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November Goals

Well I'm pretty pleased with myself because I didn't do a bad job at all at keeping up with my October Goals. I didn't slack on the skincare front and I've definitely been focusing a bit more on myself by surrounding myself with the right people. The one thing I didn't do too well on was keeping a blog schedule but that's not surprising I plan to rectify that this month, here are my other November Goals...

The October Wishlist

I'm not really a Halloween person. I mean I love a scary film and give me all the Halloween baked goods (have you tried those orange chocolate chip cupcakes from the Co-op? Oh my Lorrrrd!) But I'm not a fan of fancy dress, it just makes me feel weird. However anything celestial or if it looks like it'd be hanging up in Florence Welch's closest I'm on board. So in keeping with the spooky spirit of October here's a witchy wishlist of things you can wear this month and beyond!

Can Corduroy Be Cool?

I think so. Maybe I'm a victim of the instagram effect or maybe I like the nostalgia of them - they bring me back to my childhood when my wardrobe was full of cords of every colour, but right now I'm craving a pair of pink corduroy trousers. Yes, really. To be fair this isn't the first time Isabel Marant has got me coveting an unlikely trend (wedge trainers anyone?) but she can add that certain je ne sais quoi to just about anything plus you know that pink is kind of my thing. I don't really buy into trends that much now but I think they'll be a really fun addition to my autumn wardrobe! Not convinced? Then be inspired:

The September Wishlist

September is a time of new beginnings for many therefore making it a blimmin' good excuse for new additions to your wardrobe. I'll be starting uni at the end of the month (eek!) so have already picked up a few 'uni essentials' start, new look etc etc! I've compiled a wishlist to see you (and me) into the tricky transitional season. Happy shopping!

The Prettiest Trend This Summer

So now that weather seems to be playing ball I for one am so buzzing to start wearing more of my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I used to be such an Autumn/Winter girl but I'm getting a little bored of jeans and coats - bring on florals, blue denim and cute lil tops! One trend I'm obsessed with right now is all the embroidered goodness that's everywhere...not my usual thing but I love the detail and it makes a nice change to plain basics. Sure you can give it a go yourself but if, like me, you're not so skilled with a needle and thread I've rounded up some of the best from Quiz Clothing (make sure you check out the site, especially the beaut section for more goodness!) 

Blue Embroidered Denim Jacket £34.99 - How cute would this look with summer dresses and trainers (perhaps one of these...)
Blue And White Gingham Bardot Top £19.99 - I'd wear this with big gold hoops and a pop of red, maybe a little bag or a red lip.
Pink Embroidered Tie Up Shoes £29.99 - Ok so tie up shoes can be an absolute pain BUT they look super cute with floaty dresses.
White Flower Embroidered Trainers £22.99 - Top of my Spring hitlist are some Gucci-esque embroidered trainers and these would fit the bill nicely.
Blue And White Striped Embroidered Swing Vest Top £16.99 - How easy is this to wear with some skinnies and sandals/heels? 
Light Blue Flower Embroidered Skinny Jeans £34.99 - I had to sell my embroidered jeans as they were a wee bit big - so gutted! So I'm on the lookout for a new pair and I love the red embroidery on these.

And some inspiration on how to wear it...

What do you think of this trend? I want an embroidered denim jacket ASAP!

An Unapologetic Girl

Call it the Reformation/Rèalisation effect, or perhaps I simply have more energy to put the effort in these days (because whilst they look totally effortless, these babes definitely require a lot of fake tan/leg prep on my part) I cannot get enough of little dresses right now! Surprising, given I'm such a tomboy at heart but I am so ready to break away from my jeans. Maybe not my trainers though, but these look just as good if not better when worn with scruffy Converse as well as summer sandals and those block heeled suede pumps that are everywhere right now () When I'm not feeling lazy I love sourcing them from places like Depop, eBay and vintage stores but my go-to is - they have the best selection right now and I feel like they're the ones that fit me best! So here's my top picks from there and a good dose of Pinterest inspo too. Hopefully you'll find something to inspire you and also, here's hoping the sun makes a reappearance soon too...


