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The October Wishlist

I'm not really a Halloween person. I mean I love a scary film and give me all the Halloween baked goods (have you tried those orange chocolate chip cupcakes from the Co-op? Oh my Lorrrrd!) But I'm not a fan of fancy dress, it just makes me feel weird. However anything celestial or if it looks like it'd be hanging up in Florence Welch's closest I'm on board. So in keeping with the spooky spirit of October here's a witchy wishlist of things you can wear this month and beyond!

INSPIRATION: Mango A/W13 Collection

I know whilst the weather's hot I should just be focusing on summer (especially as it's such a rarity in this country!) but Mango's A/W Collection, modeled by Bette Franke, is looking alrite ain't it? These are two of my favourite looks, I love the Stella-esque pinstripes in outfit number one and I need to get myself a pair of those chic! The second look is a little more out of my comfort zone but after hating it at first I've now totally fallen for the idea of Hedi Slimane's grunge revival at Saint Laurent although I wouldn't want to do it as literally as on the catwalk...I'm too much of a nerd for that! In small doses I think it's totally wearable, this leather skirt has truly captured my heart. However, apart from my beloved tweed coat, every time I've gone into Mango I've been left a little underwhelmed by the quality of their products. I swear, every time the new campaign pics come out I'm like 'MAN, Mango are on fire this season' but the real thing just doesn't live up to my expectations. I wish the actual items were as good in real life as they are photographed! Here's hoping I'll be proved wrong this season, because I really do want those trews...

Niamh Nelson x

Youtube: June/July Fashion Haul

Yes, it's a haul video (most original gurrrl everrrr.) There won't be a video like this for a long while though because I am seriously skint right now! So today I must go work for my money, wearing jeans on a basement floor with no air con....woe is me! Hope your weekend is a lot cooler than mine, if you think you're hot think of me, will you? Shall speak to you soon, if I make it out alive. (I'm being a bit dramatic now, but seriously it's just evil at work.) 

Niamh Nelson xxx
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