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HBD Freddy!

Today Freddydog is 11 so here is a post dedicated to him #sorrynotsorry. I'm at Harefield today so I won't get to see him :-( Not that he cares or even knows it's his birthday haha but this will be the third birthday in a row I'll miss him! At least this time it's not because I'm ill though. Anyway here are eleven facts about my pup in honor of his special day:

* He was my 13th birthday present and I waited like 10 years to get him haha.

* If you didn't know, he's a bichon frise meaning he doesn't moult - great, except it means his fur can be really difficult to manage!

* About 6 years ago he had surgery on his knee because it kept dislocating (ouchie!) We brought my mattress downstairs so I could sleep beside him that night as he was so distressed. This makes no sense especially as he got on it and peed and I ended up having to sleep on the sofa anyway!

* He is allergic to duck, rabbit, loads of different types of trees and grasses, tomatoes and....cockroaches. 

* He has eaten various things over the years including but not limited to a big Fruit and Nut bar, a ball of wool, cherry lipgloss, a khaki green eye crayon, numerous biro pens and once, on the most horrific day, a used condom at the park. 

* He will only eat the most expensive dog food but then again I can't blame him because I have high standards also.

* He's generally well natured with other dogs but hates this little dog we know. I hope it's not because this other dog is only half bichon, I did not raise Freddy to be a bigot. 

* I bought him an expensive dog bed but still his favourite thing to sleep on is a pile of washing.

* Over the years he has escaped the house many times, his latest thing is sneaking into next door's garden. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? 

* He is scared of the vets, baths, brooms, boxes and the hoover.

* He's my best friend but I'm not his - he likes my stepdad, my mum then me in that exact order. 

Happy Birthday Freddy-Boo, don't ever change! Do you have any pets? I'd love to know their little quirks!

FRIYAY #3 | My Christmas To Do List Update

cozy christmas living room
My living room

Hello! So a week or so ago I wrote a  and here's what I've ticked off so far!

Get an advent calendar

m&s percy pig advent calendar
advent calendar for dogs

I got a Percy Pig one and I'm definitely enjoying it...I don't care that I'm probably too old haha! I got a dog one for Freddy too, it's actually really cute because his sweets have little Christmas pictures on. But he doesn't understand the one a day rule and that my chocolates aren't for him too. 

Go to the Southbank Winter Festival/ Visit a craft fair/Try mulled wine

the london eye christmas

I went with family and some family friends and it was really nice even though it was lungs were in agony and I paid for it the next day but it was worth it. They have a really nice food market there too that I think is permanent so that's definitely worth checking out even though I've been too ill to really eat anything lately so made do with a crepe haha. I also tried mulled wine and brandy, I don't think it's something that I'd drink at home but it's definitely a good idea if you're walking along in the cold! The Christmas fair is also lovely, I bought a gift and a few others from other fairs and on Etsy this year. Christmas is such an important time for independent sellers so it's good to support them when you can!

Attempt some handmade gifts

handmade christmas decorations shabby chic

I have a couple of purses to make still but I made these little decorations the other night. I will admit I've kind of cheated because I bought a kit from Hobbycraft so I could practise my hand sewing but I like how they came out so will probably add them to presents!

See real reindeer

ruxley manor garden centre reindeer

I went to where they have them every year and I am now very happy that I have seen a real life reindeer (in fact I saw two!) They were much smaller than I was expecting and very, very cute. They had loads of cute/tacky Christmas displays too, this was my fave:

ruxley manor garden centre christmas

So that's much of my list done already, which kind of explains my lack of blogging lately! Winter kind of knocks everything out of me, I've been putting lots of energy into doing Christmassy things and making cards so when it comes to blogging/reading blogs I'm just a bit too pooped to bother! I think in the New Year I'm definitely going to have to sort out some kind of schedule!! I did go to the Harry Potter Studios yesterday though so I'll let you know all about that soon.

Have you been up to anything Christmassy lately? Hope you have a lovely weekend!

OUTFIT | Photobomb!

whistles edie top, uniqlo ultra stretch jeans, isabel marant dicker boots taupe
Jumper: Whistles Jeans: Uniqlo Boots: Isabel Marant

I promise I wasn't as grumpy as I looked! Just overly tired. LOOK, it's Fwed-Fwed! Been ages since he photobombed my pics and ages since he actually appeared on the blog so for any new people who've been reading this lately (hihi!) here is my lil' dawg.

I promise I won't always take my photos like this, it's just my room isn't 100% done yet...once it is I think it should be easier to change things up a little! I also want to get a better camera because I broke my little one I had (I have broken many, I am an enemy to cameras) but I wonder if they've broken because they were kinda cheapy? Desperately trying to avoid the blame here haha! The photos they took weren't all that great anyways, they were quite grainy and the battery never seemed to last two minutes! I don't want it primarily for this blog (I'm not that profesh!) but for every day life a.k.a taking a 100 photos of Freddy a day because I'm a crazy dog lady. After doing my research (ha!) I'm thinking of getting this but if anyone has any recommendations then please do tell! Just bear in mind I'm not keen on spending like a grand haha. Anyway, I'm not happy posting crappy photos on here but my main reason for having a blog is to ramble and we all know a blog post is a little bit poop without photos. So I hope you don't mind bearing with me for a little while!

Niamh Nelson x

OUTFIT: Match Day

zara red and white striped shirt, uniqlo trench coat
Trench: Uniqlo Shirt: Zara Jeans: Zara Shoes: Mango

This is what I wore when I went to Millwall the other weekend, looking back now my colours were not appropriate at all haha. I don't really like this outfit now, can't put my finger on the reason but it just ain't working. 

I was still ill yesterday but it wasn't so bad because I made a sofa bed and watched as much Monkey Business and Dog Whisperer as I liked since I was home alone. Cesar Millan makes me feel bad because I basically do all the things he tells you not to do which is why I am not leader of the pack so Freddy runs rings around me. I can kind of deal with that but Cesar Millan says a dog without a leader is an unhappy dog. I don't want Freddydog to be unhappy! But he's a bit more respectful to my parents so I guess he has the best of both worlds? And he don't seem miserable to me. As I'm typing he's looking at me wagging his tail, tryna be cute because he wants to get on my bed but I'm refusing because he's a stinkbomb. However I give it til the end of this post til he's up here.

Ooh, before I go I must tell you that tickets for CATWALK4CHANGE are now on sale...they have been for a while but me being useless forgot to mention it on here. Slap on the wrist for me! If you fancy it, you can grab your tickets here (remember it's also raising funds for charidee! Would love to see some of you there!)

Niamh Nelson x
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