 - I wish this came in regular too, I would snap it up right away!
 - I think this would look amazing with red shoes.
- I'd never usually go for lilac but this is the perfect colour to wear with a black leather jacket.
- Maybe a little too cutesy for me but the detail on this is stunning, make sure you check out the back!
- I have this and definitely regret not sizing down! I'm looking for the perfect little bralet top to wear under it (a white tee makes me look like a child!) but if I can't find one it may end up on Depop. Shame, because I love it so much!
- I have this too and LOVE IT. I know it's like a blogger 'it' piece right now but it's so versatile and pretty, I'm going to get so much wear out of it. 

...and a hefty source of inspiration

What do you think of this trend? I don't know about you but I'm so ready to embrace being an unapologetic girly girl this summer!

Weekend Reading List #7

Hey, hey! So once again I've been a lousy blogger when it comes to commenting (I promise I will get back to you soon!) but I'm keeping up with this little round up of the best posts I've read on t'internet this week.

* Laila has stated and I feel quite inclined to agree with much of what she says, not about anyone else's style (and especially not Laila's as she has such an interesting and quirky look) but rather my own. I used to experiment a lot more but I suppose when I was ill I dressed more for ease and comfort as it was a bloody miracle if I got out of jimjams. Here's to experimenting more with fashion!

* I wanted to mention because I think she rocks! If you fancy watching something a bit different, Emma's ya girl (I've particularly been enjoying her travel vlogs!)

* Holly has written about, something I think a lot of us can relate to right now. I for one am looking forward to reading future posts on film and green fashion (as much as I love Summer and Holly's fashion posts now!) 

* Bianca writes one of my favourite blogs - she's just so honest and very 'human' if you get what I mean. Her latest, , is very inspiring - we all fear failure don't we? But it's something we can definitely learn from.

* I've been reading Lydia's blog for yonks and I loved her latest post on . She is right that the power to change how we feel about blogging comes from within us and in the current blogging climate it's more important than ever to support each other and just, well, be nice

* When oh when is Jennie going to publish a book? It needs to happen, no? We're so lucky to have her lovely blog in the meantime. had me in tears and I'm not ashamed to say that. Just go read for yourself and be inspired.

*  Helen always looks incredible and this is an outfit I want to copy ASAP. Need that Mulberry pls.

* I love Michelle's blog, it always makes me giggle and is no exception. I've not done anything official but I've been going for runs in the park lately in a bid to get fit and I could relate so much to this!

* Amy has the best style and I'm now after to wear with my silver boots (although I won't look half as cool as her!)

* (and doesn't she have the best name ever?) I'm so happy for her, although I of course will miss her posts whilst she's AWOL haha!

Weekend Reading List #6

Another week, another round of fabulous blog posts for you to browse! Hope you enjoy.

* I cannot wait to get inked again and Mia's round up of has got me wanting to book myself in ASAP! The only trouble I have is choosing which design to go for.

* - she is a sequin dream!

* and I found her reasons very interesting - I think it's actually a very liberating thing to do!

* One thing I've never quite mastered are white jeans but provides the perfect dose of inspiration! 

* Lizzy has also done and is looking incredible (as always!) so now I'm really feeling like I need to get myself a pair! 

* It's been a little while since I had a splurge on ASOS and (I LOVE all of the pink things!) 

* is perfect if, like me, you love that fuller pout look but don't want to commit to anything a bit more permanent. 

* is something that I think we can ALL relate to. I think the important thing to remember is that blogging is supposed to be FUN!

* Of course Amy's house is JUST as cool as she is - for some serious interior inspo (and be as surprised as I was about where a lot of the decor is from!)

* Finally, - perfect for this weird, can't-make-up-it's-mind-weather. 

Anything catch your eye here? As always, I'd love to know your favourite posts of the week!

Weekend Reading List #5

Again, I've had a bit of a busy week so haven't been blogging much of my own stuff but I've still been catching up on everyone's lovely blogs! Here's some of my favourite posts of the week.

* Ciara's post on really struck a chord with me - 'growing up' isn't a race, we have to get there in our own time and it's so up and down! 

* is so important - we need to keep talking about it to raise awareness for people who maybe don't understand it and also for others who are going through it so they know they're not alone. I'm so proud of Sam's mental illness posts, she has taught me so much!

* I've only just discovered The Moptop (I know, I know - where have I been? ) and I'm seriously crushing on Tonya's style. What a babe! are so simple and pretty and I want to recreate. 

