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The September Wishlist

September is a time of new beginnings for many therefore making it a blimmin' good excuse for new additions to your wardrobe. I'll be starting uni at the end of the month (eek!) so have already picked up a few 'uni essentials' start, new look etc etc! I've compiled a wishlist to see you (and me) into the tricky transitional season. Happy shopping!

Depop/Secondhand Haul

and while I don't think the concept is really for me (I like a lot of stuff) the point about the effect consumerism has on the wider world was certainly food for thought. Watching '' inspired me to maybe think a little bit more about my choices whilst shopping and while I don't think I can give up on the high street forever last month I changed my habits a little because it was one way I could do my bit.

One of these ways for me was buying clothes through Depop. When I was younger I used to buy tonnes of vintage but as I've gotten older my tastes changed and the punky skirts and quirky dresses of my teens were no longer my style. I've also found my patience to be a lot thinner and I lost the thrill of searching through markets and shops for the perfect fitting vintage piece - H&M was just easier. Lazy I know, but it's the truth. However I've been selling stuff on Depop (at 'sickchickchic' *plugplugplug*) and found myself 'browsing' through other sellers pages and ended up buying some real gems! It's all high street stuff so I know there'll be people thinking it's not exactly ethical but I like the fact that these clothes are still being 'recycled' and I'm helping out girls like me (because sellers are mostly young women) make some dollar. Plus I find it cheaper than eBay and got myself some items that I'd wanted for ages. But I guess you want to see the haul, so enough rambling from me! Here's what I got, along with how I plan to wear them (once the weather picks up again...)

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