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A Simple & Glowy Spring Beauty Look

Because while the flowers may be naturally blooming, this gal needs a helping hand.

It may be, actually it most certainly is, the Glossier effect because I am alll about illuminated and dewy skin right now especially as I have a bit of a tan going on. Basically I want to look as if I glow from within, - I don't ask for much, I know. Alas I don't drink 2L of water a day, I pull way too many late nighters (not as rock and roll as it sounds, I'm usually up doing pointless things like googling facts about the cast of Hollyoaks when I don't even watch the bloody show) and since let me down so spectacularly I haven't exfoliated my skin for months. Despite all of this neglect my skin doesn't give me too much trouble but there are a few key base products that I think deserve a shoutout because they just step ya look up a notch with #nofilter necessary.

| When I first swatched this I was a little dubious as it comes out white. As someone who spends a large portion of an evening fake tanning a few times a week I was slightly worried that all my effort would go to waste and it would make me look pale but I had nothing to fear. It creates a smooth base and illuminates the skin whilst remaining sheer. I will definitely repurchase.

| On really good days I reckon you could get away with the primer by itself but as I like a good base I've been using this foundation on top of it. It was an emergency buy as much to my smug delight the foundations I had were all too pale. This is really fab stuff, it lasts forever and I find it so hydrating. It's not a heavy, full coverage foundation so it feels so comfortable on and I think it looks very natural too. It's such a shame that it's not cruelty-free though and for that reason I don't think I'd buy it again, as much as I love it.

| Again this was an emergency buy (did I mention I have a tan?) but I'm so glad I got it as it's one of the best concealers I've ever tried! Hydrating, long lasting and full coverage whilst not feeling at all heavy on. I will buy this again and again, I can't believe it's only £6!

| I'd left my bronzer in Brighton so this was again a quick emergency purchase. For £2 I wasn't expecting much at all but it subtly adds a warmth to the skin that means you can build it up slowly without looking like you've gone overboard. Plus it's matte too, hallelujah! I think I'll most likely buy this again as the fact it's not too dark means it'll be a great option for winter too.

| This has been a long time everyday staple, I've been particularly loving the blush at the moment though - it adds just the right amount of colour and I love the little flecks of gold that provide that glowiness that I crave. I use this palette so much I think I'd be a bit lost without it so when I eventually hit pan I'll be repurchasing for sure.
| this is without a doubt my most used product. I'm obsessed with highlighters so have tried a fair few and I can honestly say it's one of the best I've tried. It's perfectly dewy rather than the dreaded glitter ball effect and it looks so effortlessly cool. I'm already coming to the end of this as I use it almost daily so I'll be buying another asap.

Then I just use whatever brown eyeshadow I have to hand (anyone else own about 20 million of them?) and a bit of brown liner, mascara (I'm using at the moment because they gave it to me when I got my brows done, it's actually really good!) (*controversial* I know but I prefer it to Boy Brow - don't @ me) and finally some which is the greatest lipstick in all the land.

Here's a really crap snap of everything I used. I was thinking I was quite low maintenance and laid back with make up but it seems I like to put a lot of slap on my face. 

Please tell me your glow-to's, I'm particularly on the lookout for a nice and dewy foundation that doesn't test on the animals!

Beauty Essentials Putting A Spring In My Step

Bronze Goddess

Spring is in the air...

About bloody time too! After what feels like the longest winter the sun has been a more than welcome sight. Plonk me in a beer garden with some pals and a beer and I'm as happy as Larry. Or, as was the case yesterday, drinks by the beach. I may have been drunk but I was sitting there having a little moment thinking about how beautiful life is and how lucky I am to be here. It's something I'll never take for granted!

It's funny that I get questions and emails about how to dress for winter because I don't even know. I just put on as many layers as possible and hope for the best. It's only because I live in England that my signature style tends to be ankle boots and coats, otherwise I'd be in little summer dresses all day long. I'm sure this is the case for most people but I'm definitely my best self when the weather is warm - I feel like anything is possible, I dress better, I'm (fake) tanned and generally jump from a 4 to a 7. With a little helping hand of course...

