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What I Wore #2

So it appears I have a kind of summer uniform thing going on but hey, if it ain't broke and all that. Although I probably do need to stop stockpiling summer dresses, as cute as they are and as wonderful as this weather is of late I'm sure that in a blink of an eye we'll all be back in our woolies!


Dress Kate Moss x Topshop via Bag Charity Shop Shoes My mama's

An entirely thrifted outfit that's a reminder to self to check out the charity shops more (and my ma's closet!)


Jacket Primark Dress Mango (last year's, ) Bag Charity Shop Shoes

One of my all-time favourite dresses, I'm glad it looks just as cool dressed down with trainers as it does dolled up with heels because otherwise I'd never get the chance to wear it!


Dress Topshop () Bag South Beach ) Shoes

As you can clearly see this dress has shrunk a little in the wash, which is what I deserve for buying such a cheeky Reformation knock off. Either that or I'm in denial about how much ice cream I've been eating lately. But ice cream>fashion always.


Tee Shorts Topshop (old, ) Bag Shoes Topshop (old, )

Something super casj for a dog walk because my hangover wasn't Freddy's problem. 


Dress New Look (old, ) Belt ASOS (old, ) Shoes Superga via Depop Bag South Beach ()

All year round I complain about having no boobs but when the mini heatwave arrives I feel #blessed because bras are not made for this weather. Not that any of us need to wear one at all, it's just I don't have to worry about them escaping out of anything if I don't. 


Dress Primark () Bag South Beach () Shoes Superga via Depop

Just the day before I'd declared that I wasn't going to buy anymore summer dresses but I fell in love with this when I saw it and I won't let anyone, especially myself, get in the way of true love. 


Playsuit Bag Charity Shop Shoes My mama's

I'm still fully obsessed with this playsuit although I'll tell you it's definitely not the one for a festival/gig or anything else that requires you to pee in a hurry. The denim and pockets may be super practical but the buttons certainly aren't.

So I've been sticking to a pretty simple formula lately! I live for summer dressing though, I get so bored of coats and boots when it's cold. What about you? 

What I Wore #1

So I stopped doing these style diary things for a bit because I felt they looked a bit naff! That old comparison bug kicked in for a little while, but I personally love seeing lookbooks and weekly outfit vlogs by the likes of the gorgeous , and . These blog posts aren't half as good or profesh as those but I like to think the blogging world is big enough to fit me and my mirror #ootd's in there somewhere haha!


Embracing Change


'It's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.'

Well it's not quite April 25th yet but we have been blessed with a hint of Spring and I for one am happy to put my heavier coats into retirement, however brief this might be. I've built up a little collection of jackets (I can't say 'sh*cket' I'm sorry) so they came out to play last week finally, without having to be hidden under at least two more layers. I'm also embracing a wide leg rather than skinny - wild, I know.

So onto outfit numero uno above - these jeans are new from H&M as I had a discount code for my birthday. I ordered an 8 which is a size bigger than I'd usually get and when they arrived I was a bit worried as they looked teeny tiny. They do offer a bit of stretch so I can squeeze into them but if you can I'd order a few sizes to try as we all know how batshit H&M sizing is. It's not you, it's most definitely them.

The White Cropped Wide Leg Trouser

Denim Jacket
Pink Jacket
Black Loafers (via my mama's closet)
Suede Loafers Zara (from my mama's closet again, hehe luff you mama!)

These should be a recipe for disaster but so far so good barring a lipstick in the pocket incident. In fact I would call them a 'roaring success.' Again, because they're H&M, they're quite the struggle to get on - they make even me feel like I have a butt (much to my honest delight!) when I'm getting them on but they're worth the time and effort. The denim jacket was bought on the same day as clearly someone forgot what a budget is but as you may tell I have a real thing for these worker-styley jackets - I mean look at the pockets! The collar! I very much fancy it as a shirt also, so it's practically a 2 in 1 piece. The pink jacket is another new in item from H&M, tortoiseshell buttons are another current obsession so obviously I snapped it up as I can't resist this colour either

What new trends are you trying for Spring? 

Style Diary #15

Totally flopped at Blogmas but I decided that I really actually had to get down to some work. One assignment down, three more to go until Friday lololol. To be fair I have until after Christmas but I want to just enjoy my time at home without worrying about work too much. But I do have a Style Diary for ya, sorry the pics are so rank but hopefully you get the general gist of what I've been wearing lately (mainly the same jeans and coat every darn day...)


