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The Happy List #26

Ok so first of all I just want to say a big thank you for your lovely comments...I was super nervous about posting it but in real life I think I just blurt things out (I wish I didn't) so I suppose it's no different on here! But if it helped anyone going through the same thing, then good. I thought I'd write a Happy List to prove to you I'm not really a miserable bastard even though I am a bit because I should be in Spain right now but decided last minute not to go because I was just feeling really off. After a year of excellent health my body is back on its bullshit but then again, I've had a year of excellent health. Not since I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis aged 2 have I had an entire year off antibiotics either IVs or tablets and that's something to celebrate and be thankful for. Over the past few weeks Harefield did all the tests but discharged me as an official medical mystery. I had a sense of deja vu because of all the weird symptoms so readbecause I write about all the *exciting* things that happen to me and now I feel like House himself because I may have solved the mystery that none of the doctors could solve after two weeks of every single test, even my discharge letter said 'inconclusive'. I'm half proud but also half scared because I don't want to wake up one morning with a giant ankle, especially as we're coming up to boot season. Plus I kinda don't wanna be allergic to any of the drugs I'm on as they're rather important so I'm hoping I'm just jumping to conclusions. I shall phone the doctors on Monday!  But anyway, onto the Happy List!

The 'pub' in my brother's garden named after the one and only Baby Florrie

The Happy List #25

So the last week has been pretty was also jam packed so I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years haha. So this is gonna be a long one! Tomorrow I'm off to Ireland for a week to visit my grandparents, due to the whole being ill/transplant thing so it's going to be so special to go back and explore with these new lungs of mine - I can't bloody wait! But here's what's been going on lately.

Dream house in Brighton

The Happy List #24

liberty flower market july 2017

Hi! So this week has been really, really great - I feel like I say this every week but that's no bad thing. Obviously there's bad moments that happen too but there's no point on dwelling on them because the way I see it I'm only here now because of somebody's last amazing act on earth. I plan to live for both of us and literally every moment for me is so exciting because I shouldn't be here now. If I were to spend the rest of my time being negative and unappreciative how ungrateful would that be? The chance I've been given is so rare and precious and it's a shame that some people just don't understand that. So I'll keep on being super happy about life because I'm so lucky and by celebrating life I'm celebrating my donor. It's a shame some people are completely missing the point and think I'm showing off or whatever but never mind. I know I've mentioned it before on Twitter but just thought I'd clear it up in case I'm coming across as braggy haha. On to the happy things! 

1. Being on the TV and radio. On Tuesday I was discussing organ donation with Sally Johnson, who is the Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation, on some local BBC radio stations and then the Channel 5 news in the evening. It was all live so I was totally out of my comfort zone but I just hope I helped them out in some way and didn't let anybody down! I still can't bring myself to watch it though, there's a reason I don't do YouTube haha! What an experience though and everyone was super nice. It's bloody fab that 50,000 people are alive in the UK today thanks to organ donation and the amazing selflessness of others but the sad fact is on average three people a day due to lack of donors. Please, please consider signing the register and having that conversation with your family to let them know your wishes.  

2. The best bargain ever. Ok well what I bought was still expensive but not compared to what they should have been! I have a post coming up on this so keep your eyes peeled. 

3. Charity shop haul. I always buy my books in charity shops but never really considered looking at the clothes but I found some right gems! I didn't try it all on so some of it doesn't suit me so I'll be donating them back but as everything was only like £1.50 it doesn't matter and it all goes to the British Heart Foundation - a cause that is, well, close to my heart! But I'll be showing you what I'm keeping soon. 

4. Time alone. My parents are on holiday (but back tomorrow yayayay) and while I've missed them I've been using the opportunity to Get Shit Done as I have no distractions (my mama and me always end up going out for lunch or shopping haha!) Mainly blogging stuff, I *think* I'm kinda going back to the kind of outfit pics I used to do but I get bored easily so that may change soon.

5. Liv and Lucy video. Absolute dream team! Two of my favourite bloggers made a vid on Olivia's channel, check it out here because it's so bloody good. Who doesn't want to see inside the wardrobe of Lucy Williams?  

6. Shoreditch night out. I couldn't stay for long and well done me for not getting silly drunk but still had the most fun! I thought it'd be awky as I only knew one person but it was actually great. We went to the Nomadic Community Gardens which is a really nice place to hang out on a summer eve.

7. Tidy room. Like it's so tidy I love it! I had a huge clearout and it's just lovely having so much space. Goodbye floordrobe!

8. Tickets for The Killers. They're a band I've loved since I was like 11 so I'm mega excited, you have no idea. It's not until November but I'm counting down the days!

9. £5 dream dress. I'm not sure I can pull it off or if it's a bit Halloweeny but in my head when worn with a leather jacket and long boots it's a bit Kate Moss/Florence Welch-esque if you squint hard enough and use your imagination haha. I've not bought off of Boohoo since I was a young teen but they had some surprisingly nice things onsite. I got the black (obvs) but it's also in khaki. Available here

10. Alexa Chung and me becoming besties. Ok not true but she liked a pic on insta and I think that makes us BFF's now (just let me have my moment please haha!)