The Cruelty-Free, Vegan-Friendly Self Tan

Self Tanning Drops in Dark

I try to avoid jumping on every beauty launch bandwagon but this was one I had to join in on. I got the drops as you just add them to your usual moisturiser which appealed to the lazy girl in me. I added about 5-6 drops per limb (you can add 1-12 so I went straight down the middle) and there's no horrid biscuit smell which is always a bonus. It sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't stain your sheets unlike so many others. Best of all I was left with a natural looking colour- . Unfortunately it sadly doesn't last for very long. I got about 2 days of this before it faded and I looked a mess which isn't ideal. It's better than other fake tans I've tried but not as good as . However it works amazingly well for your face! I add 2-3 drops to a serum or moisturiser and it gives such a natural, streak-free glow without fooking up my skin. I apply it roughly every two days and it's doing a fine job of making me look healthier than I feel (the only problem with these beer garden excursions!) 

The Mood-Boosting Make Up

I'm not really one for colour but even I can't resist when it comes in the form of this blue . It looks so great with a tan but it's one that will suit everybody. Blue nails are a bit daunting but this isn't super bright, I think it looks quite chic actually and it's fun for summer. It's only £1 at the moment too! Definitely worth checking out Kiko polishes as they have every colour under the sun and they're the best on both the high street and high end in terms of longevity. 

The lipstick is an old favourite by . I'm surprised Rosie has gotten away with ripping off Charlotte Tilbury so much but I have to say the lipsticks are gorge. This is a slightly orangey-red, a summer update on . but suffice to say it'll be getting a lot of use over the next few months!

The Summer Scents

A forever summer fave is Estee Lauder's - literally a heatwave in a bottle, but the nice kind like coconuts and oranges and florals rather than sweaty bus journeys and cut grass. My mama always gets me it too so it's extra special to me! See also Chanel's . This was a gift from my grandparents and I stupidly thought I'd lost it months ago but recently I found it again (in its box, on my dressing table.What a silly place to put it!) I'm glad it's back in my life as the citrus and floral notes are definitely putting a spring in my step.

What are your favourite beauty essentials when the sun comes out? 

A Subtle & Glowy Party Look

 I don't often post beauty content on here but make up is something that I love and get hours of fun from! So I wanted to share a little face of the day with you, I plan on doing some individual posts on products as I've found some real crackers lately and also I thought it might be nice to document my cruelty-free journey on here. There are bloggers out there who do this much better than me () but I'm enjoying finding new products and maybe you'd like to discover some new ones too or even better recommend me some! Obviously I'm no expert on beauty but here's some make up on my face anyway (just don't go taking any fake tan tips from me hahaha.)

My First Glossier Haul

I say my first, as it certainly won't be my last. Like everyone else I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of to UK shores after a year of heart-eye-emojiing over them on instagram. I know it's a brand that's super hyped right now but in my opinion it's all for good reason! I love the ethos behind them, not only are they not tested on animals (no product should be in this day and age) they're not forcing this super unrealistic ideal of beauty upon us with uber airbrushed images like so many brands unnecessarily do. The girls in the Glossier campaigns may be beautiful models but the looks aren't unattainable - I get the sense it's more about working with what you have rather than trying to completely alter your appearance, which really appeals to me. It's the 'imperfections' that make us unique and beautiful and human I think. So as you can tell I like how quick and no-fuss the products are too, I love playing around with makeup and colours when I have the time but more often than not I'm running late so anything that saves me time gets a thumbs up from me. I'm a big fan, but I was restrained with my first order and just got the .

