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Uni: Week 4

This week has been about trying to get back into the swing of things after last week's little blip, hence the radio silence heree. I settled back into my uni house quicker than I thought I would after a week of home comforts but I'm really missing a decent kitchen/living area and a bath! Student houses are not the one.

October Goals

Hallo! I hope you've had a good week. Mine has been somewhat manic what with moving to Brighton and starting uni but I've loved it so far, I honestly don't know what I was worried about. The people have been lovely, the place is beautiful and my course is super interesting! I have the cutest walk through The Laines to uni and I feels lucky. The only downfall was a fly problem in my room when I got here but Mr Pest Man has sorted that so now all is well. I'll definitely do a room tour once I've made it a bit more homey!

Even though I think I'll be a little bit busy I still have some goals for October...

1. Sort my hair out! I mentioned before that after transplant due to a mix of medication and a big surgery my hair went a bit nuts and started falling out. Not majorly so compared to some but my hair was always so thick so it was a big deal for me! It's started to grow back which I'm so happy about but it just means that the length of my hair is all uneven - basically I look like I've had a bad extension job hahaha. So I need to get myself a decent haircut because right now I can't do anything with it but whack it up in a bun! I'm thinking a bob is the way to go but we shall see.

2. Keep up a skincare routine. I'm lucky that my skin is quite clear but this means I can be lazy with keeping a routine - however after sticking to one for the past month I've noticed such an improvement so I want to not let it slide! I'll do a post on the products I've been using as they're all really affordable and not tested on animals so winner winner chicken dinner (or not, I dunno.)

3. Focus more on me. I'm not saying I want to be totally selfish, I just don't want try and please everyone all the time. I started this already and it's so liberating! No more people owing me money and never getting it back, no more people borrowing my things and ruining them, no more letting people make me feel bad when I'm just being myself instead of who they want me to be. I've had to cut a few people out too but that's life, I don't want to spend it feeling drained all the time. Quite a weight off my shoulders really!

4. Try to keep up a blog schedule. I have so much to post including stuff from the summer but I haven't gotten round to it yet! It may not be *seasonal* but I much prefer just blogging about what I want to blog about, old school diary styley. Hopefully someone out there will like it haha!

Do you have any plans for October? Other than Halloween fun!

A New Adventure!

Tomorrow is my first day of uni 2.0...I originally started this blog back in 2011(!) to document life at university whilst living with cystic fibrosis. Ironically CF put an end to that venture and as well my heart just wasn't in it, but as you may knowso now I'm attempting it again doing a different course at a different uni. There's absolutely no way I'd have guessed how things would turn out back when I began this blog! This is like a new beginning in a way and if, like me, you like things being neat and rounded my first day at uni (tomorrow) is actually exactly two years to  As someone who likes matching socks, even numbers and a colour co-odinated wardrobe I find this weirdly satisfying! On that day I was sitting in a wheelchair on oxygen - if only I could go back in time and tell myself and everyone that everything would be ok! I'll still be blogging about life at uni with CF but obviously this will be a bit different to before as although I'm sure it'll be very challenging still I think there'll be fewer difficulties this time round. I'm so excited!

Of course I'm using as my student card pic 😂

Postcards From Donegal - Ramelton & Rathmullen

For my first trip post transplant my mama and I went to Donegal in Ireland. , which I can vouch for because it's where my grandparents live and . The last time I went was three years ago and that was before transplant so it was great to see some family I'd not seen for ages! We visited most of the popular places, I find Donegal to be quite touristy on the whole as the scenery is beautiful, it has great beaches and the locals are really friendly so it's a popular destination for both visitors from abroad and the Irish themselves. But these places are so familiar to me so I thought I'd try and make it a little more personal. So I want to do a few posts on Donegal rather than one big post and also this way I can share more photos because I took a lot. First up, let's go to Ramelton and Rathmullan! We visited these places on the first day and were super lucky with the weather as it was so sunny and didn't rain (this is a big deal haha!)

