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Blogmas #6: Preloved Patent Boots

Christmas is the time for all things shiny so these boots couldn't have come at a better time after being on the search for the perfect pair for quite a while. I wasn't sure they were very 'me' at first, I switch from loving all things patent to finding it extremely tacky but for now they're firmly in my good books. 

Topshop via Depop but  which are actually not too expensive either!

They're originally from Topshop but I got them for about £13 on Depop. I used to be a bit snobby funny about buying preloved shoes but these are absolutely fine and were in great condition,  they probably look a bit scratched here because of my wanky hipster styley photo but I can tell you they're practically perfect. In every way actually, the heel is small but the hills of Brighton are very unforgiving to clumsy people like me and so far I've had no accidents in these. Heels - 1 Hills - 0.

I really like them with denim like I've worn here but I'm not sure I'll pair them with little dresses etc. Looks great on others but is a teeny bit too sixties for me, which isn't my ~favourite~ style decade (I know, shoot me!) But I'll probably eat my words and have them on with tights next week because I change my mind all the damn time. 

Can you tell my legs haven't seen sunlight since August? :( Also, lol at the state of my student house floor *best Kat Von D voice* Do you love it? 

Blogmas #4: Preloved Cord Levi's

but I can't stop won't stop. I found these on Depop for an absolute steal! I'm probably giving off grandad vibes rather than the French Girl Chic I was hoping for. But I'll keep wearing them regardless because they're super warm and I feel like the cut is kinda flattering - well, I feel good in them anyway and that's what matters! 

Preloved | Two Tone Ballet Flats

I am such a shoe girl - some of you may remember back in the day when this blog was called Niamh Nelson Loves Shoes hahaha. So thought I'd show you a recent pair, in my new 'series' if you will sharing the preloved things I've picked up. It may be a bit useless to some as I can't provide links to the products but hopefully it'll prove that you can pick up some gorge bits second hand! I used to buy loads of vintage when I was younger (and wish I'd bloody kept it all.) Also, it's just nice to go back to old school blogging where you shared something because you love it, for the pure joy of it and not just to earn dollar (although there's nothing wrong with that either if that's your thing!)

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Levi's Love

So this is a typical outfit for a night pleased I'm showing you the before and not the aftermath. This night ended being covered in beer, a little cry on the way home and a lot poorer than I was before I left my house but it was the most fun still!

Levis Orange Tab 721 Vintage High Rise Skinny Jeans, All Saints Balfern Leather Jacket, H&M Cami Top, Dorothy Perkins Two Tone Ballet Pumps
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