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14/01/2018 - Chunky But Funky

This posting daily thing hasn't gone to plan but to be honest nothing really has this week so it hasn't been personal. It's all 100% my fault though for being the most unorganised person on the planet when it comes to deadlines so I'm just hoping I can start Monday with a clean slate, even though I say this every Sunday eve. I mean even now I should be starting some work but I'm sitting here blogging because obvs showing you my new shoes is far higher on my list of priorities because I am a moron.


I really love Docs but they look bloody silly on me so I was on the lookout for something similarly chunky and boyish but just a bit less so, I went into Office to check out (if you think that was because of my Freddydog you are absolutely correct) but saw the Kennedys and it was like a moment, you know the ones. A few people have begged me to stop wearingso these clumpy shoes are a good compromise, no?* Also, I'm enjoying this new lil tradition of buying shoes when I hit a post-transplant milestone (I'm now a year and a half, say whaaat!) . I promise it's not just an excuse to go shoe shopping. Ok, I would have bought them anyway but still it's nice to have meaning behind them. 

*Disclaimer: I will never ever stop wearing my clumpy boots. All the better to kick away irritating people. 


The Tulle Tee

Next Mesh Ruffle Hem Top, Office Destiny Trim Loafers,GAP Real Straight Jeans, All Saints Balfern leather jacket,
Next Mesh Ruffle Hem Top, Office Destiny Trim Loafers,GAP Real Straight Jeans, All Saints Balfern leather jacket,
Next Mesh Ruffle Hem Top, Office Destiny Trim Loafers,GAP Real Straight Jeans, All Saints Balfern leather jacket,
Next Mesh Ruffle Hem Top, Office Destiny Trim Loafers,GAP Real Straight Jeans, All Saints Balfern leather jacket,
Next Mesh Ruffle Hem Top, Office Destiny Trim Loafers,GAP Real Straight Jeans, All Saints Balfern leather jacket,
Next Mesh Ruffle Hem Top, Office Destiny Trim Loafers,GAP Real Straight Jeans, All Saints Balfern leather jacket,

Jacket | 
Top |
Jeans |
Shoes |
Necklace | Topshop ()

I thought I'd look in the Next sale but almost immediately realised what an error this was and just made my way to the New In section instead, where I met this pretty top. Next have seriously been pulling it out the bag lately! I think I have the basics pretty nailed down now (although let's face it, there's always room for more) so this year, other than try and buy less clothes (HAHAHA, said that before ain't I?!) I think I could do with a few more girlier bits in my wardrobe to balance out all the denim and trainers. There is nothing nicer than a mix of masculine and feminine when it comes to, well, everything really and I think my style probably needs a bit of a woman's touch to it!

So I bought this (it was only £18 which I think is quite reasonable!) and I love wearing it, and this is really soft and is an easier way to wear the trend for every day,! It's a very simple piece but feels quite special on - I'll always be a bit of a tomboy at heart but who knows, we may make a lady of me yet!

Are you a fan of the tulle trend? What piece in your wardrobe makes you feel special?

FASHION | The 5 Piece Wardrobe March Update

HA! I can no longer call this a 5 Piece Wardrobe Challenge any more for I have failed spectacularly this month. What can I say, shopping is my hobby. I could be bad and blame the fact that I've been in hospital this month and on IVs for almost 4 weeks but I can't really because it was no big deal I guess. I don't feel guilty about anything though, I love it all! Here's what I bought:

Top and Denim - Uniqlo

Because I got these with staff discount I just feel like they're guilt-free haha! These are the jeans of dreams, it's taken me so long to find a slim boyfriend fit with no distressing on them. I was worried they were maybe a little short but I now love the fit. I've been living in these so I'm kind of surprised they haven't popped up in an outfit post yet! The top was one from the men's section that I'd wanted for ages so when I saw they were down to the last sizes I grabbed one. I love it, as always with Uniqlo's menswear I think the fit really works for me.

Tee - ASOS | Jumper - Daisy Street via ASOS

As I said before, this tee is perfect because of the longer length sleeves (I no like my arms!) I think the knit is the only thing I got this month that I shouldn't have because although I love it now I can see us parting ways by the end of the year because I think it may just be a phase. But I have the grey version too (which is now just £8.50!) and live in it and seeing as this was only £13 at the time I just really wanted it because I cannot get enough of pink right now. I'm usually wary of cheaper brands but I really rate Daisy Street and have a long wishlist of their basics. Is it bad that I really want this? As if I need another stripy top! But I love this as well. 