*  I love Lydia's channel and was an interesting one! It was different to her usual but I think she's included some fab tips that we can all take on board. 

* I'm SO happy Annabel is back blogging! Her photography is beautiful and she is the resident mascara expert so if you're in need of a new one

* OK so I love everything Lizzy posts butis a good 'un. Not only is the fashion great I love the way the whole post has been presented - very unique and nice to look at!

* We've all seen Beauty Pie reviews floating around the blogosphere and I've been so intrigued by them - however the slight mystery surrounding the products has put me off a bit! But which is super helpful. I'll definitely be making a purchase next time I feel like treating myself to some make up, plus it's all cruelty free too I believe. 

* Another post of Corinne's has made it onto the list this week but I think you'll love. I don't know about you but I find it all mega confusing!

* You know I love a good Breton stripe so I was all over

* Sade's photography is beautiful and she has such a way with words too - she's one of my favourite bloggers for sure! is a post I related to so much it was almost scary haha. It's funny because people say I'm really easy to talk to and while I may overshare on here in real life I've been told I can be a somewhat a closed book and this is something I would like to change.  

Have you read anything good this week? I'd love to read some new blogs!

Weekend Reading List #4

So I have more lovely posts for you to peruse! Hope you enjoy and find some fab new reads while you're browsing - let me know your faves!

* I love a good shelfie (who doesn't?) and are super cute and a little bit different! Her blog is a very recent find for me and I think it's just lovely. 

* Hannah's post on is spot on - sorry cat lovers, but you're just wrong. Dogs rule. 

* Lucy does these really great hair tutorials that are often based on history or characters from literature which are right up my street me being the geek that I am! Her most recent are l and now I'm totally regretting cutting my hair so short. 

* Truelane is another new blog find this week and I adore Chelsea's style! has shot straight to the top of my wishlist. I don't follow many American bloggers to be honest but I would like to so if you have any recs please send them my way!

* Another inspiring post by Lucy sharing This is why her blog is one of my favourites, not only is her style obviously incredible she has this wonderful way of writing that means I feel like I've learnt a thing or two about life without feeling like I've been preached at. Read and be inspired! 

* and I am SO down for it's revival (although did it really ever go away?)

* Ok so I know life can be a bit shit sometimes but I do love me a happy, positive post and if you do too you should check out Corinne's ''.

* I'm sure you all read Becky's beautiful blog, I love all of her posts but I thought '' was especially cute and pretty!

* Natalie is BACK and I am so pleased. , which I now need to get my hands on ASAP as I loved Pretty Honest and practically devour Sali's columns for The Guardian. 

* just speaks to me - I cannot stop buying them so it's good to know someone gets my addiction ;-)

Read any good posts this week? Do let me know and share the blogger love <3

February Goals

Don't wanna be a cliche and be all like 'Waaah this month has gone so fast!' but I will be because it has. It went so fast I hadn't even put up my 2017 calendar yet. From my I think I only failed at my blogging ones, which I don't mind too much because at least I didn't fail at life haha. I've been a little too busy to manage to comment on 10 blogs a day and there were days I just didn't feel like posting, but that's ok since this is just a hobby anyway. A very self indulgent hobby, all me, me, me. And here's some more me, my February Goals!

1. Go to the gym at least once a week.

I exercise daily but haven't got my butt into the actual gym very much lately. I blame being busy, January being kinda grim and...I dunno, there was one day my shoulder hurt. All terrible excuses and me not going is a big waste of money so I'm gonna up my game and get myself there more often, starting from today!

2. Go the the cinema.

It's Oscar season, yay! So there's some good films out that I really want to see, I'd like to go once a week but no one bloody wants to go unless Jamie Dornan is in it so may have to be a loser and go alone. Although to be fair I've been before and it was actually kind of nice, like the ultimate me-time.

3. Carry on shopping less.

In January I didn't buy much at all, definitely no new clothes (apart from a hat but that doesn't count, k?) After my big wardrobe clearout I discovered loads of old faves and I don't feel the need for anything new. It's been nice having some spare cash, I managed to get tickets to see a few bands I love instead so that's exciting! But I'll do more posts on cutting back and finding personal style soon.

4. 30 Minute Exercise Challenge.