Rosie For Autograph Make Up #2

rosie for autograph make up review, rosie for autograph summer rose review, rosie for autograph lipstick super model kiss review, rosie for autograph cream eyeshadow stick sparkle and magic review, rosie for autograph lip glossy super model smile review
rosie for autograph make up review, rosie for autograph summer rose review, rosie for autograph lipstick super model kiss review, rosie for autograph cream eyeshadow stick sparkle and magic review, rosie for autograph lip glossy super model smile review

So since my last I've acquired a few more bits to my collection! But this time there's not a dud product in sight, so much of it is reminiscent of high end make up from the packaging to the quality of the make up. Just gorgeous!

| This was a Christmas gift and even though it's a summer fragrance it's smells like more of a wintery one to me for some reason! It's not as floral as the original, it's actually quite fruity. I love it and receive loads of compliments when I wear it - it lasts all day too and is such a bargain! I'm not usually a fan of celeb fragrances but I really do like these.

| I first spied this on (an absolute must read if you're interested in cruelty-free beauty!) and that girl is such an enabler I bought it the same day. I'm a big fan of a red lip so had to check out Rosie's offering and I'm not disappointed! It's a very vibrant and pigmented orange red so while it's not for the faint hearted it's worth a go if you want to make a statement., it's very hydrating and long lasting - in fact it survived the Boxing Day dinner (which is more than I can say for my jeans 🐷) Plus the scent is divine, almost like chocolate!
| I love eyeshadow sticks as they're so quick and easy to use, absolutely no faff at all with them. I'd been wanting Feline Fox for a little while but went for Sparkle & Magic as it was Christmas Eve and I was feeling festive! It's very soft and easy to blend, I just use my fingers to keep things as simple as possible. The colour stays on incredibly well, I actually found it really difficult to remove! But it's very pretty and sparkly.

| This actually came in the M&S Beauty Calendar (I shared it with my mum and it was amazing value for money!) My first impressions were I thought it was nice but I wasn't too excited about it - however I've been wearing it loads! It's like a lipstick/lip gloss hybrid which is perfect if you want the low maintenance of a gloss but the look of a lippy, I guess it's not too dissimilar to Clinique's Chubby Sticks. I just chuck this in my bag to apply on the go, the subtle peachy shade is just perfect with a more 'done' eye - I like it with a simple flick.  An unexpected hero product!

It's another round of hits from Rosie, with so many products in her collection I can't wait to try more from the range! Have you tried anything from ? 

Supercat VS Super Slim

As much as I love playing around with make up my fail safe, every day look is always a simple cat eye. I used to use a gel liner from Maybelline which is excellent but wanted something with less faff so thought I'd give these two a go as I'd heard good things. 

First up we have the . To be honest, it's not really for me! The pen is a bit too thick and where my eyes are so deeply set into my skull (I'm a 'skeleton head' apparently but that comment confused me cos ain't we all?) it can look too heavy on and more like a badly done smokey eye. Also, the staying power isn't really that great.

However in contrast the is BAE. It's really pigmented but thanks to the thin nib I can control the line a bit more and build it up if needed. It's great for getting right to the inner corner if I want to, unlike the S&G one that's too bulky. It comes off easily with make up remover but stays on all day without any flakiness. I think this is perfect for beginners!

So all in all, L'Oreal wins!

Are you a fan of a cat eye? What's your go to make up look?

Blogmas Day #22 | Chanel Arthur Review

chanel arthur rouge coco lipstick review

I do like a red lip and I don't think they get more beautiful than those by Chanel. The high street does do amazing shades and the quality can be decent too but you cannot beat that black and gold packaging and that smug feeling you get when you take it out in public to apply 😏

I got my two best gal pals Chanel lippies for Christmas because they're bloody amazing and have always stuck by me, especially this year - the whole CF/transplant thing hasn't phased them a bit and that's not something I can say about everyone. I went for Rouge Coco's, one has got which is a very pretty pink and the other , which I ended up nicking because I loved it so much so had to buy a replacement. To be fair though it's a great shade, it's fookin' gorgeous!