How was your week? Was it fun? Tell me what the best thing about it was! 

The Happy List #23

You guysssss! How are you? I'm starting to miss this little space on the internet of mine (maybe a break was all we needed after six years?) so I felt like having a natter with you today. It would help if I had a different blog name as it's fair to say that over the past year I've outgrown this one - next week is my one year anniversary since I got my new lungs, eeep! But yeah, I've been struggling for a couple of months to think of something new so hopefully some inspiration will hit me at some point. Anyway this week has been excellent so here's a little update on stuff that's been going on.

The Happy List #22

It's been ages since I did a Happy List and also a while since I blogged actually. I feel like life is non-stop but this is a good thing. So hi! How are you? Here's a load of nice things that have happened since we last spoke.

1. Baby Shower. There'll be a new bubba in our family in August which is super exciting! So there was a little baby shower to celebrate which was luverly.

2. New friends and old. I've been lucky because I've been able to see my friends a lot lately, both people I've known for years and also some new pals too. I met a fab group of girls through Bumble actually, the concept may seem weird but I'm glad we met because we've had the most fun nights out!

3. Fashion and Textile Museum. So I'm going to do Fashion and Dress History at uni in September so I'm spending the summer volunteering at the museum for some experience and also, I just love it! The exhibition at the moment is all about Anna Sui, I have a whole post coming up on this but for now I'll just say it's a must for all fashion lovers.

4. Summer! I am obsessed with this weather. It's funny because for the first time in my life I can actually enjoy it without feeling like I can't breathe - thank you new lungs <3

5. Baby Florrie. Not even any one thing in particular that she's done, just Baby Florrie in general! She makes me so happy, I just luff her.

6. Week alone. My mama and stepdad are away, it's been pretty quiet without them but relaxing too. Saying that I kinda miss them haha!

7. The Handmaid's Tale. I don't watch much TV but I'm obsessed with this, it's so scary but amazing too.

8. Making plans. Much excitement for the summerrrrr.

Sorry this post is so short and sweet! I'll try and blog properly again soon but you know I've been saying this for ages so I can't promise anything haha. 

The Happy List #21

I had SO many plans this week but then illness came and ruined most of them. I can't complain as obviously it's nothing at all compared to how ill I used to get but I've just basically been crashed out whenever I've been indoors haha. So I was feeling kind of sorry for myself so ordered me two pizzas but Pizza Hut trolled me by not including any pineapple :(

1) Blossom. Or rather the last of it. Really sad to admit but it's pretty to walk through haha.

2) Brunch. Continuing our weekly tradition of a girl's brunch me, my friend and her little girl met up for a massive plate of food and also big ice cream sundaes. Best idea we've ever had.

3) Naps. I used to be the NAP QUEEN but rarely do these days. Everyone was like 'No parties when you're home alone hahaha' but all I could think of was 'YES unlimited, uninterrupted naps!'

4) The Big Tidy Up. That I have yet to complete, but I've started which is good enough. Tell me how does one acquire so much stuff in such a short life? But please buy my shit on depop haha ('sickchickchic' of course!)

5) Shopping. Oops, wasn't supposed to do that. But I got something yellow which I never thought would happen.

6) Not getting lost. I know it's the little things but I get lost on my own street so the fact I managed a 40 minute walk home without needing directions or any help is an achievement of sorts.

7) McFlurries. I rarely eat at McDonalds any more but Creme Egg McFlurries are the one.

8) Blink 182 tickets. For the nostalgia! I shall be missing Tom DeLonge but still can't wait.

9) Night out with Marie. I've known Marie since we were tots, she has CF too and has also had transplant (read her amazing story here!) I know the word 'inspiration' gets chucked around a lot but she really is someone I so look up to, she's just so bubbly and positive and lovely! So we went out on Friday to celebrate her birthday and got ridiculously drunk.

10) Return of mama and stepdad. I was lying in bed Saturday morning dying and I heard them, I didn't even know they had got back so I was like 🌝 thinking they'd come to save me but all I got was 'OMG were you sick in the bath?' 😔

How was your week? I hope you're having a fun bank holiday, I'm seeing Ed Sheeran tomorroooow!!

The Happy List #20

so I thought I'd resurrect them on a Sunday! I feel like I've been out loads lately, it's been fun making up for lost time but maybe I need to slow down a little and find some balance because I feel a little bit rundown, plus I'm poor af right now hahaha. But I just get bored so easily so need a focus until I start uni so why not try and blog a bit more! I always feel a bit weird in the summer so it'll be kinda nice to have something to concentrate on. The thing is as well I've not been blogging much because I've been feeling so disconnected from it all and I just find the whole thing to be so weird sometimes. I'm happy doing my own thing but every now and then I feel a bit unsure of my place in this blogging world and I don't like this uneasy feeling, then again it's how I feel most of the time every where else anyway. But for now I'm happy just feeling like 'whatever' about it all and I'll just do me - it's all you can try and do innit?

