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LIFESTYLE | Frojo Designs Update

So as I said before I'm always a little apprehensive about writing about my on here because I don't wanna be all like 'BUY MY THINGS!!' but quite a few of you said you'd like to see updates now and then so here's one for ya! I've added quite a bit of new stock, they're kinda like shabby chic style cards...hope you like!

All of the cards featured here can be personalised, there's a in stock too if you fancy checking them out. I'll be adding more in the future too so watch this space! All cards now come with these lovely recycled kraft envelopes which I'm kind of obsessed with...I think they're quite a nice little touch. It's free UK first class delivery and they're currently  if you would like a bundle :)

I've also begun working on my Christmas stock already as this year I want to be extra prepared. Because in November I got waaaay behind and ran out of stock which sucked...if I'd had enough more money for the would've been raised! So it does feel a bit mad looking at Christmassy things in Spring but it's exciting because I have so much fun making them. 

What do you think? Do you have an Etsy shop? I'd love to know your favourites too!

LIFESTYLE | My Christmas To-Do List

Charity Christmas Cards Cystic Fibrosis
available from my (some of the proceeds will be going to the )

I haven't done a for a couple of months now seeing as health problems kept getting in the way of me being able to make plans and actually stick to them! But seeing as it's Christmas and all (yes, December = Christmas for me and I'm not sorry because it's NOT too early ;) ) there are definitely a few things I want to do this festive season:

  •  Watch 'It's A Wonderful Life': I've seen many Christmas films but actually haven't gotten round to watching this classic yet so this shall be the year if I can get my hands on it! 
  • Have an advent calendar: I haven't had one for years and years so this time I'm getting one because chocolate for breakfast...yeaaaah boi! Not that I don't do that anyway, just this time it's actually legit to do so.
  • Go to the : This is something I do every year with my family, I never really bother with  but this one for me is a must because it's just tradition!
  • Attempt some handmade gifts: I've done this before and they went down well so I'd like to give it a go myself! Unless people were just being kind and my gifts were actually pretty pants haha. I'd also like to buy handmade, having  and  has made me more aware of the importance of supporting small businesses. 
  • Attend at least one Christmas craft fair: Leading on from the above point I'd like to attend some fairs to see if I can support local sellers too. I'd also like to check them out just to see what they're like, unfortunately this year my plans to have a stall of my own had to be cancelled because I was ill and then in hospital so I lost about a month of preparation. So this year I'm just concentrating on online and word of mouth orders but it's definitely an exciting goal to aim towards for next year!
  • Get my baking hat on: I think that food and drink is always a nice gift to give (or is that just my greedy self?) It's especially nice if someone has taken the time to make you something themselves so I'd like to get baking some Christmas cookies.
  • Try mulled wine: Following on from the food and drink theme I'd like to try this! I've also heard good things about mulled cider...any recommendations? 
  • Go to Covent Garden: Because I've never actually been at Christmas and considering it's just a short train journey from my house this should be an easy one to do! From what I've seen in pics the decorations look dreamy.
  • See real reindeer: There's a place not far from my home that has real reindeer there and being the animal nut that I am I MUST SEE THEM AND MAKE THEM BE MY FRIEND. Ahem.

So that's it for now, I'm sure there'll be more I'll wanna add to my list though! What are your plans for the festive season? Or are you a bit of a Grinch? ;)

LIFESTYLE | New Stock & A Look Behind The Scenes At Frojo Designs

glittery gold stars crafts
Making glittery gold stars

rolls of fabric
Sourcing fabric for future products

handmade red and white christmas hearts
This year me and my cousin are hopefully going to do our first Christmas stall...exciting times! My mum's been making these little hearts to sell, these ones aren't the finished product but they're super cute. I'm going to make some as well, they may pop up on the shop...what do you think?

And here's what's on the shop currently:

handmade cath kidston birthday card

This is actually a , made with Cath Kidston fabric. I'm hoping to be adding these heart cards to the store after Christmas but if you'd like one before then do ! I have lots of vintage Laura Ashley, Liberty and Cath Kidston swatches but very limited amounts of each pattern so each card will be super unique :)

charity christmas cards cystic fibrosis

I added my Christmas bauble cards to the shop yesterday, they're packs of 10 featuring two of each design seen here! Delivery is free to the UK and £2 from each sale will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I'll be adding more designs too and also have in stock that will raise money for CF as well :) Expect to see more of these next month!