Style Diary #14

Recognise that white (and messy) room? I am home! Or rather I was. Went home thinking I'd save a bit of money but actually ended up spending like double, oopsie. After Reading Week I'm now back at uni and I didn't do a bloody thing during my time off so somehow have to cram it in today. These posts are a fun way to procrastinate though and also not totally unproductive so here's last week's Style Diary.


Coat M&S () Top M&S () Cords Zara () Boots & Other Stories ()

Style Diary #13

This post is a little bit later than usual but this week has been busy! It's so nice being at home but the week has flown by far too quickly and I haven't done half the things I was going to do, oops. But to procrastinate further here's a post on everything I wore last week!


Hat Nine by Savannah Miller () Coat M&S  Jumper Matalan () Trousers Alexa Chung x M&S via depop () Boots & Other Stories ()

Style Diary #12

I've tried to get out of my denim rut lately and I've not done too badly. I don't know if you can tell but , if I could I'd be buying loads more but the two pieces I have shall have to do. Just as well really because as cute as it is I think it's a bit of a fairweather trend - here's how I've been styling it for now anyway! Please excuse all the washing, things take about three days to dry in this house.


Coat Jumper Next () Jeans Shoes

Style Diary #11

I thought I'd bring back these Style Diary things even though since I'm at uni I'm now having to work with a teeny capsule wardrobe and use a rubbish lil mirror too...I know, I know - poor me ;-) Also, be prepared to see a lot of this camel coat as I stupidly left most of my coat collection at home as if it wasn't going to be cold living by the frickin' sea! All of this is going to either inspire me to shop my wardrobe or go out to the actual shops and buy new things, we shall see (although we all know it'll be the latter!)


Jacket Primark () Cardigan M&S () Top Uniqlo () Jeans  Shoes Pin

Style Diary #9

So I don't have too much to show you, my camera deleted a load of stuff for some reason! Plus the wifi in my house has been a lil bitch lately, basically technology has not been my friend this week. But it doesn't matter really because I've been spending as much time in the sun as possible (with that Factor 50 #transplantlife)  and I hope you've been able to make the most of it too! Today I'm going to schedule some posts though so hopefully things will be a bit more regular around here now.


Top Belt ASOS Skirt Primark Shoes Topshop Bag Earrings Necklace (that I wear every day)

What I need to do is stop buying these little ribbed tops but I can't get enough! This one is so handy too, I bought it twice because I've been living in it. Tuesday was actually really nice, I spent it with my grandparents at this big garden centre and I bought a load of crap I really didn't need.


Dress Kate Moss x Topshop via Depop Bag Mulberry Shoes GAP () Earrings ?

This dress came out when I was about 15 and I was gutted to have missed it (I definitely couldn't afford to be dropping £60 on anything never mind a dress) so when I found it recently on good ol' Depop for £14 I was so hyped.  I love how subtle the stars are because it means the print won't date as quickly as others might and the shape is perfect plus it has pockets. I know, right?? 


Top  Dress Shoes Topshop Earrings

I'm telling you I don't know how I survived summer before this dress. As someone who lives in jeans I struggled a little with dressing for warmer weather but this is just perf! Plus again, it has these giant pockets and we all know a dress is made approx 10x better when it has pockets.


Dress Shoes Earrings

I stalked this dress every day for a week waiting for an 8 or 10 to come back in stock and I nabbed the last one - perseverance pays off my friends. It just about does up but it's worth not being able to breathe comfortably haha. I thought it was slightly Reformation-esque and I'm obsessed with that brand this summer. This was taken after an allergic reaction to gin which was fun but other than that I actually had the best night. A stranger gave me his sliders after I was walking around with no shoes, how bloody kind - and people say that Londoners are rude! 

If you guys like this stuff by the way I'm forever selling my wardrobe on Depop! Search sickchickchic :) Hope everyone is having a fab week!

Style Diary #8

I don't even know what to say what hasn't already been said by everyone else, only that I'm heartbroken by what has happened in Manchester. It's horrid thinking most of those kids probably got those tickets as Christmas/Birthday pressies and they would have been looking forward to the concert for months. I'm posting anyway, as I feel we have to carry on as normal as we can, but everyone is in my thoughts right now.