The Happy List #19

I fully intended to blog more last week but then when the attack at Westminster happened it felt a bit silly to chat to you about clothes and the stupid things I'd done that week. I know the best thing we can do is carry on as normal and live our lives in the same way but I grew up in London and have walked over that bridge a thousand times so I couldn't help feeling really sad about it. I wish I had something more profound to say but I think it's all been said already by everyone else. I'll just say what I always do which is there are more good people out there than bad, that's for sure. And I'll carry on with my happy list because it's important to focus on the good stuff.

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The Happy List #18

Unusually I was really struggling to come up with things for this post, I've had a funny couple of weeks. There's been so much good happening but there was a lot of down moments too for reasons I can't even explain! It's like every now and then I feel it start to kind of bubble under the surface til everything kind of explodes and I have a few days, weeks or months of feeling pretty strange and sad. It's always been this way since I was really small and I don't know if it's normal or weird but what I do know is it's bloody annoying because it makes me not able to sleep or sleep too much. Plus I hate being miserable for no reason, makes me feel like a right n00b! You know this isn't how I usually am and it's the main reason I'll not blog for a bit now and then. I never really tell anyone so why I'm telling you I do not know. But I won't bother rambling about it because what's the point, let's talk about some good things instead!


The Happy List #17

Hey! So I had a little break, I suppose I just wasn't feeling like saying anything even though lots of good happened. Maybe I'll have a chat about it if I want to but for now here's the happy stuff from the past two weeks!

The Happy List #16

Hello! So it's Monday again, somehow and last week was busy. All good stuff, as always although I've been a bit ill and it's kind of knocked me for six. I think now I don't have rubbish lungs to contend with I have a much easier life and have turned into a wimp haha! I was actually a proper wimp but more on that soon.

1. A walk in the park. There's been a weirdo lurking in the park where I walk Freddydog so I made my parents come with me on Monday. They were like 'Yeah OK, we can get fit at the same time!' except they brought along 'sweets for the journey' lmao. But we had a nosey in this building that I walk past nearly every day and inside was some kind of winter garden that was all kinds of beautiful! A real hidden gem.

2. Breakfast at the cafe. I had a massive fry up with all the extras, everything and I know it's so bad for you but I have no regrets.

3. LUSH Bath Bombs. I'm obsessed, I need help. Gotta catch 'em all, like Pokemon.

4. Location scouting. My nanny will be 80 this year (don't tell her I told you) so we went on a mini mission to find a nice place to celebrate. We found a cute little pub and it had the most beautiful rabbit in the world living there ()

5. Baby Florrie sleepover. She always brings me so much joy. We went to Clinton's and she was looking at the tsum tsum teddies but found a money box one and dropped it hahaha. It's fine, she was safe and everything but her little face! </3

6. Pactster workouts. My physio at the CF clinic recommended these as they're workouts specifically designed for people with CF. Maybe not as useful for me now I have these non-CF lungs but I've been fitting them into my daily routine as they're quite short so there's no excuse to not do them!

7. Ghost hunting! At the weekend me and some friends went to Pluckley in Kent as it's apparently . I got as far as the end of the graveyard, decided nah and went back to the pub (see pics!) No ghosts were found, unsurprisingly, but we had a good time and it was something different innit?

8. Films. I used to watch a film every day but haven't had the time lately so  had a good catch up! I was thinking I'd do a monthly round up of everything I've watched because I love films but rarely talk about them on here. I went to see Manchester By Sea on Sunday and I just can't stop thinking about it, I need to buy it when it comes out to watch over and over again because I must just like a good cry or something.

9. The Oscars. I stayed up to watch the whole thing, I don't know if that was an achievement or a real stupid idea because my sleeping pattern is now fooked. Actually it was worth it to see that absolute cock up at the end, what the actual fook happened? Someone has lost their job but I shall be living for the memes today. Anyway I love The Oscars, it's a bit la di dah I know but also quite magical. I'm unsure about how I felt about the stunt where they surprised the people by letting them into the ceremony - it obviously is gonna be a highlight of their lives but I found it to be quite patronising too. Like 'Let's let the commoners in' haha. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel and his comments, I'm not his biggest fan anyway so that doesn't help. What did you think? But I agreed with all the winners and usually there is always at least one disappointment haha. Wait actually there was - Suicide Squad for Best Makeup and Hair Design when literally every girl rocked up as Harley Quinn for Halloween?

10. You. Yeah, you. I've just had some really lovely comments/tweets/emails lately so thank you! I mean I always do but, , the community has been feeling a little less connected lately so it does mean a lot 💗

Did you watch The Oscars? Do you believe in ghosts? Two weird questions for you to ponder! 

The Happy List #15

Hello! I've been missing blogging lately but unlike the old days I've not been able to do it because I've been having so much fun in the 'real world' (although I hate when people say that, these days online friendships and all of that are just as relevant!) Still, not wanting to break with tradition I wanted to fill you in on a fab week.

1. Shopping trip. Again, me and mama went shopping. Remember how last Sunday I ended my post with  ? Well I bought another one on Monday, hahaha. It's a good 'un though, .