The Happy List #26

Ok so first of all I just want to say a big thank you for your lovely comments...I was super nervous about posting it but in real life I think I just blurt things out (I wish I didn't) so I suppose it's no different on here! But if it helped anyone going through the same thing, then good. I thought I'd write a Happy List to prove to you I'm not really a miserable bastard even though I am a bit because I should be in Spain right now but decided last minute not to go because I was just feeling really off. After a year of excellent health my body is back on its bullshit but then again, I've had a year of excellent health. Not since I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis aged 2 have I had an entire year off antibiotics either IVs or tablets and that's something to celebrate and be thankful for. Over the past few weeks Harefield did all the tests but discharged me as an official medical mystery. I had a sense of deja vu because of all the weird symptoms so readbecause I write about all the *exciting* things that happen to me and now I feel like House himself because I may have solved the mystery that none of the doctors could solve after two weeks of every single test, even my discharge letter said 'inconclusive'. I'm half proud but also half scared because I don't want to wake up one morning with a giant ankle, especially as we're coming up to boot season. Plus I kinda don't wanna be allergic to any of the drugs I'm on as they're rather important so I'm hoping I'm just jumping to conclusions. I shall phone the doctors on Monday!  But anyway, onto the Happy List!

The 'pub' in my brother's garden named after the one and only Baby Florrie

An Honest Chat About Mental Health After Transplant

So yesterday I had a meltdown of epic proportions that would shame herself (or make her proud, I'm not quite sure actually.) The irony of getting upset about being ill making you even more ill so you end up in a ridiculous circle! Transplant doesn't magic away all of your problems, I still have CF so have some of the same issues and am now faced with new ones too. Of course life has improved so much, I'm so grateful to be able to do more and have this extra time so I think some people may read this and think I'm being so bratty! But I think it's important to talk about, so I will.

A Mini Blip

Ok, so I might be making it sound more serious than it is but I am in Harefield Hospital currently as I came back from Ireland with a temp, headaches, extreme fatigue and a slight drop in lung function - boo! Although in all seriousness I was feeling very crummy and a little worried about it too to be honest and I never really worry about health things. I don't see it as something I have much control over other than how I feel about it and I don't worry about stuff until last minute when I have to - like I didn't worry really about end stage CF until I was in the literal end stage on life support and thought 'Oooh crap, maybe I am in trouble here!' hahaha and then I think I had a breakdown which was fun. There was a bit of hassle getting a bed so I think that this got left for far longer than it should have (although my CF clinic were absolutely brill, as always 💜) but saying that this isn't all Harefield's fault, they just don't have the money and resources that they deserve which is so frustrating for patients and staff alike. However that's a rant for another day! This post is all about me, lololol.

cystic fibrosis, lung transplant, post lung transplant, bronchoscopy, lung biopsy, harefield hospital
Looking rough but I'm not a morning person ok?! Am not used to these 6am wake up calls haha!

Weekend Reading List #8

It's been a while since I've dedicated a post sharing the love on here - whether that's other blog posts by some absolute babes, instagram accounts I've been loving or just random links from t'internet. So here's a list of links I think you'll love just as much as me!

I owned guinea pigs as a kid and 10 year old me would have been all over fact 24 year old me is too. Also,

Dunkirk is one of the best films I've ever seen despite it leaving me an emotional wreck and sums up all the feels.

I am obsessed with Her videos are short and snappy and full of Parisian charm, every look is so wearable and almost effortless. Perfect if, like me, you're a bit of a French beg.

Hands up who else wants to live in Catherine's house? I love seeing snippets of her beautiful home and (there's no way I'd be able to keep it that neat though haha I'd have it covered in rubbish in no time!)

I accidentally stumbled across  and OH WOW. I can't believe these places actually exist! Perfect for fans of Wes, fans of interiors/exteriors or just fans of beautiful photos.

I love Leah's blog for her humour and honesty and her latest post  is no exception. I'm sure many of us can relate!

and so do I - what an absolute beaut. I'm so loving Katy's new appreciation for Green Day too, they're one of my all time favourite bands so the more Billie Joe's face pops up on the insta the better! Any more Green Day fans in the house?

I mentioned that I went to Tonight, Josephine with some pals recently and just thought I'd send you in the direction of It's probably the most instagrammed bar in London right now so you've probably seen it already haha but if not do go check it out as it's just so fab and happy!

Chloe is one of my favourite bloggers as she's always so honest and YES to her chatting more about contraception and sexual health on her blog. is a really interesting read, we know we're luckier than most women in the world when it comes to access to contraception but this doesn't mean that the system is perfect.