I usually go for the Rouge Allure Velvets (see , & ) which have a matte finish but lately I've been really into a glossier lip. It's also a punchier red than I'd usually go for as I like to wear a deeper shade but this does make a nice change and I think it's going to be my go to next summer! It's definitely quite sheer so you do have build it up, making it a good one if you're a bit shy of colour. But really, I think with red you gotta go hard or go home, it needs to be a statement so I like to layer this up lots. The pinks do look very pretty and subtle for every day though if you're into something less in ya face. The staying power isn't quite as long as the matte lipsticks so although a red lippy is a classic for Christmas I won't be wearing this on the big day - one has too much eating to do to be worrying about perfect make up! But it still lasts a good few hours, plus it's very hydrating meaning it's not so much a big deal if your lips aren't in great condition (the bane of my life in winter!!)

chanel arthur rouge coco lipstick review

So yes, there are probably cheaper dupes out there but this colour makes me so happy - you can't really put a price on happiness now, can you? ;-) I love it especially worn with grey or blue!

Have you tried any of the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks? What's your favourite red lipstick?

Blogmas #14 | Rosie For Autograph Make Up

I'm a huge fangirl of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, not only is she a gorgeous model I just love her whole aesthetic and she's built up a nice business empire for herself too which is always something to admire! So when she released her I knew I had to snap some of it up. I usually avoid celeb collaborations but it's quite clear from her insta and snapchat that Rosie genuinely loves make up and is actually passionate about her products rather than just putting her name to the collection. My first impressions were that the rose gold packaging was beautiful, despite being more than a little reminiscent of Charlotte Tilbury's range (which I still haven't tried yet #bloggerfail.) But these are not just a pretty face, they're actually really lovely products apart from one that I'm not too fussed with.

| This was the first product I got, if I remember rightly it was a gift from my mum for Valentine's Day when I was in hospital 💗 Out of all three of her perfumes this is the original and the best in my opinion. It has a rose scent (obviously) and is very girly, a bit more so than I'd usually go for but I love it. It smells gorgeous and it's quite strong so lasts a long time on the skin unlike a lot of more expensive scents. I think this is an absolute bargain and I'll definitely be repurchasing once it runs out!

| I think I got this because it's the one and I remember thinking the colour was stunning! It's a nude that's a little bit darker than my natural colour so just adds a bit of something to a simple make up look. It's so comfortable to wear and it's hydrating but long lasting - a rare thing in a lippy! Most of her lipsticks are nudes but  that I've got my eye on too...

| I bought this because Rosie is all about fresh, glowy skin but to be honest I think it's a bit of a dud. I apply it under make up and it does provide a bit of a dewy base but doesn't particularly blow me away - I feel like I have moisturisers and serums that do a better job so I won't be repurchasing.

 | This for me is the real star of the show! I'm a bit obsessed with highlighters and this is so, SO pretty. It's a really fine powder but a little definitely goes a long way as it's very glittery (which might be too much for some!) But used sparsely it adds a beautiful glow to cheekbones and browbones, a bit on the bridge of your nose slims it down, a dab in the corner of the eye gives them a wide awake appearance and on the cupid's bow lips look plumper. Just gorgeous and I use it every day (which is saying something because I own about ten highlighters!) Very impressed with the packaging too, it has this mesh on top that stops product falling out the pot and also means it's easy to control how much you get on the brush.

I'm 100% going to be getting more from this collection, it's a little pricier than most stuff on the high street but I'm so impressed with the quality and feel like it's a reliable brand, although the base products are a bit of a waste of time as they only cater for one skin tone (I feel like there's no point doing them unless you're going to accommodate everyone!) Also worth noting that all of this is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with the leaping bunny seal of approval! I've put together a little wishlist below, I have a strong feeling that the palette (love a good palette!) will be mine.

| | | |

Have you tried anything from the Rosie for Autograph range? 

Blogmas Day #10 | Christmas Tree Nails

barry m black pistachio swatch

Well, kinda. They're green innit? I really like these Barry M Gellys, at first glance they look plain black but in the light you can see a hint of colour. I have Black Cherry and it's one of my favourite shades ever but thought this was a tad more festive!