2. Bumping into Baby Florrie. Well not literally (she is only 2, ya know) but on the same shopping trip she was at the same place with her mama and nanny so it was really nice to spend some unexpected time with them all (over cake, of course.)

3. Valentine's Day. and I know it's a cheesy day but it still gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels. 

4. Millwall. I went on Tuesday and they won and then they bloody went and beat Leicester on Saturday! V proud but the trouble is they're playing Spurs away on the same day we're having a party to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis and Harefield hospital so am just hoping people still turn up haha. 

5. Keeping a diary. One of the reasons I've not been blogging as much is I've started writing a diary again, like old school styley with a pen and paper haha. So I'm afraid it's been getting all the goss rather than you (but you know the majority of it is just like 'Guess what Freddydog did today!') 

6. SUNSHINE. If you're a Brit then you get the excitement. Hasn't it been glorious? So I've been getting outside as much as possible and taking advantage of leather jacket weather ✌

7. FOOD. I ate out a lot last week and while my bank account may not thank me I myself am very happy about this. A lot of crap actually, as you can see from my pics. I would say I've eaten too much pizza but we all know that's not possible (the limit does not exist 🙅)

8. Birthday celebrations. It was Florrie's mama's birthday so we went out on Saturday night for some fun. I don't think I've actually gone out out with her and my brother since transplant so it was really good! Definitely maybe drank too much though but I shall blame my brother ok? 

9. Ice Cream. So I went with my friend and her bubba's to this ice cream place nearby and I ordered this massive thing before I knew what the kids were getting (something much smaller) so obviously mine came and they were jealous haha. I would say I didn't enjoy it but I so did. 

10. Sisterhood. I was hungover af but there was a lovely, lovely girl on the bus who helped me make sure my foundation was blended as I did it on the bus - gotta love it when girls stick together! 

So there's my news, tell me yours! 

The Happy List #14

Hey, hey! I feel like this week has absolutely flown by and I've not got much done but I think that's because I was having fun instead so...never mind. It involved catching up with old faces and new and also some very exciting news!

1. Shopping trip with mama. This is why I cannot save my money, I live with the biggest enabler ever haha. Although I didn't buy any new clothes, despite Topshop being oh so tempting. She's actually just come in and asked me if I want to go shopping again, I could say no but y'know...don't want to be rude.

2. . They are the best, no? H&M is my favourite place to get them!

3. Depop. So I managed to sell a few things but I also bought stuff off it with the money I made so I didn't really make much so far haha. But Depop haul coming soon! You can check out what I'm selling by searching 'sickchickchic.'

4. Visit to my old hospital. This was so good, I'd not seen most of my CF team since before transplant so it was great to see them as last time I did I was really ill on ECMO and being sent off to a different hospital. They worked really hard to keep me well and I'm so grateful to them for everything they've done for me! I got to speak to some of my nurses from my old ward too, I was there so much I got quite close to them (I mean I saw them more than some of my own family and friends haha) so that was really nice too.

5. Baby Florrie. I went to see her after my hospital visit and she just makes me laugh so much! I asked someone if my photos looked filtered and she said 'Tosie's photos are filtered! Heeheehee!' She's two!

6.. I had a bath bomb from my birthday last year but was saving it for, well I don't even know what and now I totally get the hype! Pink bath, The Strokes and a massive bar of chocolate made for a pretty ideal Friday night sitch.

7. Millwall. On Saturday I went to watch Millwall for the first time in about two years! There's like three or four flights of stairs to get to the stands, last time I was there I really struggled but this time I ran up them - the most amazing feeling! And they won, making it totally worth going out in the snow. I also saw a load of people I'd not seen since before transplant and I love being all like 'Ta-dah!' haha! I think it's important people can see the difference organ donation can make, you can read about it and all that but actually seeing it is a different matter.

8.. organised a cute blogger meet up on Sunday (all of these pics are from the event) and I learned loads! I'll admit I felt a bit out of my depth (I so do not understand insta algorithms and all of that malarkey, I'm such a n00b) but everyone was so lovely and it was great to meet other people. If there's another one you must pop along!

9. Drinks. After the event I met up with again for drinks which was fuuuun even though I'm still not quite sure how I made it home.

10. Happy family news! And for the best, best news of the week - a new bubba will be here this summer! It's so exciting, I can't wait to meet them and obviously go out and buy all the tiny clothes. I cannot stop smiling! It's not going to be my niece or nephew in case you were wondering haha but I'm equally as happy!

So how was your week? Tell me what was good about it! I shall see you tomorrow for a special post about lurve. 

The Happy List #13

Well I don't know about you but wasn't last week a weird one? IRL and on social media. I never get involved but I felt like I had to have a little break from it all because of what I was seeing. You know what, I blame Trump and I'm not even joking. I think everyone is so pissed off about the state of the world these feelings have bubbled over and we seem to be taking it out on each other at a time when really we should be sticking together in solidarity. But I guess that is just human nature and it doesn't make us bad people - just human and none of us are perfect. But here's hoping for a more positive week because no matter what anyone says I believe that on the whole we're all good eggs really! As this week with some lovely people has proven.

