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Can Corduroy Be Cool?

I think so. Maybe I'm a victim of the instagram effect or maybe I like the nostalgia of them - they bring me back to my childhood when my wardrobe was full of cords of every colour, but right now I'm craving a pair of pink corduroy trousers. Yes, really. To be fair this isn't the first time Isabel Marant has got me coveting an unlikely trend (wedge trainers anyone?) but she can add that certain je ne sais quoi to just about anything plus you know that pink is kind of my thing. I don't really buy into trends that much now but I think they'll be a really fun addition to my autumn wardrobe! Not convinced? Then be inspired:

The Prettiest Trend This Summer

So now that weather seems to be playing ball I for one am so buzzing to start wearing more of my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I used to be such an Autumn/Winter girl but I'm getting a little bored of jeans and coats - bring on florals, blue denim and cute lil tops! One trend I'm obsessed with right now is all the embroidered goodness that's everywhere...not my usual thing but I love the detail and it makes a nice change to plain basics. Sure you can give it a go yourself but if, like me, you're not so skilled with a needle and thread I've rounded up some of the best from Quiz Clothing (make sure you check out the site, especially the beaut section for more goodness!) 

Blue Embroidered Denim Jacket £34.99 - How cute would this look with summer dresses and trainers (perhaps one of these...)
Blue And White Gingham Bardot Top £19.99 - I'd wear this with big gold hoops and a pop of red, maybe a little bag or a red lip.
Pink Embroidered Tie Up Shoes £29.99 - Ok so tie up shoes can be an absolute pain BUT they look super cute with floaty dresses.
White Flower Embroidered Trainers £22.99 - Top of my Spring hitlist are some Gucci-esque embroidered trainers and these would fit the bill nicely.
Blue And White Striped Embroidered Swing Vest Top £16.99 - How easy is this to wear with some skinnies and sandals/heels? 
Light Blue Flower Embroidered Skinny Jeans £34.99 - I had to sell my embroidered jeans as they were a wee bit big - so gutted! So I'm on the lookout for a new pair and I love the red embroidery on these.

And some inspiration on how to wear it...

What do you think of this trend? I want an embroidered denim jacket ASAP!

Athleisure: Getting The Sports-Luxe Look

So I thought the whole athleisure thing wasn't for me but it seems I can't get enough - but let's be honest, any trend that comfy was always going to be a winner.  Here's some tips on how to achieve the look yourself (it's way more chic than chav!) 

Athleisure: Getting the sports-luxe look 

Are you ready for fashion to be comfortable? For years, we’ve longed for a trend that puts comfort first — and it seems all those years of wishin’ have paid off! Kick off your heels girls, because we can now step out in trainers, leggings, loose-fitting tees and even jogging bottoms all in the name of Athleisure, officially our favourite EVER trend.  

Now, we aren’t saying you can crawl out of bed, throw on our trackies and look like a supermodel. While the basics of this look are comfort classics, you’ll need to style it right to create a perfectly polished look.  
Here, we look at the staple items you’ll need in your wardrobe to take your sports-luxe look from slob to sass: 

Staple items: 
To nail this look, make sure you’ve got: 
  • Sports tops — cropped tops and hoodies are perfect when paired with a pair of leggings or jogging bottoms and bomber jacket. If you’re not quite ready to show off your tum, opt for a loose-fitting sports jersey with mesh detailing. 
  • Leggings or joggers — we’re not talking your old gymwear here. Instead, invest in a pair of branded leggings or jogging bottoms that are tapered and cuffed for a close fit. 
  • A bomber jacket — HUGE in 2016 and set to be even bigger this year, the loose-fitting, bulky shape of a bomber is a must for creating this look. For a feminine look, choose fresh pastel shades.  
  • Trainers — forget heels, this trend is all about a great pair of trainers. 

Your Athleisure essentials are key to making this look work, whether you wear them together for the ultimate sports-luxe combo or work them into other outfits.  

This trend is fabulously versatile – who knew a pair of  could be the perfect accessory to your favourite flirty, feminine dress? The juxtaposition will cement your status as the ultimate fashionista! But you should also keep our golden rules in mind: 
  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! — sportswear is generally quite plain, so make your outfit pop with jewellery. Think 90s throwback gold hoops and choker and delicate gold necklaces. 
  • Wear a coat — one of the easiest ways to take your look from gym to street is to wear a coat. Whether it’s a loose-fitting, vintage-inspired denim or bomber jacket or a longer, open duster coat, they’ll add to your look on cooler days. 
  • Cover your bum — if the thought of wearing leggings fills you with dread, tie a checked or denim shirt around your waist. Acting as a super-cool, bottom-covering skirt, it will tie in with your look without cramping your style. 
  • Keep your workout clothes separate — if you are going to the gym, keep your workout wear separate to your Athleisure wear so as not to cross-contaminate fashion with fitness.


A Case For 80's Style

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It's certainly not for everyone, but I for one am thrilled (or should that be frilled?) to see the return of 80's style. Maybe it's because I'm not old enough to remember it all the first time round that I'm so enamoured by all the tulle, ruffles and power shoulders or maybe it's because I'm obsessed with 80's movies (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal too actually, have THE best wardrobes in When Harry Met Sally!)  I just don't think it deserves it's bad reputation. Unfairly (in my opinion) described as the decade that fashion forgot, there is good and bad in every era - I doubt we'll be looking back fondly on UGGs and those furry Gucci's haha.  I think there is real inspiration to be had if you look hard enough - it's a bit like TK Maxx innit? I think I may even like it more than the 60's and definitely more than the 70's (could not get on with that trend.) As expected, Topshop is leading the way and I have a wishlist as long as my arm. 

Tulle, ruffles and the power shoulder might not be what you'd expect from my usual style but I don't think you have to go all out - imagine that little jacket just paired with jeans and loafers? I love the contrast of a thick knit or industrial leather worn with soft tulle (you can find cheaper skirts all over the place, ) and swap thick tights for sheer ones or even fishnets if you're feeling brave enough. Double breasted jackets and pie crust collar shirts are always classic and of course not forgetting lots of denim. If it's all still too out there look to the boys for inspiration - bomber jackets, trainers and light wash denim all look a lot cooler than they sound. Plus the kids from Stranger Things are my fave! It's easy to incorporate a little of the 80's into your every day look (this is how I've been doing it and ) and if you're still not convinced click after the jump for a mega load of inspiration to get you on board!

TREND: The Pink Coat

zara pink coat
Coat: Zara

Meet my new baby! These days I pay less attention to trends than I used to but I had really fallen for the idea of a powder pink coat. It was love at first sight with this and although the weather is still warm it was one of those ones I had to grab quickly because it's sure to be a sell-out. I'm not a huge wearer of colour but I will always make an exception for pink and although this shape is lot more princessy than my usual oversized coats it's kinda nice feeling like K-Middy! At £79.99 it was quite an investment buy but I think I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of's such an easy way to update your wardrobe for A/W13. I plan on wearing this with pale neutrals like above, I think it'll make a refreshing change instead of the typical dark, wintery shades. It also looks gorgeous with oxblood/wine/burgundy/whatever you wanna call it and it'll add a lift to my favourite all black outfits too. Winter, I'm ready for ya!*

Niamh Nelson x
*I kid, I really ain't so please don't come too soon!
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