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Postcards from Paris - Day Two

Il n'est jamais trop tard...

...well maybe five months late is pushing it a little, but after reading (make sure you have a read as she writes a beautiful, beautiful blog) I was reminded I still had the second day of my trip left to share You'll have to excuse the Christmas decor in some of the shots but I'm quite keen to share some more of the places I visit on here and indulge in my nerdy side. But who knows, you might enjoy reading about them too! I'll try to keep these posts brief...

Notre-Dame de Paris

My photos totally don't do it justice but the Notre-Dame Cathedral is stunning. I was completely blown away by the sheer scale of it and the detail of the the exterior. I very much like the more is more approach to Gothic architecture and this didn't disappoint. We were expecting major queues but to our surprise we were able to stroll right in, which I'm told is quite unusual! The inside didn't disappoint either, it was absolutely packed but that didn't take away from the experience at all. If you find yourself in Paris it's well worth a visit!


Seeing as it was just a short stroll away we also visited Sainte-Chapelle which is another incredible Gothic building. Weirdly there was a longer queue for this than Notre-Dame but the wait in the freezing cold was all made worth it because the stained glass windows just blew us away. It's overwhelmingly beautiful and something I'm so happy I got to see. 

We were in Paris when Colette was closing but the thought of how busy it would be didn't really appeal to us so we visited , a beautiful concept store on boulevard Beaumarchais in Haut-Marais. Obviously Paris is full of fashionable shops but what makes Merci different is that the profit actually go to charity, which I was quite amazed to find out as the items are all on the pricier side so it was unexpected. However I was very good for the whole of the trip actually and didn't bring back anything with me apart from some wonderful memories. It was my first visit but surely not the last! I'm absolutely desperate to go back one day, there's still so much I would love to see.

Have you been to Paris? 

Postcards From Paris - Day One

Just before Christmas I went to Paris, I may have mentioned it once or twice. It was a big post transplant dream and I was lucky enough to squeeze it in before the new year! My mama and I were only there for two days so obviously didn't see everything but I loved every minute and already can't wait to go back. I also really, really want to go to Versailles more than anything! Here are some snapshots from the first day of our short but sweet visit.

Postcards From Donegal - Ramelton & Rathmullen

For my first trip post transplant my mama and I went to Donegal in Ireland. , which I can vouch for because it's where my grandparents live and . The last time I went was three years ago and that was before transplant so it was great to see some family I'd not seen for ages! We visited most of the popular places, I find Donegal to be quite touristy on the whole as the scenery is beautiful, it has great beaches and the locals are really friendly so it's a popular destination for both visitors from abroad and the Irish themselves. But these places are so familiar to me so I thought I'd try and make it a little more personal. So I want to do a few posts on Donegal rather than one big post and also this way I can share more photos because I took a lot. First up, let's go to Ramelton and Rathmullan! We visited these places on the first day and were super lucky with the weather as it was so sunny and didn't rain (this is a big deal haha!)

Postcards From Donegal, Ireland

Hey! So last week I went off on my holibobs to visit my nan and grandad who live in Donegal in Ireland. It's in the South and is all very green and beautiful, but very cold - I was stoooopid and The whole week was just very chilled, it rained a lot too so most of the time was spent relaxing or going shopping...I know right, what a shame ;) Plus it was so great to be there But on the last day it was quite nice out so I managed to get a couple of snaps for you! There was loads more but they have my family in them and I don't think they want to appear on this blog haha. It's a little photo heavy so click after the jump to read more!

white cottage red door

TRAVEL: Gran Canaria

I am not a bikini girl! All of these are super old. (Check out my instagram, I'll be posting a couple of  holiday outfit snaps.)

Hello! You ok? I'm BACK. I realise I didn't actually tell you that I was going away on my jollies and now I feel like that was kind of rude of me. And now I also feel like that's kind of arrogant of me to say know when bloggers are like 'Ahh sorry I didn't post yesterday!' and I can't help but think 'WHO CARES, my world didn't stop because you didn't blog yesterday' (even though on the inside I was real pissed off that there was nothing new to read.) 

I realise that this post's title is slightly misleading because there are no photos of Gran Canaria but I thought I'd whip up a quick post to explain my absence in case anyone was curious. To be honest I just spent the majority of my time floating round the pool plonked in a rubber ring and as wonderful as that was for me, it does not make for good blog content. Despite my best efforts I didn't tan, I burned and now there's a slight peelage sitch (won't lie, I'm loving it because I'm a sick person.) My hair is blonder though! And drier. My beauty regime (LOL, me + beauty regime....really?) went out the window when I was away, I will always be in awe of girls who can keep it up because I could barely manage bronzer in the evenings I got so lazy! It was nice and relaxing and baking hot and I only fell out of my swimsuit once so all in all it was a successful trip. Back to reality now and I'm actually happy to be home again and reunited with Freddydog! I missed my silly pooch. Still need to unpack though, not fun.

Niamh Nelson x

Life: Ireland

Hello! How have ya been? I got back from Donegal, Ireland yesterday and I'm missing it already. I miss how chill it is. I miss the beaches (way more beautiful than those tropical ones plus they're nearly always empty so you kind of get your own private beach!) I miss the cows. I miss the GREEN. I miss the not understanding a bloody word anyone says. I miss eating every half hour. I miss smiling at total randomers on the street. Most of all I miss my grandparents (who were very happily surprised to see me, luckily I didn't give them a nasty shock.) Tell you what I don't miss though. THE MIDGES. Eaten alive I was. I even got bitten on the antihelix on my ear (totally Googled that) and there ain't even anything tasty there to bite. If I was a midge I would go for something juicy like my thighs, but NO some dumb one bit my ear and now it's almost double the size of my other one. Awkward times.

I waaaay overpacked and of course only wore basically the same thing every day:

Oh, and this happened at the airport...

More on that tomorrow! Can anyone guess what I bought? First things first though, back to work for me today. Wish me luck avoiding the Zara sale...I have a Zara to my left, a Zara to my right and a Zara right in front of me where I work so it is gonna take a HELLA lot of willpower. 

Niamh Nelson xxx
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