This is from (it's great, I'm going to continue with the empties challenge throughout February too) and it links into my first goal. Half an hour is so easily doable for me - I have a dog to take out for walkies, an exercise bike indoors, a gym membership. I really like this , it's super simple to incorporate into daily life and is great too for finding workouts. 

5. Go cruelty-free.

I've been thinking about this for a while and there is really no logical reason that I don't. Again, I'll be doing a post in full on this but I'm no longer going to be buying products that have been tested on our animal friends (and yes, that includes Chanel!)

So what are your goals for February? How did you do last month?

Weekend Reading List #2

I've suffered from a major case of blogger's block this week but while the words haven't come so easily to myself here are some recent blog reads that I've loved!

* - so helpful if, like myself, you don't have a photographer to do your blog pics.

* Hands up who else loves Hannah's blog? She has shared '' and to be honest at the age of 23 I found most of them to be still so relevant. 

* Corinne has loads of super handy blog tips but she has put together t so you can find them all in one place.

* Shelia has the best style, she has that whole effortless, grungy cool thing down to a tee. is now at the top of my wishlist!

* I adore Katy's blog and her recent post '' really struck a chord with me. We're all guilty of trying to fit and please others at times but this has inspired me to stay true to myself (which we all know isn't the easiest thing to do as bloggers!)

* I love Holly and Summer's blog, I always love to see what they're wearing! combines a gorgeous outfit post in one of my favourite ever places, plus Summer has written a quite touching piece on museums. 

* Beautylymin is one of my favourite beauty blogs and has only confirmed that I need to get some CT in my life.

* I love reading Sartreuse and some of my favourite posts are the Five Piece French Wardrobe ones. , I wish I had that level of discipline! While I don't think I'd be able to adopt the lifestyle myself, it's definitely something that I can take inspiration from and try to make more conscious decisions while shopping.

* Sophie's blog is another fave, her photos are stunning and she writes so beautifully! Her recent post '' really resonated with me, as I often get told I'm snobby because of my taste in things. But it's just how I was brought up, there's nothing wrong with liking the finer things in life! I don't care if someone wants to shop at Primark so why should others care that I don't? You do you and all that.

* I would love to raid Rachael's wardrobe, she has those Alexa Chung vibes and the best hair! I'm obsessed with all of her outfits and I'm really coveting Make sure you too for some major style inspiration!

So those are this week's favourites, I hope you discover something new and inspiring! As always, link me to a post you loved recently :)

A Case For 80's Style

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It's certainly not for everyone, but I for one am thrilled (or should that be frilled?) to see the return of 80's style. Maybe it's because I'm not old enough to remember it all the first time round that I'm so enamoured by all the tulle, ruffles and power shoulders or maybe it's because I'm obsessed with 80's movies (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal too actually, have THE best wardrobes in When Harry Met Sally!)  I just don't think it deserves it's bad reputation. Unfairly (in my opinion) described as the decade that fashion forgot, there is good and bad in every era - I doubt we'll be looking back fondly on UGGs and those furry Gucci's haha.  I think there is real inspiration to be had if you look hard enough - it's a bit like TK Maxx innit? I think I may even like it more than the 60's and definitely more than the 70's (could not get on with that trend.) As expected, Topshop is leading the way and I have a wishlist as long as my arm. 

Tulle, ruffles and the power shoulder might not be what you'd expect from my usual style but I don't think you have to go all out - imagine that little jacket just paired with jeans and loafers? I love the contrast of a thick knit or industrial leather worn with soft tulle (you can find cheaper skirts all over the place, ) and swap thick tights for sheer ones or even fishnets if you're feeling brave enough. Double breasted jackets and pie crust collar shirts are always classic and of course not forgetting lots of denim. If it's all still too out there look to the boys for inspiration - bomber jackets, trainers and light wash denim all look a lot cooler than they sound. Plus the kids from Stranger Things are my fave! It's easy to incorporate a little of the 80's into your every day look (this is how I've been doing it and ) and if you're still not convinced click after the jump for a mega load of inspiration to get you on board!