I hope you don't mind this post, I always worry when I post about my Etsy stuff I'm being pushy or whatever haha! But I just thought you may be interested in seeing some bits and bobs. I love making things and it really cheers me up when CF is being a bean. I'm on steroids this week because I got ill again and my lung function is really crappy at 23% so even little things like having showers and turning over in bed are really hard to do because I'm so out of breath. All of this is giving me migraines as well so I can't really read blogs which is so boosome...I wanna know what you guys are up to! I hope you're well and having fab weekends and enjoyed your extra hour in bed today...I'm sure I am :D

FASHION | A Few Outfits Of The Week & A Chat

how to wear white trainers
fashion blogger uk
fashion blogger uk
fashion blogger uk

Just a little round up of some of my outfits this week. As you can see I'm glad it's now definitely cool enough to get back into my black skinnies! I'm hoping to get some proper outfit pictures next week, the main reason I haven't taken any for a while is because my room is a's so shameful! When I'm ill I can't be bothered to tidy and when I'm better I'm always super busy because I want to get out and do things when I feel able to. I have tonnes of plans next week which are gonna completely knacker me out but I'm still excited! 

You know for most of the summer I was feeling a little lost in lots of ways but I'm feeling way more positive now. Looking back I've often felt that way during the summer, even when I was quite little, but by the time September comes around things are always straightened out so I should remember that next year haha! I have some things to focus on and I'm really looking forward to them, especially when it comes to Frojo Designs but I think that will take a while because I want to make sure I don't rush anything. I definitely did when I first opened it and although I'm still constantly learning I have a little more experience now and am a bit more clued up. There'll definitely be new stock in time for the Christmas season though, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Anyway hope you've had a fab weekend! I did a little Q&A thing over on the lovely Bethany's blog if you fancy checking it out here.


Hallo! So I added a few new cards to Frojo Designs, hope you like!

What's your favourite one? Would love to know what you think, all feedback is appreciated muchly, good or bad!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend <3

Niamh Nelson x


Hey! I just wanted to first of all say a huge thank you for your lovely comments on yesterday's post, I was like 'Waaah, can't believe I posted all that stupid stuff!' but everyone was so kind. And it helped me, because I got started on my list right away! I'm selling tonnes of clothes and shoes on depop (search josiesjournal and get yourself a bargain!) I also uploaded loads more designs onto my card business shop, Frojo's a few:

Available here for £3.00

Available here for £2.50

Available here for £3.00

Available here for £2.50 (remember it's Father's Day in the UK on the 15th June!)

You can check out the full range here and I'd really appreciate it if you could give my Facebook page a little like! Annnnd maybe a follow on Twitter and Instagram? You can tell I've gone all out with this haha! 

Shipping is just £1.00 within the UK and only £2.00 everywhere else, I'm also open to custom orders! Would love to know what you think, feedback would be fab please!

Niamh Nelson x


So I've actually decided to take something seriously for once in my life and start up a little card thing, I'll probably sell them on Etsy (thank you for the advice!) I shall be a bizniz lay-deh! I'm not expecting to make money, I just think it'll be a fun thing to do. I have a lot to sort out so I'm not sure when I'll set it up but hopefully it won't be too long! Have you set up an Etsy before?

Anyway here's a few more designs I did, a couple of Arctic Monkey ones, a Lana Del Rey and a Lorde one, you may have seen them on instagram. Hope you like! Oh yeah, I also switched to Disqus, hope it's working properly but I don't know, I'm terrible at anything techy! Let me know if there's any problems commenting or whatever :) 

Niamh Nelson x


Hi! Thank you so much for the well wishes for my brother, he's still seriously unwell in intensive care but obviously I won't go into all his business on here! So just to let you know although I've decided to carry on blogging silly OOTD's and will ramble on about unimportant things it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about my brother and not going to see him in hospital...I'm just not going to put all that on here. 

When I've not been at the hospital I've been mainly home alone so I decided to put that time to good use! There are a few birthdays popping up in May so I made some cards, I'm not very good (they never come out how I picture them in my head!) but at least I've progressed from making everyone cards with Freddydog on. Could just about get away with that when I was 14, but maybe not so much at 21 (although I still get the odd request for one!)

As you can see, they're very amateur! But the aim is to get good enough so that they'll be sell-able and hopefully I'll be able to raise some money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (although how I'd go about selling them I have no idea!) I've ordered some bits off of eBay and I want to get myself down to Tiger and Wilkinsons to pick up more little things. I think the 'I Love You' ones are my faves (probably because they're the easiest to do haha!)

Whaddya think? 

Niamh Nelson x

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