Amy's post on really struck a chord with me. As a kid up until university I was so shy and still can be sometimes. I'm not as quiet now and will chat to anyone but I'm still very introverted and I'll never be the loudest person in the room, which is absolutely fine. I'm also reading Quiet by Susan Cain and it's a fab read for fellow introverts!

Have you read anything interesting this week? I'd love some links, especially some new blog reads! 

Book Review | The Hunger Games Trilogy

As a general rule, I don't read much YA fiction and I never really did. I was basically 14 going on 40 as a kid and felt like I couldn't relate to stories dealing with drugs, alcohol and teen romances. I was too much of a square! But finally, at the grand age of 24, I read The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins after falling in love with the films and spotting the books in my hospital's little charity shop. 

the hunger games trilogy book review, the hunger games, suzanne collins, young adult fiction, dystopian future fiction,

The Happy List #25

So the last week has been pretty was also jam packed so I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years haha. So this is gonna be a long one! Tomorrow I'm off to Ireland for a week to visit my grandparents, due to the whole being ill/transplant thing so it's going to be so special to go back and explore with these new lungs of mine - I can't bloody wait! But here's what's been going on lately.

Dream house in Brighton

The Happy List #24

liberty flower market july 2017

Hi! So this week has been really, really great - I feel like I say this every week but that's no bad thing. Obviously there's bad moments that happen too but there's no point on dwelling on them because the way I see it I'm only here now because of somebody's last amazing act on earth. I plan to live for both of us and literally every moment for me is so exciting because I shouldn't be here now. If I were to spend the rest of my time being negative and unappreciative how ungrateful would that be? The chance I've been given is so rare and precious and it's a shame that some people just don't understand that. So I'll keep on being super happy about life because I'm so lucky and by celebrating life I'm celebrating my donor. It's a shame some people are completely missing the point and think I'm showing off or whatever but never mind. I know I've mentioned it before on Twitter but just thought I'd clear it up in case I'm coming across as braggy haha. On to the happy things! 

1. Being on the TV and radio. On Tuesday I was discussing organ donation with Sally Johnson, who is the Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation, on some local BBC radio stations and then the Channel 5 news in the evening. It was all live so I was totally out of my comfort zone but I just hope I helped them out in some way and didn't let anybody down! I still can't bring myself to watch it though, there's a reason I don't do YouTube haha! What an experience though and everyone was super nice. It's bloody fab that 50,000 people are alive in the UK today thanks to organ donation and the amazing selflessness of others but the sad fact is on average three people a day due to lack of donors. Please, please consider signing the register and having that conversation with your family to let them know your wishes.  

2. The best bargain ever. Ok well what I bought was still expensive but not compared to what they should have been! I have a post coming up on this so keep your eyes peeled. 

3. Charity shop haul. I always buy my books in charity shops but never really considered looking at the clothes but I found some right gems! I didn't try it all on so some of it doesn't suit me so I'll be donating them back but as everything was only like £1.50 it doesn't matter and it all goes to the British Heart Foundation - a cause that is, well, close to my heart! But I'll be showing you what I'm keeping soon. 

4. Time alone. My parents are on holiday (but back tomorrow yayayay) and while I've missed them I've been using the opportunity to Get Shit Done as I have no distractions (my mama and me always end up going out for lunch or shopping haha!) Mainly blogging stuff, I *think* I'm kinda going back to the kind of outfit pics I used to do but I get bored easily so that may change soon.

5. Liv and Lucy video. Absolute dream team! Two of my favourite bloggers made a vid on Olivia's channel, check it out here because it's so bloody good. Who doesn't want to see inside the wardrobe of Lucy Williams?  

6. Shoreditch night out. I couldn't stay for long and well done me for not getting silly drunk but still had the most fun! I thought it'd be awky as I only knew one person but it was actually great. We went to the Nomadic Community Gardens which is a really nice place to hang out on a summer eve.

7. Tidy room. Like it's so tidy I love it! I had a huge clearout and it's just lovely having so much space. Goodbye floordrobe!

8. Tickets for The Killers. They're a band I've loved since I was like 11 so I'm mega excited, you have no idea. It's not until November but I'm counting down the days!

