/01/2018 - Chunky But Funky

This posting daily thing hasn't gone to plan but to be honest nothing really has this week so it hasn't been personal. It's all 100% my fault though for being the most unorganised person on the planet when it comes to deadlines so I'm just hoping I can start Monday with a clean slate, even though I say this every Sunday eve. I mean even now I should be starting some work but I'm sitting here blogging because obvs showing you my new shoes is far higher on my list of priorities because I am a moron.


I really love Docs but they look bloody silly on me so I was on the lookout for something similarly chunky and boyish but just a bit less so, I went into Office to check out (if you think that was because of my Freddydog you are absolutely correct) but saw the Kennedys and it was like a moment, you know the ones. A few people have begged me to stop wearingso these clumpy shoes are a good compromise, no?* Also, I'm enjoying this new lil tradition of buying shoes when I hit a post-transplant milestone (I'm now a year and a half, say whaaat!) . I promise it's not just an excuse to go shoe shopping. Ok, I would have bought them anyway but still it's nice to have meaning behind them. 

*Disclaimer: I will never ever stop wearing my clumpy boots. All the better to kick away irritating people. 


08/01/17 - 'I'm just a girl, standing in front of a mirror, asking it to love her.'

I'm in a bit of a chatty mood aka procrastinating wildly - but I've decided to turn this blog back into a little diary that I'm going to try and do daily because I'm too lazy to do my actual real life journal. I know it's *supposed* to be all quality over quantity in blogging but actually the number one rule is to enjoy it. I said in my January Goals I wanted to do some writing purely for me, even if it is just something silly - in fact most of these posts are silly, I don't think I've ever offered any wisdom on here but that's ok as it's better left to people are who are better at articulating their thoughts. But I'd rather just document my life the way I used to blog and if anyone likes it then that's cool but it's also cool if not because at least I have a lil online scrapbook to look back on!

Hat Nine by Savannah Miller () Coat Jeans GAP customised by me Shoes

So I came back to Brighton on Friday, the fridge had been turned off so everything was rotten but other than that mishap all is good. Sunday was spent feeling v sad and ill and tearful until I realised it was just because of an iron infusion I'd had at Harefield last week then I felt ridiculous and snapped out of it. Bloody drugs! Don't do em kids. But today was better, I was at the library which is now open until MIDNIGHT - this pleases geeky me immensely. I swear to God every time I go to the library I see at least three people from my course on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But me, I had to research a guy called Demetre Chiparus who was apparently 'one of the most important sculptors of the Art Deco era' according to Wikipedia. I declare this a lie because if it were true I'd be able to find more goss on him and I fooking can't. But in more successful news I submitted an essay that I've been working on for months and although I'm glad to see the back of it I get more worried than I used to about handing stuff in - I feel like they'd be reading it like 'Wowowowow, 24 and still an absolute dumbass' hahaha.

Before I go I'll just leave a link for if you too fancy donning them with a beret


Style Diary #15

Totally flopped at Blogmas but I decided that I really actually had to get down to some work. One assignment down, three more to go until Friday lololol. To be fair I have until after Christmas but I want to just enjoy my time at home without worrying about work too much. But I do have a Style Diary for ya, sorry the pics are so rank but hopefully you get the general gist of what I've been wearing lately (mainly the same jeans and coat every darn day...)


Blogmas #7 | Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

I thought I'd do a bit of a #throwbackthursday today and finally post aboutat the V&A museum in London that I went to a little while back with my friend Amanda.  I'd kindly been given a ticket to the exhibition as a little thank you for something but I really wanted to go anyway. I'm not a massive fan of the brand as it is today but there's little trace of it here and mercifully not in sight! However Cristóbel Balenciaga was one of the most innovative designers of the last century and was quite a private person so even the smallest glimpse into his design process and life was always going to be rather thrilling for anyone interested in fashion, design or history.

Blogmas #6: Preloved Patent Boots

Christmas is the time for all things shiny so these boots couldn't have come at a better time after being on the search for the perfect pair for quite a while. I wasn't sure they were very 'me' at first, I switch from loving all things patent to finding it extremely tacky but for now they're firmly in my good books. 

Topshop via Depop but  which are actually not too expensive either!

They're originally from Topshop but I got them for about £13 on Depop. I used to be a bit snobby funny about buying preloved shoes but these are absolutely fine and were in great condition,  they probably look a bit scratched here because of my wanky hipster styley photo but I can tell you they're practically perfect. In every way actually, the heel is small but the hills of Brighton are very unforgiving to clumsy people like me and so far I've had no accidents in these. Heels - 1 Hills - 0.

I really like them with denim like I've worn here but I'm not sure I'll pair them with little dresses etc. Looks great on others but is a teeny bit too sixties for me, which isn't my ~favourite~ style decade (I know, shoot me!) But I'll probably eat my words and have them on with tights next week because I change my mind all the damn time. 

Can you tell my legs haven't seen sunlight since August? :( Also, lol at the state of my student house floor *best Kat Von D voice* Do you love it? 

Blogmas #4: Preloved Cord Levi's

but I can't stop won't stop. I found these on Depop for an absolute steal! I'm probably giving off grandad vibes rather than the French Girl Chic I was hoping for. But I'll keep wearing them regardless because they're super warm and I feel like the cut is kinda flattering - well, I feel good in them anyway and that's what matters! 

Style Diary #14

Recognise that white (and messy) room? I am home! Or rather I was. Went home thinking I'd save a bit of money but actually ended up spending like double, oopsie. After Reading Week I'm now back at uni and I didn't do a bloody thing during my time off so somehow have to cram it in today. These posts are a fun way to procrastinate though and also not totally unproductive so here's last week's Style Diary.


Coat M&S () Top M&S () Cords Zara () Boots & Other Stories ()

Style Diary #13

This post is a little bit later than usual but this week has been busy! It's so nice being at home but the week has flown by far too quickly and I haven't done half the things I was going to do, oops. But to procrastinate further here's a post on everything I wore last week!


Hat Nine by Savannah Miller () Coat M&S  Jumper Matalan () Trousers Alexa Chung x M&S via depop () Boots & Other Stories ()

Style Diary #12

I've tried to get out of my denim rut lately and I've not done too badly. I don't know if you can tell but , if I could I'd be buying loads more but the two pieces I have shall have to do. Just as well really because as cute as it is I think it's a bit of a fairweather trend - here's how I've been styling it for now anyway! Please excuse all the washing, things take about three days to dry in this house.


Coat Jumper Next () Jeans Shoes

The October Wishlist

I'm not really a Halloween person. I mean I love a scary film and give me all the Halloween baked goods (have you tried those orange chocolate chip cupcakes from the Co-op? Oh my Lorrrrd!) But I'm not a fan of fancy dress, it just makes me feel weird. However anything celestial or if it looks like it'd be hanging up in Florence Welch's closest I'm on board. So in keeping with the spooky spirit of October here's a witchy wishlist of things you can wear this month and beyond!

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