Gorgeous stationery from

1. Ed Sheeran tickets. I was on the phone to my cousin, we were both in the 02 priority waiting room and luckily we managed to nab ourselves some tickets! We're right up in the sky but it doesn't matter, he's not exactly the type of guy you rave to. After everything I've been through I can honestly say it was one of the most stressful experiences I've ever had hahaha.

2. Walkies in the rain. It started to pour as soon as I got to the park with Freddy but he loves it there so much I didn't have the heart to take him home. So we walked in the rain and actually it was rather nice ()

3. Made a dinner. I've been trying to eat less meat and I made my family a veggie meal in the week and didn't fook it up 🎉

4. New magazines. The only magazines I buy without fail are Empire and Love (I got the Sienna Miller cover, what a dream girl) so I picked those up alongside Blogosphere. I've yet to read it but after a flick through it looks promising and actually way more interesting than I was expecting.

5. Friday night. I gatecrashed my mum's night out with her friends but I love them all and feel like I'm getting to an age where I'm like a 'proper' adult so it's a bit more acceptable to hang out with them without the comments from others haha. We had a lot of fun even if we did get a little too drunk! ()

6. Birthday party. My little cousin turned 6 at the weekend (my baby! Why is he getting so big?) and despite being quite hungover I enjoyed his birthday party. I had a good time at the buffet table anyway!

7. Queen's House. My sister in law (or rather soon to be!) is looking at wedding venues and we went to in Greenwich, 'just to take a look.' It was very beautiful and despite not even being a wedding person I now want to get married so I too can have a big special day (even if I end up having to marry myself haha!)

8. Brunch. I met for brunch at at the weekend and it was really lovely! I've made a mental note to 1. go to brunch more often and 2. make more of an effort to meet new people because I always say I will but never bloody do!

9. New pictures. Actually, they're kind of old pictures but I finally got them put up. Now here's hoping they don't fall on my head as I'm sleeping...

10. Getting sh*t done. Last week in general was quite a productive one, I ticked a load of things off my to-do list and we know how satisfying that feels. Now to tackle this week's 💪

I hope Monday starts off on a positive note for you! Kick it off by telling me one good thing that happened last week (other than Beyonce's baby news 👶👶)

The Happy List #12

So last week was a little bit sucky in parts, I had to go to hospital on Sunday for a CT scan and then had a bronchoscopy and biopsy booked for Tuesday. Except it got cancelled so I ended up having to stay until Saturday because I had it done Friday (I couldn't go home and come back or I'd lose the bed.) I'd explain the whole situation but it's loooong and also I'm sick of talking about it haha. but it's because I caught a bug on ECMO I need to be kept in isolation in the hospital. So it's difficult for me to get appointments and treatments that I need, even though I am now free of this bug. As much of a pain as it is it didn't affect my health, which is the good thing...I just hope one day there'll be a better system so I don't risk missing out on appointments and scans etc because obviously that's a bit of a worry. It feels absolutely silly to be writing about this after so much going wrong in the world lately but I just thought I'd give you a little explanation to demonstrate how life post-transplant isn't always an easy ride for a whole number of reasons! However there were also some lovely moments last week and I think it's important to remember them in times like this, to remind ourselves that there is good in the world.

Pin from

1. Mum discovering YouTube. She said if I was bored to go on it, 'you type in any song you want and there it is!' My heart couldn't take it, she is so pure.

2. Minimalism documentary. I watched this on Netflix and whilst some of it was a bit too extreme for me I found it super interesting to find out more about the concept. I actually have a whole post on this coming up (yes, really!)

3. Journey into Uxbridge. I'd not really explored the area around Harefield Hospital before so used my 'holiday' there as an excuse to check out the local shops (of course!) Was very good though and didn't buy a thing 💪

4. Reading. It was also an excellent chance to read some books, I read three in 5 days and I can't remember the last time I did that! I'll be reviewing them all on here I'm sure.

5. Kindness from staff. Like I said, the people at Harefield are amazing and the doctor was actually so kind to me I cried because I'm a massive sap!

Earrings made by me

6. LaLa Land. Because I was sad my stepdad came all the way to Harefield to take me to see LaLa Land and he hates the pictures 💖 the film was brilliant, when the opening sequence started I was thinking 'Oh gawd, this is gonna be horrendous!' but after that I loved every second. I don't think it'd have been half as good were it not for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (I love them both so much I went to see Gangster Squad and that was an awful, awful film.) They're not annoying (like half the cast of Mamma Mia) but they're not truly crap either (see: half the cast of Les Mis) which is what I think made it bearable. I am not a fan of musicals one bit usually but I would watch this again and again. Plus I think even my stepdad liked it because he didn't fall asleep! When I got back to the hospital the HCA asked me where I went and he said he'd been to one film in his life and he can't remember what it was. How is that possible hahaha!

7. Zizzi. We also went to Zizzi that day, I hadn't been for over a year so it was great to just eat all pasta. And the lemon meringue sundae - YUM.