Have you been doing any Christmas nail art?

Blogmas #7 | Navy & Silver Sparkly Nails

essie midnight cami, nails inc holographic top coat
nails inc holographic top coat, essie midnight cami

I'm not really one for nail art but at Christmas even I can't resist a bit of glitter (even if it is a huge pain to remove...) I've been wearing navy nails for a while now because I think they're quite chic and go with everything the same way berry nails do but are just a little bit different. They don't smudge as easily either I find! 

You can get cheaper polishes on the high street (I love Barry M!) but you're guaranteed to find the exact shade you're after with Essie and Nails Inc and I think the colours do look more high end so they're worth a little splurge. Midnight Cami looks really beautiful on it's own but paired with this Holographic Top Coat nails definitely look a lot more special and festive - they remind me of starry nights! The top coat also look fabulous worn with more muted shades (this + = DREAM TEAM) but I say if you're gonna do sparkles go all out - tis' the season to shine after all. 

What are your go-to nail looks for the festive season? 

NYX CC Cream

After all the hype over social media I was really keen to try out something from NYX. Obviously the Lip Creams are super popular but the last thing I needed was another lip colour so decided to try out their because after using the Garnier BB Cream throughout the summer I'd grown quite bored of it! 

nyx cc cream green review
nyx cc cream green review

I got it in Green because I tend to get a lot of redness around my nose and cheeks so was hoping this would neutralize things a bit under make up. However silly me didn't actually read it properly before I purchased because it actually turns to a "natural" colour once blended in. I say "natural" because what that actually means is a colour suitable only for about 90% of Caucasian people - disappointing, but often the case with BB and CC creams although I expected a little more from NYX as at first glance the colour range looked very good. This is in the shade Light/Medium and I just about got away with it in the summer when I was a bit more tanned but now it's been banished to the depths of my make up box now that I'm as pale as a ghost again. 

If the colour works for you it actually does an ok job of covering up redness and I find it does last all day. It felt incredibly light on the skin and definitely is best applied with fingers. One for more casual/good skin days! At around a tenner it doesn't break the bank but I think you can get better bang for your buck, I would rather buy a green based primer that didn't change colour.  All in all though I won't be repurchasing, but it hasn't put me off NYX - can you recommend any better products from the brand? 

Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette

I'm not afraid of wearing bold lipstick but when it comes to eyeshadow I'm totally at a loss, I only owned a couple of shades (despite owning about 9 eye brushes...) But I spied this online when I was supposed to be looking for presents for other people and it was just L-O-V-E at first sight. It's so rare for me to see a bit of make up and be like I MUST OWN THIS so I was very lucky and grateful to get this on Christmas Day (thankoo mama) especially because it's one of the more pricier beauty things I own. 

Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette review
Top Row L-R: Ivory, Brown Haze Shimmer Wash, Twinkle Sparkle, Slate
Bottom Row L-R: Greystone, Earth Metal Sparkle, Greige, Fog

It's a cute little palette that fits neatly in your hand with this lovely navy kind of faux leather effect case and I love the big mirror on the inside! As you can see they're all very neutral, earthy tones but amongst the mattes there's some shimmery shades and one very special sparkly colour so even though I'm not very experimental with my eye make up I can have a play around with those - it's all baby steps people!

When I initially swatched them with my fingers I was a bit worried because the colour pay off didn't seem all that great but when I applied them with brushes they actually showed up a lot more, especially with a nice fluffy brush. I prefer that they're slightly sheerer because I'm not that confident applying eye make up so it's easier having something that I can build up. So for that reason I'd say it's a pretty nice palette for beginners, even if it is pricey (but hey, your first foray into make up is always a special moment so why not go all out?)

I used this for the first time on New Year's Eve, I tried to get a decent photo but my face would not co-operate so instead here is a photo of me being a div on the night - this is exactly why I'm no beauty blogger but at least you get to see the make up in action!

Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette review

I used Brown Haze Shimmer Wash with a little bit of Fog and patted on Earth Metal Sparkle all over. You can kiiiind of see the sparkliness here right?? Which lasted all night FYI, even when I woke up the next day having not taken it off (tramp, I know.) All in all I love this palette, it's perfect for day and night and whilst it's pretty I love that thanks to the murky shades it's a bit rock and roll too. This is the first bit of Bobbi Brown I've tried but it definitely won't be the last, I've got my eye on those famous concealers now...

Have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown before? What do you think of this palette? if you're feeling spendy!

Clinique Nude Pop

Yet another nude lipstick to add to the collection (you can check out my others and) This is a cute little dinky sized version of the Clinique Lip Pop in Nude Pop that came free with Glamour magazine last month. I think this was a fab freebie, they've been so hyped up and I've been wanting to try them for ages!

Clinique Nude Pop review, lipstick flatlay, marble tray

A Very Girly Essie Duo

I am a fail of a blogger because until now I'd never tried any Essie polishes - I know. But I was picking up some for a present for someone and this little duo really caught my eye despite being a lot more girly and fun than I'm used to!

Essie Fiji and Essie A Cut Above

A New-In Nude

I used to think nude lipsticks were BOR-ING. If I was gonna bother putting lippy on I wanted something to add a bit of impact, like a classic red or bold bright. Otherwise I didn't see the point and just stuck to Burt's Bees if I wanted the natural look. But I've become a bit of a convert since picking up so when my mum got me a (quite possibly the longest name in the history of lipsticks ever) as a little pressy I was excited to try it out because I've been after a glossier nude (seriously, how many times have I said nude already? Sowwee!)

kate moss nude lipstick 45 review

The packaging is pretty, I like the little 'Kate' signature and the lid isn't flimsy so it doesn't come off in my bag and get the lipstick all dusty. The shade looks a lot darker in the bullet than it actually is on the lips but I think it's quite pigmented still.  My lips are naturally quite dark so I have to neutralize them a bit with some concealer before I put this on but I think it's worth the little bit of extra agg because I can completely see the case for nude lips now! They just look plumper and make me feel like a Kardashian (#loser)

kate moss nude lipstick 45 review

I usually only wear matte lipsticks but this is a little glossier which I think is a bit more flattering when you're wearing nude lips. The staying power isn't great, it does need reapplying every hour or so but it's easy enough to do without a mirror! It feels really comfortable to wear as well, the formula's really creamy and not at all drying. It has a really sweet scent which personally I love but it might put some people off!

A lot paler than I'm used to but I'm told it's not as pale IRL as it looks here - sorry, I'm a bit rubbish with photos! I'm quite liking the 60's vibes of this though, I'm looking forward to wearing it this autumn/winter with a cat eye. I wouldn't wear it without a little bit of liner or shadow but I'd like something that I could just put on with super minimal make up so I may keep a lookout for shade 48, which looks quite dark but maybe it might be lighter like this one is when you swatch it! Does anyone have it? Can anyone tell me? Help a girl out haha!

What do you think? Have you tried any of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks?

The Lip Colour You Need This Summer

I know, I know. Another blogger review of But here's my argument why I think it's totally worth the £19 price tag (remember I am the girl who will only...the rest of the time it's Boots 3 for 2's all the way.)

NARS Red Square Lip Pencil Review, NARS Red Square Lip Pencil swatch
(I can't draw hearts)

So here's the backstory to this purchase - I was ill and feeling sorry for myself plus I had a House of Fraser gift card so I bought this in their beauty sale. I'd never even seen any of NARS's lip pencils in real life, never mind swatched them, so to order this online was a bold move for me (it's as wild as I get.) Also, I really wanted it to go with  because I loved .

