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FRIYAY #4 | Brown Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

christmas brown paper wrapping ideas
Last year's gift wrap efforts (see original post )

Happy Friday! Next Friday Christmas will be over, isn't that a depressing thought? :'(

So now all the shopping is done it's time to get down to the gift wrapping. I start off with the easy, box shaped things and have loads of fun, then I start having trouble with the awkward presents like mugs and then things get a little messy. Still, I like to give it a go! I think you can tell a lot about a person by the type of gift wrap they use, like when my family put all the gifts together I can immediately see who's wrapped what! Yes I know brown paper is a bit of a cliché but it's for good reason! I love it because: 

1. You can get really creative.
2. You can personalize it for the person who's receiving the gift without much effort at all.
3. It's cheap! Definitely no point in spending loads on something that's just going to be torn up and recycled.

So I guess from my gift wrap style we can conclude that I am cheap and lazy haha! As always I've been browsing and have found a few ideas that look simple but really effective.

all pictures from

I'm in love with the little bird tag, so cute and very easy to do by the looks of things! I have plenty of stamps and ribbons to use so I'm not sure exactly how I'll be wrapping things up this year but I'll probably be instagramming my efforts!

Do you like gift wrapping? What kind do you go for?

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FRIYAY #2 | Minimal Themed Christmas Decor

minimal theme christmas decorations
minimal theme christmas decorations
minimal theme christmas decorations
minimal theme christmas decorations
minimal theme christmas decorations
minimal theme christmas decorations

Hello! I don't know about you but I'm well into the festive spirit...present buying (for others, I'm buying myself stuff no problem) still needs to get a move on but the tree is up, Elf is on and the chocolates have already been eaten. I also like to add a couple of bits to my bedroom because it all just makes me so happy!

As much as I love our big tree downstairs full of random (mainly animal decorations snuck on there by someone...*ahem*) that kind of look wouldn't be practical in my room because I don't have the space! Also, as it's white and quite minimal it'd look a bit random and out of place. I loved  with a real mini tree from Marks & Spencer but this year I've fallen totally in love with Nordic styley decorations like those pictured above...grey, white and sometimes splashes of red just look so good together! So here's what I've got this year:

minimal theme christmas decorations
minimal theme christmas decorations

I dug out last year's crocheted snowflake garland that I bought in Wilkos (get similar ) and I also picked up this really pretty tree with LED lights in for £20 (although it's more expensive online for some reason so get looking in stores if you want one!) Getting a decent photo was hard but in real life it's just so pretty and cosy. I'm thinking of adding little grey ribbons to it but we shall see!

What do you think of minimal Christmas decor? Do you decorate your room too? Also, I've just spied Freddydog in this post, can you see him? 

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FRIYAY #1 | Bath Time

Friyay indeed because today I finish , which means one thing and one thing only....that post-IVs bath! Other people who've been on IVs will understand what I'm on about but if you're a little confused it's just that when I'm on them I can't get the dressing wet which means rubbish, tiny baths and awkward rain dances in the shower trying to keep it dry. There's nothing I love more then stealing ALL the hot water and having a proper relaxing soak in the bath so after three weeks of IVs I am pretty excited. I always think about what my dream bath would be, I'd like that one in Harry Potter where it never gets cold, NO bubble bath or bath bombs (am I the only blogger who can't stand all that?) a pillow for my head and a TV on the wall with a whole lot of Aesop goodies to use. Plus chocolates. And it can look like any one of these:

Or like , it's so adorable! Don't want much do I? Sorry, you're probably like 'Why am I reading about baths?' I just love them. But I bet you any money when the time comes I'll be so not in the mood or be in a rush because Corrie will be starting (my Friday nights are wild) so I end up having a quick shower. 

Are you a bath fiend too? What would be your dream bathroom?

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