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January Goals

but I have goals that are more specific for this month too. Actually I don't see why they're particular to January but never mind, here they are!

Blogmas #1: December Goals

I gots Christmas on the braaaain. Seriously I'm like a child, literally actually because I've spent the past hour trying to choose what Sylvanian family to get Baby Florrie. How those things passed me by as a child I do not know, they're so bloody cute! but now I think , wahhh. Florrie will like either, this is totally for my benefit when I come round to play with her toys hahaha. I'm completely digressing but that's because I have failed on all of my and just wanna skim past be fair I've been ill (woop to those cf and post-transplant problems!) and I've been sleeping every spare second away but honestly, it's like December has hit and I've sprung into action because Christmas is my JAM. I totally get it's a difficult time for so many people and we know it's materialistic etc etc - but for me it's about spending time with loved ones and I have so many fun memories of this time of year. After transplant it feels even more special and I'm so grateful to my donor for giving me another Christmas I wouldn't have had if it weren't for them (it goes without saying I think of them and their family even more so now.) So I have a few festive things I'd like to do this month and here they are:

November Goals

Well I'm pretty pleased with myself because I didn't do a bad job at all at keeping up with my October Goals. I didn't slack on the skincare front and I've definitely been focusing a bit more on myself by surrounding myself with the right people. The one thing I didn't do too well on was keeping a blog schedule but that's not surprising I plan to rectify that this month, here are my other November Goals...

October Goals

Hallo! I hope you've had a good week. Mine has been somewhat manic what with moving to Brighton and starting uni but I've loved it so far, I honestly don't know what I was worried about. The people have been lovely, the place is beautiful and my course is super interesting! I have the cutest walk through The Laines to uni and I feels lucky. The only downfall was a fly problem in my room when I got here but Mr Pest Man has sorted that so now all is well. I'll definitely do a room tour once I've made it a bit more homey!

Even though I think I'll be a little bit busy I still have some goals for October...

1. Sort my hair out! I mentioned before that after transplant due to a mix of medication and a big surgery my hair went a bit nuts and started falling out. Not majorly so compared to some but my hair was always so thick so it was a big deal for me! It's started to grow back which I'm so happy about but it just means that the length of my hair is all uneven - basically I look like I've had a bad extension job hahaha. So I need to get myself a decent haircut because right now I can't do anything with it but whack it up in a bun! I'm thinking a bob is the way to go but we shall see.

2. Keep up a skincare routine. I'm lucky that my skin is quite clear but this means I can be lazy with keeping a routine - however after sticking to one for the past month I've noticed such an improvement so I want to not let it slide! I'll do a post on the products I've been using as they're all really affordable and not tested on animals so winner winner chicken dinner (or not, I dunno.)

3. Focus more on me. I'm not saying I want to be totally selfish, I just don't want try and please everyone all the time. I started this already and it's so liberating! No more people owing me money and never getting it back, no more people borrowing my things and ruining them, no more letting people make me feel bad when I'm just being myself instead of who they want me to be. I've had to cut a few people out too but that's life, I don't want to spend it feeling drained all the time. Quite a weight off my shoulders really!

4. Try to keep up a blog schedule. I have so much to post including stuff from the summer but I haven't gotten round to it yet! It may not be *seasonal* but I much prefer just blogging about what I want to blog about, old school diary styley. Hopefully someone out there will like it haha!

Do you have any plans for October? Other than Halloween fun!

March Goals

February was busy, busy, busy! Not complaining one bit though because I've been enjoying it. Pre-transplant a question I used to get asked a lot was 'Don't you get bored?' And I always answered no because I really didn't. I would literally sit in one room for weeks at a time attached to all sorts of machines and while I felt frustrated I'd not really say I was bored. I used to think I was just maybe a boring person haha but I realise now I was just so ill I had no energy to feel like doing anything! Now I'm better I always have to be doing something, now I can't bingewatch shows on Netflix because after an episode or two I have to leave the house or I'll go stir crazy. It's so weird! But again, not complaining one bit. Anyway, as for my I was a bit hit and miss. I um, quit the gym and instead bought a cinema card haha but I exercise at home every day anyway so I've proved to myself I can motivate myself to do it without having to pay for the gym. I did not shop less but I do have a nice little haul to show you! And while I didn't buy many beauty products last month (I'm still doing the empties challenge) what I did get has been cruelty-free, so at least I've managed that goal! Here is what I want to achieve this month...

1. No new clothes/products.

Ok so I know I said this last month but this time I mean it because I really can't afford to buy any more and keep on going out so something's gotta give! But I'm really happy with everything I have at the moment so I'm sure I'll survive a month without new things...