8. Bronch. Well the best thing was the bronch all went well, I had in done in the theatres and I hadn't been there since I had my transplant so that was a bit strange (it's the only day I remember crystal clear over a period of about three months!) I saw a doctor I hadn't seen since ICU, I like seeing people from those days so they can see that I'm not actually a lunatic haha.

This jumper is now on depop!

9. Bad lip reading. I wish I could say I spent all the free time I had this week productively but the majority of it was spent on YouTube (I took my mum's advice haha!) watching people do that acapella thing and, which is one of the funniest but silliest things on the internet!

10. Depop. I've finally uploaded bundles of stuff on my depop, with lots of stripes, grey jumpers, denim, sickchickchic (of course) if you fancy having a lil' look. I'm open to offers as long as they're not silly haha!

Did you have a good week? I hope there were some happy moments amongst all the horridness - let me know!

The Happy List #11

Personally it was a pretty good week for me but there's no doubt it was overshadowed by the inauguration of he-who-shall-not-be-named. I am so saddened to see the Obamas leave the White House but I feel like now they'll be able to do some good things without the weight of the presidency on their shoulders - they'll have a bit more freedom, y'know? After a well deserved break of course! , I'm certain there are still more kind people in the world. The trouble is it seems close minded people are always the ones with their mouths open so we just have to make sure their voices don't drown out the ones who stand for freedom and equality and love. And to keep the focus on the good things in life here's this week's happy list.

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1. Some time spent alone. I was sad to say goodbye to my grandparents but as a self confessed introvert I absolutely relished the couple of days I had alone! I do like to just get on with my own thing sometimes with just Freddydog for company and it was a great way to recharge my batteries.

2. Return of the 'rents. Saying that, I was happy when my parents came back from their holiday because I hadn't seen them for a week. They have decided that cruises are not for them, their stories from the trip are so funny! I knew it wouldn't be their kinda thing haha.

3. NHS Organ Donor Instagram Takeover. It was an honour to take over their account along with and (check out and  Both very talented ladies, I'm sure you'll agree.) Like me, they have CF and have also had double lung transplants. and find out why it's

4.. The NHS Organ Donor Facebook page shared one of my pics from the takeover and so far it has over 7000 likes and 1000 shares which is brilliant! So amazing that people are responding so positively and helping to spread the word of organ donation. Would appreciate a cheeky share ;-)

the happy list, positivity, mindfulness, organ donation, nhs organ donor register, #timetosign

5. Baby Florrie sleepover. I know Baby Florrie features in The Happy List every week but y'know...she makes me happy! This week we played big bears, read some new books and of course ate cake.

6. Mama's birthday. The cake in question was my mum's birthday cake, in fact she had two so double the yum! I got her a ticket to see Kings Of Leon this summer with me, I am so bloody excited!

7. Going for breakfast. It's so rare I'm ready and out the house in time for breakfast (I mean it's currently 11am and I'm writing this in my bed in pjs) but I got up early to meet my friend for waffles and it was so worth losing that extra hour of sleep.

8. Cooking. It's not that I can't cook, I just can't cook very well. But practice makes perfect and I've loved trying out new things this past week. I don't like making things that need a hundred ingredients so if anyone has any recipe/food blog/pinterest recommendations I'd love to know!

the happy list, positivity, mindfulness, organ donation, nhs organ donor register, #timetosign

9. It absolutely makes my day when I get messages from people saying they've signed up to the organ donor register - it's such a selfless thing to do and the most incredible gift you can give. Sadly, I do think that is the way forward but it is far better when people make a conscious decision to sign up themselves.

10. . I hate to be that person but I was so happy to finally reach a nice, round number! F U algorithm hahaha (I'll look now and see I've lost 50 followers.) But if you do follow, thank you because I know my feed is just a big old mess - how on earth do people stick to a theme??

I really hope your week was good despite the current state of the world. I'd love to know some happy moments, big or small!

The Happy List #10

Hello! So it's been a bit of a quiet week I suppose but a good one nonetheless - sometimes it's nice to have a bit of downtime and it's only inevitable really when the weather is this chilly. I've been spending loads of time with family too which is always lovely because they're just mad! Here's more happy things from last week.

1. Wardrobe clearout. I've been having like a mini crisis with my wardrobe recently (I know, #firstworldproblems or what) because I have that classic thing of having a closet full of clothes but not knowing what to wear. I think I need to go back to basics and after a having a bit of a clearout I'm enjoying what I own. I also got rid of a load of pyjamas that just reminded me of ill life on the transplant list and I just didn't want them clogging up space any more. Even though I've been feeling like my own style is a bit lost recently I was super chuffed for !

2. Visiting family. My mum and stepdad are on a cruise (see this ridiculous tweet!) and so my grandparents stayed on a little while longer after Christmas instead of heading home to Ireland. We went to see some family for the day and it's nice to catch up over cake!

3. SNOW. We were lucky where we are as it wasn't that heavy so we had all the prettiness minus the agg.

4. Hobbycraft trip. I was quite restrained but still ended up buying crap I don't need. BUT I'm getting stock ready to reopen my Etsy which I'm looking forward to, it was such a fun hobby.