9. £5 dream dress. I'm not sure I can pull it off or if it's a bit Halloweeny but in my head when worn with a leather jacket and long boots it's a bit Kate Moss/Florence Welch-esque if you squint hard enough and use your imagination haha. I've not bought off of Boohoo since I was a young teen but they had some surprisingly nice things onsite. I got the black (obvs) but it's also in khaki. Available here

10. Alexa Chung and me becoming besties. Ok not true but she liked a pic on insta and I think that makes us BFF's now (just let me have my moment please haha!)

How was your week? Was it fun? Tell me what the best thing about it was! 

The World Of Anna Sui | Part One

Last time I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London it was to visit - unfortunately I missed  but I'm back now helping out with  which is super fun (and the first retrospective of an American designer in a British museum.) It's also quite nostalgic for me personally as Secret Wish was my first ever perfume! I kept that fairy topped bottle for years. 

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The Happy List #23

You guysssss! How are you? I'm starting to miss this little space on the internet of mine (maybe a break was all we needed after six years?) so I felt like having a natter with you today. It would help if I had a different blog name as it's fair to say that over the past year I've outgrown this one - next week is my one year anniversary since I got my new lungs, eeep! But yeah, I've been struggling for a couple of months to think of something new so hopefully some inspiration will hit me at some point. Anyway this week has been excellent so here's a little update on stuff that's been going on.

The Happy List #22

It's been ages since I did a Happy List and also a while since I blogged actually. I feel like life is non-stop but this is a good thing. So hi! How are you? Here's a load of nice things that have happened since we last spoke.

1. Baby Shower. There'll be a new bubba in our family in August which is super exciting! So there was a little baby shower to celebrate which was luverly.

2. New friends and old. I've been lucky because I've been able to see my friends a lot lately, both people I've known for years and also some new pals too. I met a fab group of girls through Bumble actually, the concept may seem weird but I'm glad we met because we've had the most fun nights out!

3. Fashion and Textile Museum. So I'm going to do Fashion and Dress History at uni in September so I'm spending the summer volunteering at the museum for some experience and also, I just love it! The exhibition at the moment is all about Anna Sui, I have a whole post coming up on this but for now I'll just say it's a must for all fashion lovers.

4. Summer! I am obsessed with this weather. It's funny because for the first time in my life I can actually enjoy it without feeling like I can't breathe - thank you new lungs <3

5. Baby Florrie. Not even any one thing in particular that she's done, just Baby Florrie in general! She makes me so happy, I just luff her.

6. Week alone. My mama and stepdad are away, it's been pretty quiet without them but relaxing too. Saying that I kinda miss them haha!

7. The Handmaid's Tale. I don't watch much TV but I'm obsessed with this, it's so scary but amazing too.

8. Making plans. Much excitement for the summerrrrr.

Sorry this post is so short and sweet! I'll try and blog properly again soon but you know I've been saying this for ages so I can't promise anything haha. 

A Song For Tomorrow

I've  been meaning to review A Song For Tomorrow by Alice Peterson for a little while now but while I hate to sound wanky I just couldn't because it all felt kind of raw. I'll start off by saying that it's based on the life of Alice Martineau, a singer who happened to have cystic fibrosis which is why I felt such a personal connection to the book. However it's also a bloody good read, maybe not my usual thing but I bought it on the day of release and practically devoured it.

It's been compared to The Fault In Our Stars and Me Before You but whilst the characters in that are annoying af Alice is not. I remember watching a documentary on her as a kid and I just thought she was so cool - wickedly funny and talented and I'm not just saying that either (I mean if she wasn't that fab a book wouldn't have been written about her no?) The book follows her journey as she tries to make it in the music biz and meets a lovely new fella Tom around the same time CF decides to be a major dick and she is placed on the list for a double lung transplant.

One thing I really appreciate about the book is that you can tell how closely the author worked with Alice's loved ones and also the CF Trust. I obviously can't speak for everyone but personally I thought it was the most accurate depiction of CF I've ever read by someone who doesn't actually have it. Not everyone gets it right (Bates Motel, Grey's Anatomy, Holby City I'm looking at you) but I think Peterson got it so right when she describes not just the physical effects but the emotional too. I related so much to Alice's worries about relationships, what other people think, holding others back and most crucially, not having enough time. That in particular is something people don't seem to understand, especially now I've had transplant. I get told off for being 'morbid' but I see it as being realistic and like Alice, prefer to use it to push for the things I want out of life. There was a quote in the book, I can't remember exactly what it said, but it was along the lines of CF forcing you to grow up from a young age but at the same time robs you of so much independence. SO ACCURATE. Alice's closeness with her family and yes, also her occasional frustration with them, was something I felt closely mirrors my own life too.