NARS Red Square Lip Pencil on lips, nars red square lip pencil review

Anyway I'll keep it short and sweet as to why this is my ultimate summer lip colour:

- That shade. Speaks for itself really.

- It looks like you've made loads of effort. When really all you need is minimal make up for this look. Perfect, because who wants to layer it all on in this heat?

- It. Does. Not. Budge. Perhaps the most important factor for me. At summer BBQs I want to gorge myself on all the food like I'm Henry VIII and I don't want a minor thing like make up getting in my way. It survives ice cream too!

So all in all, I bl**dy love it. Part of me does wonder if I'm maybe too ginge and pale to pull it off but it is one of those ones that makes you feel a million dollars so I'll continue to wear it even if I just look ridic.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the NARS Lip Pencils before? I'd love to know your ultimate summer lip colour! 

BEAUTY | A Trio Of Rimmel Liners

OK, so I got sucked into the 3 for 2 offers at Boots (happens to us all right?) and left with this trio of Rimmel liners. I swear I only went in there for toothpaste! I rarely buy from Rimmel apart from their nail colours but I keep reading rave reviews on so many of their products and if it's good enough for Mossy...

Rimmel East End Snob Review, Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner Review

The first thing I chose was the  I had their Scandaleyes one before but I didn't get along with it but my friend swears by this one and she does a wicked smoky eye. I generally find brown liners a lot more flattering, especially when it's sunnier, but this'll be getting lots of use this winter as it's soft (so no dragging when you're applying it!) but lasts a while. Easy to smudge as well for that smoky look. 

As I'm still on my quest to achieve a Kylie Jenner lip without paying MAC prices (or a plastic surgeon, what a surprise that was...) I picked up the . I loooove this! I like to pair it with and it's a good match for my too. It also looks pretty worn alone all over the lip although this can be a little drying! I love that you can build it up to a deeper berry shade too and I find it so long lasting, my only gripe is it's snapped twice which is a bit annoying but then again it's £3.99.

Finally I got the  I know I just this second said I didn't get along with it but that was in Black and I just found it got too messy! A nude is pretty hard to get wrong, this is just to apply to my waterline in an attempt to distract from the dark circles under my eyes () 

Sorry to be annoying and not show a  pic of these actually on but my eye has gone weird so I can't wear make up right now! But I'll definitely do a face of the day or something with them in the future.

Do you like Rimmel products? Other than their foundations and concealers do you have any recommendations for me?

BEAUTY | The Berry Lip

Lately I've been way more into beauty than clothes (never thought I'd ever be saying that!) so when I had a voucher burning a hole in my pocket I decided to check out the beauty halls instead of splurging it all in Zara. The original plan was to try out a MAC lipstick but the queue was insane so I ended up at the Chanel stand, again. But there's just something about those double C's (me, shallow?) and that *click* that's just so satisfying! I knew I wanted to add another Rouge Allure Velvet to my collection because the formula works so well for me and after trying a few different shades I plumped for L'Amoureuse.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L'Amoureuse

The formula is exactly what I've come to expect from this's super long-lasting, with what I'd describe as a semi matte finish and it's not at all drying. The colour isn't actually too far off my natural lip colour, it's just a little more berry toned. It's so rare for me to find a pink I like (I think I'm a bit too ginge to pull them off!) but I adore this. Maybe for some it might be more of an Autumn/Winter shade but on the first application it's a bit lighter than it's definitely one you can build up to get a more intense, deeper colour which I love because you're almost getting two lipsticks for the price of one! I like that the colour isn't too in your face that I feel self concious about it going everywhere () but is still pigmented enough to add a lil summin' summin' to a plain face.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L'Amoureuse swatch

I know £26 for a lipstick is expensive but they're the one piece of make up I ever go high end with and I only buy like one a year so it's very much loved and appreciated! And I won't lie, my little family of Chanel lip colours look so cute on my dressing table.