5. Plans for the future. For the first time ever I think I've found something that I would love to do and I hope it all works out! So much to sort out first.

6. Fish and chips with Baby Florrie. She had been to ballet class, I mean HOW CUTE - I can't even.

7. The Fashion & Textile Museum. They had a 1920's exhibition on and I was in dreamland, I just loved it. Also loved being back in Bermondsey, it's where I grew up and I miss it immensely sometimes. But I have a whole post to come on this day out!

8. Dinner at my aunt's. We all got together to say goodbye to my grandparents, it was sad to see them go home but also nice to see them off properly with lots of food!

9. Wuthering Heights. I hate to be big fat cliche but it's one of my favourite books so I watched three versions of it yesterday. I bet it's fairly obvious which is my favourite hahaha.

10. . The immuno drugs I'm now on post transplant have thinned my hair out terribly - a small price to pay but it was still driving me around the bend! So I chopped a good bit off myself and am now very tempted to go even shorter. It's just hair after all, it'll grow back!

What did you get up to last week? I have to go to Harefield at the weekend for a few days so I'll be trying my best to get my life sorted before I go!

The Happy List #9

Hello! So it was another good week, hopefully I'm starting 2017 off as I mean to go on - I think it's going to be a good year because that's what I've decided so I'm gonna make it happen! Life is what you make it, ain't it? I've not had any post-Christmas blues because I'm so excited about the future. Anyway here is what I got up to.

rocky road cake

1. Florrie's little party. As she turned two the week before there was a little get together to celebrate, ! She liked , she said 'Bun tail! But bun gone?' Haha :-')

2. Absolute 60's radio. I had no idea Absolute had a station dedicated to 60's music, it's so bloody good! They have ones for other decades too but this is my favourite. I only ever listen to Radio X so it makes a nice change!

3.. I've been featured alongside some other lovely ladies on their instagram sharing who we are #InspiredBy.  and share who inspires you!

4. Travel plans. I'm not able to go abroad until I'm about a year post transplant. This isn't until July but I'm already making plans! It's nothing too crazy but I'm so excited (just need to get saving!)

fentimans rose lemonade

5. Completed a craft project. I'm the absolute worst for starting them then moving onto something new so I'm so pleased I finished this one! I'll show you soon.

6. Florrie sleepover. Baby Florrie came to stay on Wednesday and we had such a nice time. She's so cute and chatty and we went for cake at the cafe.

7. Back to the gym. Went for the first time this year and I think I'm actually starting to enjoy it haha! I've noticed myself getting stronger and it's an amazing feeling after years of bad health.

8. . I'm well aware how sad this is but I put my books in colour order (forever torn between alphabetical, colour or genre haha) and now I can't stop looking at it! You can't see my bedroom floor but hey, at least my shelves look nice.

balfern leather jacket all saints

9. Night out with my cousins. It was their cousin's birthday and I went too, I see them loads but we'd never actually had a night out before which is quite shocking. We had fun but my cousin knocked a man's drinks all down him and also sprayed body spray in his eye (all by accident may I add!) but he seemed to take it all as a positive sign and hovered around all night. Some people are so weird.

10. Lunch with my friend and bubba. When my friend first moved closer to where I live I couldn't meet up with her that spontaneously because I was ill but now we meet up all the time and it's just so nice! Her little girl came along too and she is very cute indeed.

Tell me about your week! What was the best thing that happened? 

The Happy List #8

Happy, happy new year! I had a wonderful NYE spending it with nearly all of my favourite people (my bestest friends, my grandparents, lots of family, Tom Hardy and Jack Daniels) and it was a huge contrast to last year when I just sat in the corner on my oxygen machine! I could barely make it up the stairs, which incidentally happened again this year but for totally different reasons - oh well though, I had fun! The last week of 2016 was quite excellent and I'm glad I saw it out with a bang.

pom pom wrapping paper, peter rabbit ribbon

1. Baby Florrie turned 2!! It was Florrie's birthday on Friday, I cannot believe this bubba is two already. She went to see a Peppa Pig show and today we're going round there to give her her presents and hopefully eat some cake. Very proud to be her auntie!

2. Pom-pom makers. I went to Hobbycraft in the week and and. It's so therapeutic and I've been scouring looking for ideas because I may have got a wee bit carried away making them.

3. Pub with Grandad. We just popped in for a couple of drinks and it was really nice, when my grandad has a drink he starts telling you stories from when he was younger and it's so funny!

4. Prezzo with my friend. We ordered a starter, main, dessert then another starter and gave zero fooks because we were still in Christmas mode.

5. Tidy room. Yes that's right, I actually sorted out my life and am starting the new year with a nice tidy space because it's always a major mess after Christmas. Because of that I was able to take a load of blog photos too! And I finally, finally organised the hooks behind my door - they were so overstuffed it was getting hard to open the door, the shame!

vogue paris lily rose depp, karl lagerfeld

6. Shopping with nanny and mum. We were probably a bit nuts going to Bluewater this time of year and gave up after an hour to go eat pasta but it was a lovely few hours spent together plus I got a dreamy pair of boots. I also got Vogue Paris because the cover is spot on and I give up with British Vogue!