Striped Top - H&M | Belt and Top - New Look

I've sung my praises for this striped tee already here, I think it might be my second favourite buy of the month (the trainers are number one!) It really is a high street gem! I hadn't shopped in New Look for the longest time but they've really upped their game in terms of design and quality and I've been so impressed recently. I saw the striped version of this top on my stepdad's daughter and I would've bought that one only I didn't want to be a total copycat...and as if I don't have enough striped things already (I take that back, you can never have too many stripys!) I got it in black because I thought the texture would make my all black outfits a little less boring and it's nice to have a top like this for meals out and stuff when you want to look a little smarter. The belt was kind of an emergency buy as the Primark one I've had for years has finally died. This one is a lot wider than I'm used to but I've been seeing wide belts a lot lately and really like how they look.

Shoes - Adidas via Schuh | Bag - Handmade (see here)

The shoes have definitely been my best buy, they've updated my wardrobe and are the comfiest things ever. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep them white though! The bag was made by me, it's not perfect but I like to think that just adds to its charm ;)

So, that's everything! I think my wardrobe has definitely been updated for Spring (although these are things I wear all year round anyway....) Next month I'll try to do better, although it's my birthday then so we shall see!

Niamh Nelson x

TREND: The Pink Coat

zara pink coat
Coat: Zara

Meet my new baby! These days I pay less attention to trends than I used to but I had really fallen for the idea of a powder pink coat. It was love at first sight with this and although the weather is still warm it was one of those ones I had to grab quickly because it's sure to be a sell-out. I'm not a huge wearer of colour but I will always make an exception for pink and although this shape is lot more princessy than my usual oversized coats it's kinda nice feeling like K-Middy! At £79.99 it was quite an investment buy but I think I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of's such an easy way to update your wardrobe for A/W13. I plan on wearing this with pale neutrals like above, I think it'll make a refreshing change instead of the typical dark, wintery shades. It also looks gorgeous with oxblood/wine/burgundy/whatever you wanna call it and it'll add a lift to my favourite all black outfits too. Winter, I'm ready for ya!*

Niamh Nelson x
*I kid, I really ain't so please don't come too soon!


pretty notebooks

I am one of those people who has the memory of a fish...I can remember pointless details about the lives of The Only Way Is Essex cast members and who is Creative Director for which fashion house and I have quite an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Tudors but when it comes to important, everyday things like 'drop prescription in chemist', 'buy dog food' or 'BEST MATE'S BABY'S BIRTHDAY' they just won't stay in my brain. So now it's absolutely necessary to write it all down for the sake of my health, Freddydog's belly and to avoid upsetting friendships, which would be annoying but it means I get to indulge in one of my greatest loves...stationary! There's just something about it, ain't there? Choosing a pretty book, all that fresh paper and the hope that you won't eff up the first page with messy mistakes. I know it's not just me who's a stationary geek, I think we all are on the inside! I picked the 'J' book (obsessed with things with initials on) from Joy...this is the book I carry around with me in my bag. The pink one was a bargain find in my local TK Maxx (which is amazing for books, I nabbed a copy of Luella's Guide To English Style for just under a fiver.) It was only £3 and serves as my diary...if you think I ramble about crap on here you wanna read that! The print is Allegra Hicks and I love it so much I just keep staring at it, I hope you do the same with things you love otherwise I'm gonna look like a bit of a weirdo.

Niamh Nelson x

OUTFIT: Speckled

french connection speckled jumper, leather trousers
Jumper: c/o French Connection Trousers: Zara Shoes: Mango

Yep, my mirror is seriously in need of cleaning! Is it bad that I was kind of happy the weather cooled down a bit so I could wear leather and knitwear again? This is the gorgeous jumper that I featured in my last vlog, it was kindly sent to me from French Connection. I'd loved it for ages after I'd seen it featured on a couple of my favourite blogs that had collaborated with the brand, including Canned Fashion and What I Bought Today, it definitely has those Marant vibes that I love. It's really warm and quite heavy too, safe to say I'll be living in it this Winter!

I went Millwall yesterday. They lost so I went home and ate all of the cake that I bought from IKEA, the whole thing. I'd been saving it for sad times. While I'm on the subject of pigging out I wish some people wouldn't stick their noses in and tell me how I've put on too much weight. I could explain to them how keeping weight on is one of the best ways to fight off chest infections when you have CF and that since I've put on these few kilos I've not had to rely on my overnight feeds as much (I haven't had one for 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!!) I could tell them that since I was born I've battled with my appetite and keeping weight on and that I'm feeling so proud that for the first time ever I'm managing to do so and that it makes me feel normal and not like an ill person. I could tell them that for once in my life I have a healthy BMI and that my lung function has never been so good in years and years. But I don't, because I shouldn't have to explain myself. I instead tell them to go and concentrate on their own lives because they clearly need to sort themselves out if they think a person of my size is overweight. Crazy fools!

