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TRAVEL: Gran Canaria

I am not a bikini girl! All of these are super old. (Check out my instagram, I'll be posting a couple of  holiday outfit snaps.)

Hello! You ok? I'm BACK. I realise I didn't actually tell you that I was going away on my jollies and now I feel like that was kind of rude of me. And now I also feel like that's kind of arrogant of me to say know when bloggers are like 'Ahh sorry I didn't post yesterday!' and I can't help but think 'WHO CARES, my world didn't stop because you didn't blog yesterday' (even though on the inside I was real pissed off that there was nothing new to read.) 

I realise that this post's title is slightly misleading because there are no photos of Gran Canaria but I thought I'd whip up a quick post to explain my absence in case anyone was curious. To be honest I just spent the majority of my time floating round the pool plonked in a rubber ring and as wonderful as that was for me, it does not make for good blog content. Despite my best efforts I didn't tan, I burned and now there's a slight peelage sitch (won't lie, I'm loving it because I'm a sick person.) My hair is blonder though! And drier. My beauty regime (LOL, me + beauty regime....really?) went out the window when I was away, I will always be in awe of girls who can keep it up because I could barely manage bronzer in the evenings I got so lazy! It was nice and relaxing and baking hot and I only fell out of my swimsuit once so all in all it was a successful trip. Back to reality now and I'm actually happy to be home again and reunited with Freddydog! I missed my silly pooch. Still need to unpack though, not fun.

Niamh Nelson x
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