November Moodboard

After quite a mild October the chill has really hit now it's November so as a result I'm feeling all things snuggly/hygge - cuddly jumpers, cosy interiors and perfect ankle boots are all at the top of the list and seeing as we're coming up to the most magical time of the year I've thrown in a bit of seasonal appropriate velvet inspiration too. I love the idea of a rich, navy suit but it'd definitely be bit too extravagant for little ol' me. To keep things more down to earth I'll be scouring , even though it's utterly rubbish since they updated it, for layered outfits (Kate Moss is the QUEEN of this look!) All topped off with a deep red lip, as it just screams autumn. What's inspiring you this month? 

Thinking Ahead

With all this rainy weather I can't help but feel a bit excited at the prospect of being back in boots and jeans again. Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather but I'm kind of looking forward to not bothering with shaving my legs all the time/having to try and fix patchy fake tan/painted toes and all those other things we tell ourselves we must do to be 'summer ready' (I'm just too lazy for all that prep! Tell me I'm not the only one?) I don't want it to be back to wearing a million and one layers either, I just want that nice weather where you can wear a leather jacket and jeans and be comfortable, like the looks below (all pics via )

leather jacket outfit

Summer Outfit Inspiration

Hey! Sorry for the slightly later post, my internet has been a nightmare. Anyway as you're well aware it's June already, crazy how this month is flying by but hopefully now we'll finally have a bit of sunshine and won't have to wrap up in a gazillion layers just to pop to the corner shop. In preparation of this wonderful time of year I've put together a little inspo post of my favourite summer looks that I hope to be channelling this year. Read more after the jump, all pics via

FRIYAY #1 | Bath Time

Friyay indeed because today I finish , which means one thing and one thing only....that post-IVs bath! Other people who've been on IVs will understand what I'm on about but if you're a little confused it's just that when I'm on them I can't get the dressing wet which means rubbish, tiny baths and awkward rain dances in the shower trying to keep it dry. There's nothing I love more then stealing ALL the hot water and having a proper relaxing soak in the bath so after three weeks of IVs I am pretty excited. I always think about what my dream bath would be, I'd like that one in Harry Potter where it never gets cold, NO bubble bath or bath bombs (am I the only blogger who can't stand all that?) a pillow for my head and a TV on the wall with a whole lot of Aesop goodies to use. Plus chocolates. And it can look like any one of these:

Or like , it's so adorable! Don't want much do I? Sorry, you're probably like 'Why am I reading about baths?' I just love them. But I bet you any money when the time comes I'll be so not in the mood or be in a rush because Corrie will be starting (my Friday nights are wild) so I end up having a quick shower. 

Are you a bath fiend too? What would be your dream bathroom?

CRAVING: Baker Boy Hats

I have dabbled with fedoras and I've stuffed a beanie on my head on many a cold Winter's night but when it comes to headwear I'm not very brave. Lately however I've been toying with the idea of a baker boy. Maybe it's my love of 1960's style, maybe it's my never ending quest to be Alexa Chung or maybe it's because I desperately need to hide my sunburnt scalp right now...whatever the reason, I want. Perfect to chuck on with jeans and a jumper to add just that little bit extra. I think it might look kinda cool now that my hair's longer and the way they're worn means my fringe will be safe from the dreaded hat hair. On the other hand, I may look like a total noob. The only thing to do is to try one on, if I can ever find one! I love the look of this H&M one, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that. 

Niamh Nelson x

INSPIRATION: Mango A/W13 Collection

I know whilst the weather's hot I should just be focusing on summer (especially as it's such a rarity in this country!) but Mango's A/W Collection, modeled by Bette Franke, is looking alrite ain't it? These are two of my favourite looks, I love the Stella-esque pinstripes in outfit number one and I need to get myself a pair of those chic! The second look is a little more out of my comfort zone but after hating it at first I've now totally fallen for the idea of Hedi Slimane's grunge revival at Saint Laurent although I wouldn't want to do it as literally as on the catwalk...I'm too much of a nerd for that! In small doses I think it's totally wearable, this leather skirt has truly captured my heart. However, apart from my beloved tweed coat, every time I've gone into Mango I've been left a little underwhelmed by the quality of their products. I swear, every time the new campaign pics come out I'm like 'MAN, Mango are on fire this season' but the real thing just doesn't live up to my expectations. I wish the actual items were as good in real life as they are photographed! Here's hoping I'll be proved wrong this season, because I really do want those trews...

Niamh Nelson x
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