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The Happy List #25

So the last week has been pretty was also jam packed so I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years haha. So this is gonna be a long one! Tomorrow I'm off to Ireland for a week to visit my grandparents, due to the whole being ill/transplant thing so it's going to be so special to go back and explore with these new lungs of mine - I can't bloody wait! But here's what's been going on lately.

Dream house in Brighton

OUTFIT: Double Denim

double denim
Shirt: Topshop Jeans: Uniqlo Shoes: Mango

I know some people ain't sold on double denim but personally I cannot get enough! The other day I went to a pub quiz with my family, we came 5th out of 10 teams so not too bad eh? We wanted to come last or third to win some doughnuts but oh well. We also saw a car, it was real nice but also real cheap and it said 'Quick Sale' on the ad. My family said the owner is probably moving country or something but I believe the car to be possessed, it is the only logical explanation. Anyone who has seen The Conjuring knows I speak the truth. I was so scared of that film, it scared me more than Mama, although my friend didn't find either scary. But my heart is beating like crazy now because I'm thinking of them both and now I am afraid.

I think today a trip to the CF clinic may be in order, I feels ill! My chest is making snap, crackle and pop noises and it has literally been months since that happened so I'm a bit peed off to be honest. I reckon I caught something from the pool on holiday, I swear I always catch something from swimming pools. I can barely walk I'm so breathless, v annoying. It's weird, because I feel iller now than I did when I was in hospital.

Niamh Nelson x
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