What do you think? What's your favourite lipstick brand? Check out

BEAUTY | Drugstore Make Up For Pale Skin

So I'd pretty much given up on finding a 'drugstore' (that's cheap to you and I) foundation and concealer that was actually pale enough for my ghost skin and was preparing myself to have to fork out more than I wanted to until I came across this little duo from Boots No7! I'd seen a few bloggers on Twitter raving about how their lightest shade, Calico, was an absolute gem for pale skinned girls so obviously I had to see what the fuss is all about...

And I have to say the hype is real for me! I'm on my second bottle now I love it that much. They had a few different choices of finishes but I went for the as my skin tends to get a little dull, especially when I'm ill and I like to have a dewy look all year round. It's a very dewy finish so I wouldn't recommend it to someone with oilier skin but if you need a big boost in the glow department definitely give this a go! As you can see (in the terrible selfie, sorry guys!) the colour match is spot on...hallelujah! It's described as a medium coverage and I'd agree, it covers redness which is the main concern for me without feeling too heavy and uncomfortable. Even on hot days I find it stays on all day which is fab because I'm definitely not someone who likes to carry make up about with me. On good days it's great at covering up dark circles too but lately I've been needing a little extra coverage so I also picked up the .

Now this I have mixed feelings about. The product itself is brilliant, the colour (Calico again) is spot on and it's a liquid concealer, which is always my first choice, that isn't cakey at all. It makes the whole area instantly look brighter and its staying power is fantastic. I just really dislike the packaging! I forgot to take a pic but it's basically the same as the YSL Touche Éclat with it's little pen brush and clicky action. I don't like not knowing how much product I've got left and you have to click so many times to get the smallest amount of product so I'm not sure that this is all that cost effective. I'd much prefer a doe applicator! Saying that though, I will buy it again because the actual make up is perfect.

I probably will give into the hype at some point and end up buying Nars Sheer Glow or one of the other #bblogger faves but I do absolutely love these two! No7 base products are actually really lovely on the whole I find, their highlighters are especially gorgeous.

Have you tried No7 products before? What's your favourite drugstore foundation? I'd also love some recommendations from fellow pale skinned girls!

BEAUTY | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Don't Pink Of It' Review

So I was in Boots the other day picking up some bits for a friend's birthday present and as the make up was 3 for 2 I thought it only fair I pick up something for me too *heehee.* I've wanted a nude lipstick for the longest time but didn't really wanna go high end like I usually do (look at me, flash cow! But I do usually only get one lipstick a year!) because I'd rather spend more on a statement colour, talking of which I still need to show you my new Chanel one! But anyway, there were a bunch of Kylie Jenner doppelgängers by the Bourjois stand swatching the lipsticks so I took that as a good sign that they did decent nudes. They had loads of shades to choose from, I ended up getting a (love the name!)

 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Don't Pink Of It' Review

I guess there's not much to say about the packaging as it's pretty standard, I do really like the doe applicator though (the doe though) because it makes it easy to be very precise when you're applying it and there's less chance of it getting all over the face. It goes on like a lip gloss and dries to quite a matte finish. It's not drying once you're wearing it but do be warned, your lips will need to be in good condition for this because it will pick up any dryness. It does have a bit of a weird scent to it but personally I got used to very quickly which is just as well because the staying power is incredible. Seriously, I went out for carvery and also had an eton mess afterwards where things got, well, messy and it stayed on for the entire meal! 

I think my only issue with this is that I'm not sure if a matte nude looks right. The shade I've gone for is a pink that's just a shade lighter than my natural lip colour so it's not so pale and chalky that we're reverting back to the concealer lips phase of yesteryear but maybe something with a little more shine would be more flattering. But what do you think?

 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Don't Pink Of It' Swatch

However I've still been wearing it loads and I do think it makes for quite a pretty Spring look! But if I were to get another one I think perhaps I'd go for a slightly darker shade. If you're on the lookout for a drugstore nude I'd really recommend you checked these out, the colour range was huge!

Have you tried these Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks? What's your go-to brand for nude lipsticks?
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