Top New Look Skirt Primark Shoes Adidas

Top H&M Skirt Primark Shoes Adidas Socks New Look Earrings Mango

Jacket Topshop Dress Topshop via depop Shoes Adidas

Tee Topshop Jeans GAP Earrings Mango

Jacket Topshop Skirt Primark Shoes Adidas Earrings Mango


Style Diary #7

Hi! Did you have a good week? I literally had no idea what to wear because of this bloody weather, I just want it to be summer right now please. Sorry for the mega blurry pics, I just take them quickly as I'm going out the door as I want them to be 'real' and show what I was actually wearing!

Top H&M Jeans GAP Shoes Mango Bag Mulberry

Style Diary #6

Hiyaaaaaa! Someone said to me I was vain for doing these and I guess blogging is a bit vain in lots of ways but in many others it's not because it's a community. I don't do this because I love myself and think I'm amazing but rather because I like to share things and also these are just silly outfit snaps - it's not that deep. Not everyone will get it and that's fine but what happened to 'you do you' etc etc. As well I don't think I'd even know what to wear in the morning where it not for other blogs and instagram haha.


Jacket All Saints Jeans J Brand Shoes Converse Bag Mulberry

Style Diary #5

Excuse me Mr Sun, where did you go? Last week was cold. Also, I can't believe this is the fifth style diary, how fast does the time go??


Jacket Topshop (alternative here) Top M&S Jeans M&S Shoes Converse

That khaki jacket again. I can't even remember what I did on Monday so it couldn't have been that exciting. 


Shirt Topshop Jeans Levi's Shoes Converse

Brunchin' brunchin'. This shirt is new, this is the kind of outfit I used to wear back when I was like 13 and going through my 'grunger' stage hahaha so I was enjoying the nostalgia. Less enjoyable was how bloody rough I felt this day, I was like a zombie which was fun.


Jacket Topshop Hoodie Topshop Jeans J Brand Shoes Adidas

Was still feeling super rough but chucked this on for an emergency dash to the shop for Haribo.


Jacket Topshop Jumper H&M Jeans New Look Shoes Adidas Socks ASOS Bag Mulberry

Leather look jeans cos I edgy. I did some shopppping.


Top H&M

Not the best pic but I forgot to take a different one - at least it's proof I do actually leave my bedroom haha! But I wanted to show you to this top because it's a good 'un. I didn't think these bardot style tops would suit me but I love it (even if someone in the club did pull it down 😭) It has these cute little bows on the arms, it came in red and maybe blue too I think plus it was something silly like £12.99. I recommend if you can find it in store!


Top Topshop Jeans Topshop Bag Mulberry Shoes Mango

These jeans used to be my faves but I've gotten skinnier since I bought them and also, them being Topshop, has meant they've lived a very short life. Also, definitely once you get designer denim nothing else compares and this is sad news for my bank account.


Top Topshop Skirt Pimkie Shoes Mango Bag Mulberry

Basically the same outfit as the day before but with my patchy tan/bruised legs out. 

I hope you had a good week! 

Style Diary #4

You'd think that doing these posts would shame me into tidying my room but nah. I have two wardrobes yet still I chuck everything on my bed. You can tell that this week's outfit choices were inspired by whatever was on top of my pile of clothes and also I love that I was fairly glam all week until I gave up on life at the weekend.


Style Diary #2

Hello! So last week was fun, it was my birthday at the weekend and the weather was stunning for a change as I swear usually every birthday outfit gets ruined by tights and a coat. Sorry again for not blogging much (if anyone cares haha) but I think whilst I was ill one of the few things I could do was blog and now I'm better I don't really feel inclined to sit at a laptop that much any more when I could be out being busy! But I think these weekly posts will be a nice way to updata ya's and do fashun posts too. It's a bit of a long 'un though just to warn you!


Style Diary #1

I thought I'd start something new on here with a round up of what I've worn this week. They're just quick mirror pics because I'm not glam enough to be strolling around a street I could never afford to live on carrying a magazine I'll never read and a coffee I'll never drink but whatever, I like to keep it real hahaha. I'd rather just show you what I actually wore and what I actually did!


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