 7. Shopping trip with my friend. Me and my best mate see each other a few times a week but we worked out it'd been over a year since we went shopping together! I bought lots and she did not, got my NYE outfit though which I'll show you soon. We went for dinner and there was the weirdest couple ever, basically.

8. Shoutout on The Michalaks. to ask people to tweet good things that happened in 2016 and so I replied about my lungs and I was so happy because that's a bit more awareness of organ donation plus I bloody love their vlogs, they're like mini movies every week. I was sorry to hear about their bad luck recently though, I hope karma bites the thieves on the ass. What goes around comes around, I truly believe that!

copper door hooks matalan

9. Tom Hardy on Bedtime Stories. There were no children in the house but we watched it anyway. He wore a hat, he had his dog - it was perf. To be honest though I'd probably watch that man read the dictionary.

10. New Year's Eve. Finally, a fabulous night! We had a party like we do every year, I kind of get the best of both worlds because I get to dance without leaving my house. were there too and we just had a really fun night! Freddydog disgraced himself though because he was humping these children who thought he was hugging them so they were going 'Awww, we love you too! Do it again!' hahaha.

How did you spend NYE? Whatever you did, wishing you all the best for 2017 <3

The Happy List #7 | Christmas Edition

Hi! How was your Christmas? I would've done a bit of a Christmassy post but I didn't take many photos - too busy eating of course, plus I was just having loads of fun. Last year I spent most of the day on the sofa attached to an oxygen machine trying not to vom/fall asleep, this year I was swinging a little cousin around like a monkey (see evidence below) Part of me doesn't want to say how amazing the day was because I know it's a tough time for a lot of people etc but at the same time if I didn't I think I'd be doing a huge disservice to my donor, their family and also my family as without any of them I certainly wouldn't have been here to celebrate. It was such a special day, we all celebrated it together for the first time (there's about 20 so of us so there's usually at least a few of us missing!) and just kind of toasted the end of a horrible year and the start of a new life. 

We had too much fun with the self timer.

1) Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve usually draaags but I kept myself quite busy. I went shopping with my mum in the morning for some last minute bits, attended Christmas Eve Mass (although I find all religion very problematic, but that's a whole other rant!) and then went out for a meal with my family which we never do the day before Christmas. Before I knew it the day had flown by! 

2) Christmas Morning. I stayed in bed til half 10 just to wind my brother up, I could hear him complaining and was just lying there like *mwahaha* but eventually I put an end to his torture and got up. We had a fry up then opened presents, I'll try and get a post up on what I got because I know you're as equally nosy as I am.

3) Baby Florrie. She's nearly 2 now so was very into it all this year - she kept saying 'Wow, I'm so excited!' 💗 She spent the whole day with us (as well as her mama and dad of course) and it was so special to have them there. My mum bought her a doll's house and we spent hours the day before setting it up and playing with it haha.

4) Christmas day/evening. We went to my aunt's house for dinner which was super yum and fun! I would say I ate too much but we all know the limit does not exist in the whole month of December. I love my family loads, we're lucky that we all get on so well and are really close.

Gym is paying off ;-)

5) Jack Daniel's. Turns out prosecco is not my friend (screw you, man) as I reacted oddly to it but was absolutely fine with JD which is my favourite so it's all good!

6) Love, Actually. We never watch TV on Christmas Day but ended up watching this for the millionth time - my favourite story is the Colin Firth one, what about you?

7) Boxing Day. I took Freddydog for a walkies in the morning, it was completely dead out which was kinda nice because it meant we had the park to ourselves! Then we went to my aunt's to nick the leftovers from the day before and we also played The Logo Game. It was actually painful because we were all so crap at it it took us hours to finish the game.

8) BINGO. We went a few days before Christmas and I only went and bloody won haha! I got to one number left for the full house and my palms were all sweating because I was thinking I was too shy to call out if I won but when I did obviously I was like 'IT'S MEEEE!' hahaha. 60 quid, not a bad Christmas present.

A new pal!

9) A long walk. Me and Freddy went on a 6 and a half mile walk - by accident, since we got lost but still! Was amazing considering this time last year I couldn't put a pair of socks on myself, in fact four months ago I couldn't even walk so it feels like a miracle. It's times like this when it really hits me the gift I've been given. We found Eltham Palace, where Henry VIII grew up. It's so close but I'd never been and need to visit it properly! We also stumbled across loads of horses and donkeys and walked through the posher streets where the houses are mahoosive but pretentious - one is called 'Wuthering Heights' hahaha.

10) This whatsapp. I don't know who the culprit is but I pray for them! 

So I hope you've had a good week too and will enjoy the last few days of the year! I've decided to try and post daily still because Blogmas gave me my blogging mojo back. I used to like posting outfit pics every day, I know my photography ain't exactly #goals but I feel like 2017 will see the return of the old skool blog (or at least I'll be trying my best to revive it in a world full of professionals haha!)

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