Niamh Nelson x

BEAUTY: Chloé Eau de Parfum

chloe eau de parfum

Isn't perfume a funny thing? One spritz of Chloé Eau de Parfum and I feel like an actual woman and not an awkward turtle. Amaze! I've always loved it but the time wasn't right to wear it before if that makes sense...I felt like it was a little mature for me back then. Apart from dabbling in various versions of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I'd been wearing Burberry's The Beat ever since it launched. I liked it because it's light and quite tomboyish which suited my Converse and hoodie loving self to a tee. However I like to think my style has evolved and hopefully got a bit more sophisticated since then so felt like the time was right for an upgrade to something a little more grown up. The Beat will always have a place in my heart but I'm in love with this scent...from the rose smell to the pretty bottle, it's perfect and hopefully will take me back to this point of my life in the future the same way The Beat reminds me of my school days when I'd literally drench myself in the stuff. So much so that my uniform never lost the scent, even after washing!

What's your favourite perfume?

Niamh Nelson x

OUTFIT: Gypsy Blouse

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins/Jeans: Zara/Boots: Isabel Marant/Necklace: Etsy

This blouse was a surprise find in the Dorothy Perkins's not a shop that I usually go in but I had time to kill so had a browse and there it was for only £15. It's a lovely cheesecloth material and I love all the red embroidery. A bit more boho than my usual thing but it's a winner, especially when paired with my Dickers and trusty Karma necklace that never leaves my neck (which I've not even photographed here...great blogging, Josephine!)

Yesterday I went for drinks with the people I work with, was so much fun! Most definitely had a few too many glitterbombs though, ended up getting so lost down Oxford Street even though I know the area pretty well. I ended up wandering down Bond Street and I was so drunk and I actually contemplated going into Chanel to ask if they had a loo, can we all just take a moment to praise the Lord I didn't do that. I ended up getting home by the most long ass way possible, I ended up at Charing Cross where I finally got to pee (for 30p! 30p for a pee maaaaan!) Such a faff around, I was only in a pub next door to my work so there's no way I should have gotten lost...teaches me to not drink! Work again today (4am wake up call, not cool when hungover) then out with my friend to see The Conjuring...I'll let ya know if it's worth the hype (although bear in mind I get scared at Ghost Whisperer, which in my opinion is too scary for daytime TV ok?)

Niamh Nelson x

INTERIORS: Bedside Locker

Thought I'd show you a little snippet of my room today! This is one of my bedside lockers, I have two different ones but this one is my favourite since the other is full of boring old medical equipment...definitely not as pretty as this. The actual locker used to be my Mum's, I'm not 100% sure where she got it from but it's really sweet. The floral frame was a gift from my aunt, I love the's my baby cousin giving Freddydog a kiss, too adorable! The silver frame was another gift, this time from my cousin and I think it was originally from Oliver Bonas. It has one of my all-time favourite photos of Freddy in it (and trust me, I have hella lotta photos!) The birdies were bought ages ago from Matalan for something silly like £3 and the lamp is new from IKEA. It's the kind of thing you love or hate, personally I think it's really pretty and reminds me of a ballerina! The wallpaper (from Next) is kind of industrial so I like the contrast of having some super girly elements next to it. The light is available online here.

Niamh Nelson x

Youtube: June/July Fashion Haul

Yes, it's a haul video (most original gurrrl everrrr.) There won't be a video like this for a long while though because I am seriously skint right now! So today I must go work for my money, wearing jeans on a basement floor with no air con....woe is me! Hope your weekend is a lot cooler than mine, if you think you're hot think of me, will you? Shall speak to you soon, if I make it out alive. (I'm being a bit dramatic now, but seriously it's just evil at work.) 

Niamh Nelson xxx

Life: Ireland

Hello! How have ya been? I got back from Donegal, Ireland yesterday and I'm missing it already. I miss how chill it is. I miss the beaches (way more beautiful than those tropical ones plus they're nearly always empty so you kind of get your own private beach!) I miss the cows. I miss the GREEN. I miss the not understanding a bloody word anyone says. I miss eating every half hour. I miss smiling at total randomers on the street. Most of all I miss my grandparents (who were very happily surprised to see me, luckily I didn't give them a nasty shock.) Tell you what I don't miss though. THE MIDGES. Eaten alive I was. I even got bitten on the antihelix on my ear (totally Googled that) and there ain't even anything tasty there to bite. If I was a midge I would go for something juicy like my thighs, but NO some dumb one bit my ear and now it's almost double the size of my other one. Awkward times.

I waaaay overpacked and of course only wore basically the same thing every day:

Oh, and this happened at the airport...

More on that tomorrow! Can anyone guess what I bought? First things first though, back to work for me today. Wish me luck avoiding the Zara sale...I have a Zara to my left, a Zara to my right and a Zara right in front of me where I work so it is gonna take a HELLA lot of willpower. 

Niamh Nelson xxx
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