I found it to be a hard read, obviously now with these new puffers of mine I can breathe easy (lololol that was just for every other person with CF that wants to vom when they read that) and while I hadn't forgot what that drowning feeling feels like I guess I just hadn't thought about it for a while. As if I needed reminding, I kept thinking again how bloody lucky I am to have got my new lungs and my heart broke for Alice's family and friends. I think they're so brave to have helped this book become a possibility. I think it's a fitting tribute to Alice's extraordinary life.

The Happy List #21

I had SO many plans this week but then illness came and ruined most of them. I can't complain as obviously it's nothing at all compared to how ill I used to get but I've just basically been crashed out whenever I've been indoors haha. So I was feeling kind of sorry for myself so ordered me two pizzas but Pizza Hut trolled me by not including any pineapple :(

1) Blossom. Or rather the last of it. Really sad to admit but it's pretty to walk through haha.

2) Brunch. Continuing our weekly tradition of a girl's brunch me, my friend and her little girl met up for a massive plate of food and also big ice cream sundaes. Best idea we've ever had.

3) Naps. I used to be the NAP QUEEN but rarely do these days. Everyone was like 'No parties when you're home alone hahaha' but all I could think of was 'YES unlimited, uninterrupted naps!'

4) The Big Tidy Up. That I have yet to complete, but I've started which is good enough. Tell me how does one acquire so much stuff in such a short life? But please buy my shit on depop haha ('sickchickchic' of course!)

5) Shopping. Oops, wasn't supposed to do that. But I got something yellow which I never thought would happen.

6) Not getting lost. I know it's the little things but I get lost on my own street so the fact I managed a 40 minute walk home without needing directions or any help is an achievement of sorts.

7) McFlurries. I rarely eat at McDonalds any more but Creme Egg McFlurries are the one.

8) Blink 182 tickets. For the nostalgia! I shall be missing Tom DeLonge but still can't wait.

9) Night out with Marie. I've known Marie since we were tots, she has CF too and has also had transplant (read her amazing story here!) I know the word 'inspiration' gets chucked around a lot but she really is someone I so look up to, she's just so bubbly and positive and lovely! So we went out on Friday to celebrate her birthday and got ridiculously drunk.

10) Return of mama and stepdad. I was lying in bed Saturday morning dying and I heard them, I didn't even know they had got back so I was like 🌝 thinking they'd come to save me but all I got was 'OMG were you sick in the bath?' 😔

How was your week? I hope you're having a fun bank holiday, I'm seeing Ed Sheeran tomorroooow!!

Style Diary #4

You'd think that doing these posts would shame me into tidying my room but nah. I have two wardrobes yet still I chuck everything on my bed. You can tell that this week's outfit choices were inspired by whatever was on top of my pile of clothes and also I love that I was fairly glam all week until I gave up on life at the weekend.


The Happy List #20

so I thought I'd resurrect them on a Sunday! I feel like I've been out loads lately, it's been fun making up for lost time but maybe I need to slow down a little and find some balance because I feel a little bit rundown, plus I'm poor af right now hahaha. But I just get bored so easily so need a focus until I start uni so why not try and blog a bit more! I always feel a bit weird in the summer so it'll be kinda nice to have something to concentrate on. The thing is as well I've not been blogging much because I've been feeling so disconnected from it all and I just find the whole thing to be so weird sometimes. I'm happy doing my own thing but every now and then I feel a bit unsure of my place in this blogging world and I don't like this uneasy feeling, then again it's how I feel most of the time every where else anyway. But for now I'm happy just feeling like 'whatever' about it all and I'll just do me - it's all you can try and do innit?

Style Diary #3

Another week of crappy mirror pics for your pleasure. Enjoy!


24 Things I Have Yet To Learn At 24

Last weekend I turned 24. Might have mentioned it, in fact I definitely did - I like to drag my birthday out like the Queen. So even though it was a whole week ago I thought I'd do a lil' post on it, the original plan was to do one of those 24 At 24 things that people do but that just got me panicking when I realised that I know eff all about most things. I couldn't complete the list but seeing as there's plenty I still don't know here's an alternative list of 24 Things I Have Yet To Learn:

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