2. Work on my Etsy.

I'm so close to getting it all set up so a big goal for the month is to relaunch it! I have no massive plans for it, it's just something I loved doing so it'd be nice to run it again. 

3. Drink more water. 

Keeping up with still I'd like to drink more water. It's the only thing I really drink unless I go out so I'd like to see if I can cut out everything else all together but we shall see! 

4. Keep saying 'Yes' to more things.

I used to be the worst for sticking firmly in my comfort zone but this year I've been agreeing to more things from meeting new people to trying new things and it's paid off because I'm having a lot of fun! It's difficult, especially if you're a bit introverted like me, but so worth the 'risk'. 

5. Read more.

Not just books, but blogs too. I've neglected both recently (probably because I've been out more!) but it's something that I really miss so I'd like to make more of an effort with both. 

Ok, so what are your plans for March? Anything exciting?

February Goals

Don't wanna be a cliche and be all like 'Waaah this month has gone so fast!' but I will be because it has. It went so fast I hadn't even put up my 2017 calendar yet. From my I think I only failed at my blogging ones, which I don't mind too much because at least I didn't fail at life haha. I've been a little too busy to manage to comment on 10 blogs a day and there were days I just didn't feel like posting, but that's ok since this is just a hobby anyway. A very self indulgent hobby, all me, me, me. And here's some more me, my February Goals!

1. Go to the gym at least once a week.

I exercise daily but haven't got my butt into the actual gym very much lately. I blame being busy, January being kinda grim and...I dunno, there was one day my shoulder hurt. All terrible excuses and me not going is a big waste of money so I'm gonna up my game and get myself there more often, starting from today!

2. Go the the cinema.

It's Oscar season, yay! So there's some good films out that I really want to see, I'd like to go once a week but no one bloody wants to go unless Jamie Dornan is in it so may have to be a loser and go alone. Although to be fair I've been before and it was actually kind of nice, like the ultimate me-time.

3. Carry on shopping less.

In January I didn't buy much at all, definitely no new clothes (apart from a hat but that doesn't count, k?) After my big wardrobe clearout I discovered loads of old faves and I don't feel the need for anything new. It's been nice having some spare cash, I managed to get tickets to see a few bands I love instead so that's exciting! But I'll do more posts on cutting back and finding personal style soon.

4. 30 Minute Exercise Challenge.

This is from (it's great, I'm going to continue with the empties challenge throughout February too) and it links into my first goal. Half an hour is so easily doable for me - I have a dog to take out for walkies, an exercise bike indoors, a gym membership. I really like this , it's super simple to incorporate into daily life and is great too for finding workouts. 

5. Go cruelty-free.

I've been thinking about this for a while and there is really no logical reason that I don't. Again, I'll be doing a post in full on this but I'm no longer going to be buying products that have been tested on our animal friends (and yes, that includes Chanel!)

So what are your goals for February? How did you do last month?

January Goals

january goals, lifestyle blog, marks and spencer city calendar, anthropology horoscope notebook

I know I've just done my but here are some more specific aims for January. , the only one I didn't do was make some cards but that's because I didn't have much spare time last month as I spent lots of quality time with family and friends. Plus there's no rush in setting up my Etsy again, I want it all to be perfect before I relaunch it which I think might take a little while. But there are a few mini things I'd like to do in January!

1. Play around with photography more. 

You know every day I'm realising there is yet another thing I can do post transplant that I either couldn't or found quite challenging to do before. One of these is photography! I really didn't fully realise how easily things would tire me out before, even getting down on the floor to organise a flatlay was difficult with crappy lungs never mind tidying up the aftermath! I'm not the most talented or creative but I enjoy it anyway so I'd definitely like to take more photos.

2. Blog daily. 

I loved doing Blogmas so if it's possible I'd like to carry on posting almost daily if I can! I think if I can have posts ready in advance and be a bit more organised it's doable but at the same time I don't want to post just for the sake of it so if I've nothing to say I'm not gonna force it.

3. Empties challenge. 

and January's one is to use up as many products as I can! Not only am I going to apply this to make up, skincare and bodycare but also books and craft projects as I have so many just sitting there unread and unmade.

4. Comment on 10 blogs a day.

I think that this year whilst I became more active on and I've been really crap at commenting on blogs because I mainly read them on my phone. It's something I'd like to get back to doing because I don't know about you but I love receiving comments on my posts! Engagement > page views every time.

5. Stay organised. 

I was doing well at being a bit less scatty but it all went to pot over the Christmas period so I need to sort out my life again! Time to put my million and one notebooks to good use rather than just using them as photography props ;-)

What are your January goals? 

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